10 Health Benefits of Cherries

People in the world cherish cherry for its deliciousness and its health benefits can give although as of now only few are a wear that cherries are very healthy and beneficial to humans.


Cherries are one of the fruits of that love by all because of its divine taste and texture. Cherries belong in the family of Rosaceae and originally grow in the Arctic region in Northern Hemisphere. You can find the two varieties of cherries in America while the other three varieties are in Europe and other few varieties can be found in Asia.

Some of the varieties of cherries are Balaton; Bing; Lambert; Maraschino; Morello; Rainier; Royal Ann and Sour cherries. They are mostly freshly eaten but some of the cherries variety is also used in cooking.

Cherries bear fruits in just a short span of the season and have a beautiful flower that can be an attraction during the spring season. Cherry blossom belongs to the cherry family that is sterile and cannot bear any fruit for its whole life span. As of today, major cherry orchards are located in Europe and cherry festival is being celebrated in Michigan where they claim as the cherry capital of the world.

Aside from being tasty, you can also get health benefits from cherries and they are the following.

10 health benefits of cherries

10 Health Benefits Of Cherries

Keep you away from diabetes

Diabetes is a deadly disease and sweet foods and fruits are a big no but cherries are one of those that are exempted from this is because in glycemic index cherries are at a low level than apricot and grapes since it only has 22 glycemic indexes. In this case, a diabetic person can consume cherries.

Helpful in having a good sleep

Cherries juice is perfect for those who are in trouble with having a good sleep at night. A cherry poses melatonin which is responsible for regulating the human sleep cycle. Aside from that studies show that cherries are also helpful in managing jet lag. Drink cherry juice before you sleep approximately 30 minutes before bedtime.

Helps to lose belly fats

Isn’t it amazing that a sweet fruit can help you to lose some belly fats? According to a study conducted that rats are being fed a lot of cherries and still did not gain any weight and experts believe that it can also happen to humans and the target part of losing weight is in the belly part.

Get you away from a stroke

Those tart cherries have a big effect on maintaining good health of cardiovascular since cherries contain anthocyanins that is responsible for giving red color to cherries and have an ability to regulate the genes of fats, sugar metabolism by this it will reduce the possibility of having a stroke attack.

Help the skin to look younger and healthier

Cherries possess a’ high amount of natural antioxidants that can help the skin to look radiant and youthful. Aside from that antioxidant assist the immune system to fight free radicals that attacking the body. According to some studies conducted consuming cherry juice can help the betterment of skin conditions.

Keep you away from a gout attack

According to a study people who eat cherries are at a lower risk of having a gout attack since cherries contain anthocyanins that helps to regulate the genes of fats that will lead to lessening the cholesterol in the body and inflammation of joints can be avoided.

Helps people with Alzheimer’s

Experts believe that cherries can help those people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s since cherries are a fruit that good in memories enhancement and it’s also good for the brain because of the antioxidant that is present in cherries. Aside from that cherries also relax the mind of Alzheimer patients because of its characteristics that can promote good sleep.

It will lessen muscle pain and relieve osteoarthritis pain

Study shows that one cup of sour cherry can lessen the inflammation of muscles and joints that can keep you away from having muscle pain and relief from osteoarthritis. A group of runners drunk one cup of the cherry before they run for a marathon and testify that they feel less pain after they run. According to one study conducted twenty women at the age of 40-70 years old that has an osteoarthritis drunk sour cherry is a span of three weeks and during that time there is no joint pain attack happen to them.

Reduce blood pressure

Potassium is one of those minerals that help to regulate the heart and cherry is very high in potassium and phytosterol that cherry poses are very helpful in cutting down bad cholesterol in the body. Eating cherry in regularly is like taking herbal medicine for maintaining good cholesterol level.

Aid the body in preventing colon cancer

Cherry produces a substance that can help to cut down the development of carcinogenic chemicals in some foods such as hamburgers and we all know process foods are harmful to our health. Aside from that the tissues of cherry will cut down lipids from meat and also cut off the development of heterocyclic aromatic amines.

Facts About Cherries 🍒

  • Cherry blossom/Sakura Tree is a real cherry but belongs to flowering cherry tree that usually sterile and cannot bear fruits.
  • Cherry is in the group of the rose family.
  • Cherry festival is celebrated in Michigan.
  • Good for those who have diabetes.
  • They exist long year ago, stone age to be specific.
  • It has 1000 varieties.
  • Cherries came from Europe amd Turkey is the leading producer.
  • This plant is difficult to grow because of its being highly maintenance.
  • Cherry cheesecake day does exist. It’s on April 23rd.
  • It has a short season in bearing fruits.
  • Low in calories and fibrous.
  • High in antioxidant.
  • The word cherry is originally derived from Cerasus a Turkish town
  • Long time ago cherry ice cream is a not allowed in Kansas.

People in the world cherish cherry for its deliciousness and its health benefits can give although as of now only a few are wearing that cherries are very healthy and beneficial to humans. Constant consuming of cherry can lower your risk of having a stroke and can get rid of your belly fats. Those benefits are really amazing especially that it can be enjoyed by those people who are suffering from diabetes even its sweet.

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