30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse Benefits

The 30 day Ketogenic Cleanse is nothing like the juicing diet or other cleanse diets.

The gift of information technology to mankind has given us a window to see so much of what is out there. People who are into health and wellness have found a great medium to share a plethora of useful information on how we all should eat and take care of our bodies. Getting to know the human genome is like being handed the instructions on how to work through and around our genetic map. Our DNA has a specific set of instructions that are unique to each of us. That’s why it is important to know how your body works and responds before you dive into any diet plans. Not all diets fit all. The trending keto diet and the 30 day ketogenic cleanse may not optimally work for everyone either.

Going on a diet or a specific exercise routine is not a one size fits all. Our bodies are made up differently and respond differently to internal or external stimuli and changes. Before embarking into any health and fitness trend — it is most wise to consult your doctor and get to know how these may affect your current state of health and how your body will react to a certain diet and type of activities required. Any health professional with a good sense will always test how an individual will use carbs, fat, and protein when they work out. 

Our genetics will layout the map as to how our individual bodies will put to use the macronutrients we consume from the food we eat. Your body type, your habits, and lifestyle play a huge role in knowing which diets will work best for you. 

If you are the type of person who lacks structure in your day to day activities and does not follow conscious eating — there is a high chance that you may have a compromised immune system and excess in stored fat. Having a sense of structure ultimately follows a sense of conscious awareness in what we put inside our bodies. Conscious eating means making better choices with the type and amount of food we consume. 

Which Diet Is Best For Your Body Type?

Knowing which type of body you have can definitely make things a lot easier for you to manage your health and fitness lifestyle. 

Ectomorph Body Type 

  • Long and slim  body frame
  • Low visible body fat
  • Small boned
  • Low muscle mass
  • Fast body metabolism
  • Has a hard time gaining fat and building muscle
  • Shoulders are usually narrower than hips

Ectomorphs may need to eat more calories and do heavy weight lifting instead of pumping up on cardio. 

Mesomorph Body Type 

  • The shoulder is the same width as hips
  • Usually, have a square body shape
  • Can easily gain or lose weight
  • Lean and muscular body
  • Thick forearms

Mesomorphs will benefit more from strength training and moderate cardio work-outs.

Calorie intake will be inadequate amounts without much need for extras to gain muscle mass. However, if one is not mindful — gaining fat will be on a slow steady process and eventually find yourself packing on the extra pounds. 

Endomorph Body Type 

  • Widebody frame
  • Mostly soft and round or apple-shaped
  • Can easily build muscle but gets covered with fat
  • Slow metabolism
  • Has difficulty losing weight and excess fat
  • Shoulders wider than hips
  • Thicker forearms

Endomorphs have to find a way to adopt a certain lifestyle that keeps you from packing on excess fat. Work out programs are targeted at areas that easily store fat. The best diet for endomorphs is having to adapt to a more restrictive diet with fewer calories. Consume fewer carbs but a higher intake of protein and good fats. until you reach your ideal weight.

Going to Keto? 

If you’ve never been on a special diet and want to explore the ketogenic diet — here are a few facts to consider. The keto diet has long been in the running. It was made and created long before other fad diets came to be. In the 1920s the keto diet was even used in the management of epilepsy. It is known to be backed up with the strongest scientific facts compared to other diets out in the world of health and fitness today. Participants swear by its fast results and can be evidenced with bloodwork. 

The ketogenic diet was created to curb carb and sugar cravings and at the same time lose stored excess fat with a drop in blood sugar levels as well.  Beginners to the keto diet will find that the first 30 days are crucial and can be quite challenging. This is because your body needs time to adapt to burning ketones or fat, instead of sugar from carbs which is used for energy.  This is the trickiest part of going on a keto diet as cravings will usually be your body’s defense mechanism, making you fall off the trail before you can even reap the benefits.

If you’re in the beginner’s phase in the keto diet, the 30-day Ketogenic Cleanse guidebook may be the best artillery to help your body adapt to this new eating lifestyle.  

The 30-day Ketogenic Cleanse: What’s in it for You?

The 30-day Ketogenic Cleanse is nothing like the juicing diet or other cleanse diets that put your body in starvation mode for a number of days. The cleanse diet gives you a wide variety of delicious whole-foods to choose from but eliminates all dairy and nuts. The recipes in the book are meant to fight off cravings and give useful tricks on how to get through the adjustment phase. 

Beneficial Points to Consider in the 30day Ketogenic Cleanse Guidebook 

Maria Emmerich is the creator and author of the 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse guidebook. She is a nutritionist specializing in ketogenic diets and exercises physiology. The creator based her cleanse diet on a well thought and formulated a keto diet that will greatly help in resetting your body’s metabolism at the same time help lose weight while still having lots of energy. 

The book is focused on providing real food recipes even while implementing the 30 days ketogenic cleanse. It is meant to show the essential benefits of getting the right amount of fat in the body. The author explains that the book aims to heal the body inside and out as it goes beyond the intake of food. Living clean is the basis of the guidebook since we are always exposed to chemicals in our day to day lives. She says, getting rid of the junk in your home is one of the key answers to a good cleanse.

Listed below are some of the beneficial good points of this book:

1. Diet

The program implements a dairy-free restrictive diet but offers other ingredients with the same flavor and texture that can take its place. It is also necessary to load up on protein to maintain muscle mass

2. Recipes

There are tons of recipes to make life easier. The recipes are packed with tasty ingredients such as the ketogenic breakfast chili. It also has dessert Fat bombs for feel-good treats and busts those sugar cravings!

3. Weight loss

Intermittent fasting is not as crucial or essential. While on the cleanse program, the first 30 days promise a 20-30 pound loss provided you stick with the no dairy and nuts rule.

Cutting down on alcohol and other oestrogenic foods. The author explains that it is not so much about the carbohydrates but more on how oestrogenic foods affect our hormones that make it difficult to lose weight.

4. Side effects

Expect the keto flu or what is called a carb withdrawal. This will entail the loss of electrolytes, low mood, and lethargy,  Increasing water, and salt intake as well as maintaining potassium and sodium levels in the body can ease this temporary condition

Also expect a keto rash, a sign of the body going through detox. As toxins are typically stored in fat cells — the keto rash is proof of the purging taking place in our system.

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