Benefits of a 21 Day Bone Broth Diet + FAQs

Bone broth provides a whole food that contains amino acids, minerals, and collagen. Studies show this can provide various benefits for skin and digestion. It might also help to improve bone health and build muscle mass through the 21 day bone broth diet.

Benefits of a 21 Day Bone Broth diet

Are you looking for a new diet that’s easy to follow and provides many health benefits? One option is the 21 day bone broth diet. The broth is made by simmering the bones for a certain amount of time. This might provide various benefits including the skin, muscles, and bones. That’s due to the many nutrients contained in the broth like minerals. It also contains the protein collagen that is found in connective tissue. The bone broth can also provide other benefits. We often focus on the benefits of the meat itself, which contains all 9 essential amino acids (EAAs) humans must get from food or supplements. However, there’s also a lot of nutrients when simmering meat bones.

What’s this 21-day diet all about? It’s a little more complex than it might sound. This involves eating the Paleo diet for 5 days of the week then doing intermittent fasting (IF) for two days. The Paleo Diet requires people to eat as ancient humans did as hunters and gatherers. Meanwhile, IF requires you to follow a daily fasting/eating cycle like 18/6 or 20/4 hrs. During both the eating and fasting days, you’re required to eat the bone broth. So even during the days, you’re not eating solid food, you’ll still be getting nutrients from bone broth.


What Is Bone Broth?

In recent years bone broth diets have been trending. There aren’t any studies that provide solid proof this food provides certain health benefits. However, it’s believed to be a healthy food based on what scientists know about bones and connective tissue.

As the name suggests bone broth is made by simmering animals’ bones and connective tissue. You’ve probably already had this before in various soups, gravies, and sauces.

While bone broth has been trending recently as a health drink humans have been consuming it since ancient times. That’s when hunter/gatherers made a broth using animal parts they couldn’t eat like bones and hooves.

You can make this broth using bones from nearly any animal including:

  • Pork
  • Beef
  • Turkey
  • Lamb
  • Fish
  • Chicken

You can even use more exotic meats like buffalo or bison. Besides the bones, you can also use marrow/connective tissues like hooves, feet, gizzards, beaks, and fins. An added benefit of using these parts is it helps to reduce animal parts being wasted.

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty of making the bone broth. It’s actually quite simple. You can use a recipe although it’s not really needed. You’ll basically just need the bones, a big pot, water, and vinegar. That’s it!

Here are the steps. First, put all the bones in a pot and boil the water. Then reduce the heat and simmer for 12-24 hours. If you cook the bones longer it will taste better. Then let the broth cool. Strain the broth and toss out the solids.

If you want to make the healthiest broth then use different bones. That includes different ones like knuckles, marrow bones, and feet.

It’s important to add the vinegar. This helps to maximize the nutrients that are transferred from the bones to the water. This is important since it’s the broth that you’ll be consuming.

You can also add some other ingredients to improve the flavor. They include herb/spices and veggies.


What’s the 21-Day Bone Broth Diet?

Bone broth can provide several health benefits. If you want to incorporate it into a diet you can follow the Bone Broth Diet for 21 days.

This diet lasts for three weeks. You’ll have to follow the Paleo Diet for 5 days. This requires you to eat foods that are available to humans before agriculture. It’s known informally as the “caveman diet.” You’ll also be required to fast during the other two days.

Take note you’ll have to drink bone broth during every day of the diet. While you’re on Paleo you must drink from 1 to 3 cups of broth. Then during the fasting days, you must drink 3 to 6 cups of the bone broth.

It’s believed the Paleo Diet and IF can provide health benefits. Paleo is believed to help with weight loss and improve gut health. That’s because you ditch foods that weren’t available to human ancestors including whole/refined grains, beans, and sugar.

What do you swap in? You replace them mostly with meats and veggies. You can also add some fruits and fats from nuts/seeds.

Intermittent Fasting is also believed to provide various health benefits. Like the Keto diet, you get your energy from fat stores instead of food carbs. However, the difference is this happens through fasting instead of a low-carb/high-fat diet.

IF can provide other benefits. They include ones related to metabolism, energy levels, muscle mass, and mental focus.

On fasting days you can also drink unlimited liquids. That includes options like water, brewed coffee, and herbal tea.

This diet puts you on Paleo for all 21 days and IF for 2 days of the week. You’ll also be drinking 2x more bone broth on your fasting days vs. eating days.

When following this bone broth diet you also shouldn’t eat any desserts. Here’s a double-whammy. You can’t eat Paleo-friendly sweets and on eating days your “snack” is bone broth.


Health Benefits of Bone Broth

1. Inflammation

Bone broth might help to battle inflammation. That’s because of the several amino acids found in the liquid can lower inflammation. That’s especially true of L-glutamine.

This is another reason why chicken soup might help to treat the common cold. That’s due to the anti-inflammatory properties it provides.

2. Common Cold

Have you ever wondered why it’ recommended to eat chicken soup during the cold/flu season? One reason is it can help to deal with symptoms of virus-causing illnesses.

In fact, some studies show that the bone broth in chicken soup can help to reduce the common cold’s symptoms. This is done by improving breathing and clearing mucus. Another benefit is it’s easy to digest, which is important when you don’t really feel like eating.

Another related issue is chicken soup also contains a natural amino acid. Studies show that it might help to treat the condition bronchitis.

3. Weight Loss

Some studies show that bone broth might help obese people to lose weight. It’s believed that bone broth might help to get rid of certain bacteria in their digestive tract. Improving gut health can help promote weight loss.

4. Bones/Teeth

Bone broth might also help to boost bone and teeth strength. Studies show that bones need nutrients like protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron. You also need vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C, and K.

If you want to get the most nutrients from bone broth then you should consider bone broth with meat/fish and veggies. These ingredients are sources for all the vitamins and minerals.

5. Immune System

The amino acids found in bone broth can help to boost a person’s immune system. This is important so your body is stronger and can fight off diseases and illness better through the 21-day bone broth diet.

Benefits of a 21 Day Bone Broth diet

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