7 Days Diet Challenge: Eating Real Foods Instead of Junk

At the end of this 7 days diet challenge, you would have made the needed transition. You would be eating real foods instead of junk food. This change will optimize your health. Just make sure you don’t relent.

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It’s quite overwhelming to switch from junk food to real food overnight. Yes, you desire to lose weight. However, it seems you can’t keep up with healthy eating. You want to dump junk foods for real foods. But then, it’s really not easy to make the switch. There must be some sort of guidance to make the process easier and possible. If you are looking for such a process, this 7 days diet challenge is the solution you have been looking for.

There are quite a number of reasons why making a diet switch can be difficult. Sometimes, you may have withdrawal symptoms. Other times, your cravings may get the best of you. It will take more than just a decision to pull through with the switch. You need a high dose of determination. You also need a form of guidance and motivation. This is what this 7 days challenge will offer you. As long as you have made up your mind to make the shift, this 7 days challenge will guide you and motivate you to pull through with it.

Junk Food Diet is Bad for Your Health

Typically, a junk food diet contains contain a lot of sugary and refined foods. They contain a high percentage of processed foods. Sometimes, the fraction of processed food in a junk diet can be above 60%.

Eating a lot of refined and processed is very unhealthy. That’s why eating junk foods have a lot of adverse health effect. A lot of diseases have been linked to the consumption of refined and process foods. Examples include obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer.

The diseases mentioned above are more common in the developed world. This is because junk foods are widespread in those places. They are very rare in places where they do not eat processed and refined foods.

Excess weight gain is another reason why junk food is not good for you. Junk foods are low in nutrient density. This means they have a high amount of calories but contain little nutrients. The more junk food you eat, the more calories you accumulate. This, in turn, leads to excess weight gain.

Indeed, this may not be the first time you are being told this. You already know that a junk food diet is not good for your health. The question is why do you still eat it? There are quite a number of reasons that you will most likely agree with.

Junk foods are very sweet and tasty. Your taste buds like the high sugar content in junk foods. Can you compare a bowl of fruits to a yummy cheesy sandwich? Fruits are healthy, but our taste buds will always prefer a sandwich.

Another thing is that junk foods are tempting. Can you resist a melt of chocolate dripping from fudge? It is hard to do, right? But you can easily walk past a display of apples.

Our moods too play a huge role. Stress can make you crave sweet junk food. You hardly would think of bananas or apple when you are stressed. How about chocolate or brownies? Very well Yes!

Now, you know why you easily fall for junk foods. So, you should gain mastery over those tricks. Be ready to fight the temptation. The switch to real food is needed, and you can do it. Your health will be better for it.

Real Foods Are Good for You

Real foods are unprocessed foods. They have no chemical additives at all. They are usually foods that you prepare by yourself. Unlike junk food, they are not ready-made fast food.

Real foods have high fiber content. Foods rich in fiber give us a full feeling for a longer time. So when we eat real food, we feel less hungry throughout the day. And as a result, we eat less often and consume fewer calories.

In addition to this, real foods are low in calories. Unlike junk foods, they do not contain loads of refined carbs and sugars. Junk foods are packed with calories, but low in nutrients. Real foods, on the other hand, have fewer calories and more nutrients.

This goes on to say that real foods are nutrient-dense. They nourish our bodies better. For example, real foods like lean meat and nuts have healthy proteins.  These proteins can help improve your brain functions.

In processed foods, essential nutrients are mostly drained out. This is especially true of fried food. That’s why it is better if you steam or stir-fry your vegetables. You will be able to retain all the nutrients.

What’s more, you can better control your weight when you eat real foods. If you are overweight or obese, a high fiber low-calorie diet will be your best bet. You can visit a doctor or nutritionist for professional advice.

There are a lot of diseases associated with junk foods. When you eat a daily diet of real foods, you will stay safe from these diseases. Real foods will help you prevent all sorts of heart diseases. It will also help you control your blood sugar level, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

You see, real foods are good for your health. They actually have no disadvantages at all. They meet your nutritional needs and keep you in sound health.

7 Days Diet Challenge: How to Make the Switch

7 Days Diet Challenge: How to Make the Switch

The first challenge is very simple. Do not check your weight till the end of the 7 days. Check your weight before you start this challenge. Then, put your scale away until this challenge has ended. You can bring out your scale again after you complete the challenge.

It is normal to want to track how much weight you are losing. However, these 7 days should not be about losing weight only. Focus rather on how better you feel each day as you take on this challenge.

We know it is difficult to make a sudden switch. If you try to change everything in one day, you will definitely give up after a while. So this challenge will take a gradual approach. You will gradually ease into eating real foods.

Furthermore, this challenge will allow you to be creative. You can make the right mix for your meal each day. Just make sure you don’t go out of what is recommended. It’s pretty easy to follow

Day 1

Add a side dish of vegetable salad to each of your meals. Don’t change anything else. Just make sure you eat a serving of vegetable salad with all your meals.

Day 2

In addition to vegetables, add fruits to your diet. Three servings of fruit will be good enough. For day 2, the vegetables can be cooked. You can also prepare the fruits as a salad. It depends on what you prefer.

Day 3

Take beans for lunch. 1 cup of beans may be good enough. If you find this weird, there’s an alternative. You can add half a cup of beans to each of your meals instead.

Day 4

You are half-way gone through this challenge. There is nothing new for today. Stick with the changes you have made so far. Just make sure you drink a lot of water. Target a total of 12 cups for the day.

Day 5

Now, do away with sugars and refined carbs. Also, limit your intake of whole grains and starchy vegetables. Don’t take more than 1 cup (combined total) for the day.

Day 6

Get red meat out of your diet. Chicken, fish or eggs are good replacements.

Day 7

Remove dairy products from your meal. Do away with butter, cheese, ice cream, and the likes.

At the end of this 7 days diet challenge, you would have made the needed transition. You would be eating real foods instead of junk food. This change will optimize your health. Just make sure you don’t relent.

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