7 Atkins Diet Desserts to Satisfy Your Cravings

Atkins diet may be similar to keto diet, but you may become more free when it comes to eating desserts. There are a lot of Atkins diet desserts and most of them are helpful in our dessert cravings.

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Have you heard about the Atkins diet? This diet yet maybe a little similar to the keto diet. So far, it can be slightly more tolerable because it is not as strict as going keto. If you are on a low carb diet like the Atkins diet, you can still enjoy eating desserts. Satisfy your sweet cravings with these top 7 Atkins diet desserts.

There are already a lot of fad diets available. But it is still dependent on the individual’s choice and preferences whichever diet they will most likely be doing. Say, for example, many people may say that the keto diet is very effective. As it can help lose a lot of pounds compared to other diets. But, not all people are capable of undergoing one of the strictest diets and does not allow any form of cheat days or meals.

Thus, the person may choose other diet regimens that may be applicable to them. This is the advantage of a wide variety of diets nowadays, just like how it will be if the person wants a diet that has an almost similar concept to keto diet but is more open and free. Do you want to know what this diet is? The diet is actually called the Atkins diet, and it is named after the very person who has discovered all about it.

The Atkins Diet: The More Free Version Of The Ketogenic Diet?

In 1972, there was a book about a diet called the Atkins diet and it has become a huge hit during that time. The author of the book was a physician named Dr. Robert C. Atkins and he believed that the excessive consumption of carbohydrates is the main reason for weight gain, thus he developed a diet routine that he named the Atkins diet and its main focus is the reduction of carb intake. If the carbs are lessened, what else should be eaten then if the person wants to go on an Atkins diet?

As previously mentioned, this diet has a few similarities with the ketogenic diet; and you may already know what connects it to the keto diet. Yes, you may have guessed right, it is the increase in fat consumption. In the keto diet, however, it is more advisable to make 75 percent of the diet become more focused on fats; while the remaining amount will be divided between protein and carbs wherein the majority of it must be for the proteins and the minority is for the carbs.

The Atkins diet also focuses on the three macronutrients, it also says that the individual must eat lots of fats and lesser carbs, but what about proteins? This is how it may be considered to be different from the keto diet, the Atkins diet is actually more tolerable because you are allowed to eat any amount of proteins together with the fats.

Yes, you heard it right. There is no limit to your fat and carb consumption, they say that the Atkins diet allows you to eat to your heart’s content – but with the limitation of carbs, of course. This is the reason why some people tend to call the Atkins diet as a better keto diet because they think that it is not as strict as going keto.

The moment the book was released and since it immediately earned a lot of publicity by then, many people have contributed to the fame of the diet and they made it a worldwide phenomenon in an instant. Not only that, but there are also a lot of authors who invested their time and efforts in making more books about the Atkins diet; contributing to the already well-known reputation of the diet.

However, it may be similar to the keto diet in terms of the criticisms they have received. A lot of critics gave the diet a hard time by providing claims that it is promoting an unhealthy practice of diet and somehow there was a time when those negative comments made a huge impact and the Atkins diet was then demonized.

According to critics, the Atkins diet allows an unrestricted consumption of saturated fats and thus it makes the diet unhealthy as a whole. Thankfully, more studies were conducted to correct the mistaken claims of the supposed critics. Based on recent studies, saturated fats are harmless. Although it may be better to control the consumption of saturated fats, the fast is still that they are not as unhealthy as what the critics claim them to be.

7 Atkin Diet Desserts

This may be good news for those who are undergoing an Atkins diet. Normally, Atkins diet desserts may be considered limited; or most of the time they must also be restricted because they are known to have lots and carbohydrates like sugar. But here are a few accepted desserts that can be eaten even while on an Atkins diet, which is also said to help a lot in satisfying cravings for such desserts.

Chocolate Cheesecake

The combination of the flavors of the cheese, the chocolate filling, and the chocolate crust will surely be unforgettable. The best way to make your chocolate cheesecake Atkins diet-friendly is by using pure and dark ones. You may also put whipped cream on top for additional flavor and as a decoration.

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

This is easy to make and it may even take less than 10 minutes to complete. Not only is strawberry low in carbohydrate content, but it also contains a lot of nutrients and is a world-famous fruit because of how delicious it tastes. And by making the strawberries into frozen yogurt, it will be a perfect and refreshing treat.

Banana Cake

A cake as a low-carb dessert? It is possible with the help of alternatives, just like how you can swap the usual flour (bake) or graham cracker (non-bake) with almond flour. For additional sweetness, you may use low-carb sweeteners. Top off your cake with some nuts for healthy fats and added crunch.

Blueberry Scones

Another healthy berry on the list, you can make fruity baked goods like scones and make them low-carb at the same time. Use almond flour or coconut flour instead of the usual flour then add the blueberries and low-carb sweeteners like stevia for better taste.

Chocolate Cookies

If you can eat chocolate cheesecake while on the Atkins diet, you can also do it with chocolate cookies! It is actually acceptable to eat most baked goods as long as the ingredients used contain low amounts of carb. You can use arrowroot powder to get the cookie consistency.

Chocolate Brownies

You probably can’t get enough of chocolate, right? Chocolate is considered to be one of the desserts that are often marked as the source of cravings. Don’t worry though, because there are variants of chocolates that are low-carb and they are the ideal ingredients for Atkins diet desserts. Additionally, these brownies do not require baking since it can be cooked on a pan.

Salted Caramel Custard

This will help you provide with your additional protein from eggs and just the right amount of sweetness and saltiness, and what makes it the best? It contains low amounts of carbs!

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