Basmati Rice Nutrition and Benefits

Basmati Rice is a unique form of rice that hails from India. It can be bought or purchased in two variants- White Basmati rice or brown Basmati Rice.

a pilaf of basmati rice

In today’s hectic lifestyle and busy work schedules, people are looking for ways to improve their overall health.  Individuals will usually look for ways to improve their general condition through increased physical activity, consumption of healthy food items and the use of more natural and alternative treatment options for various illnesses. People, however, primarily look for food items that they can take to help them achieve an improved quality of life and enhanced health and wellness. One such food item is Basmati Rice.  People may ask though “What are the specific nutrition and health benefits of Basmati Rice?” In this article, we will look at the nutritional benefits of basmati rice and how they can positively affect the health of individuals.

Basmati Rice: A Brief Overview

Rice has always been known to provide its sweet aroma everywhere it is cooked. Basmati Rice is at an altogether different level as it has been known to allegedly fill up entire streets of its aroma while being cooked and prepared. The good news is that basmati rice’s sweet and enticing aroma is as sweet as its nutritional and health benefits. Basmati Rice is a unique form of rice that hails from India. Similar to other types of rice available in various stores and groceries, basmati rice can be bought or purchased in two variants- White Basmati rice or brown Basmati Rice.

As stated earlier, Basmati rice has a certain sweet aroma which is actually why it was named “Basmati” in the first place. Basmati is a combination of two (2) Hindu words which are “Bas” plus “mati” meaning aromatic. Basmati rice is a unique and special kind of rice as it contains numerous components that can help enhance an individual’s health and wellness. These components include significant amounts of protein, carbs, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. In addition, Basmati Rice is considered as an alternative to regular white rice as it contains less fat. These compounds are just some of the healthy components of Basmati Rice which make it one of the most sought after food item by dieters and health buffs and has been used to address several medical and health conditions.

The Health Benefits of Basmati Rice

As mentioned earlier in the article, Basmati Rice has some very significant health benefits. Listed below, however, are some of the specific health benefits of this healthy food item:

health benefits of basmati rice

1. Basmati Rice is good for patients with type 2 diabetes

A lot of people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes believe that they have to completely remove rice and pasta from their diets. Basmati rice can prove them wrong, though, as it has a glycemic index that significantly lower than other rice products. The Glycemic index or GI of food items can be established by considering and looking at the variables present in the said food items such as the starch’s digestibility, and the compounds present such as fiber, protein, and fat. Basmati rice contains complex carbs or carbs that are more difficult to process. This means that Basmati rice can actually help the body manage its blood sugar levels especially for patients with type 2 diabetes.

2. Basmati Rice can help dieters maintain a healthy weight

Food items that have increased amounts of fiber can help people feel more satiated or full, prevent the absorption of excess fat by the body, and can help control and manage cravings and hunger. This is because of amylose, a form of carb present in Basmati rice which is considered as a complex carb. The presence of amylose can lead to individuals avoiding snacks and similar to amylose, fiber can also help individual’s curb their appetites. Evidence suggests that eating foods that are high or rich in fiber can help promote faster stool and waste movement which means that is not wholly absorbed by the body or converted and stored as excess fats. In general, Basmati rice can be considered as a food item that can boost one’s energy, aid in achieving an individual’s weight goals, and is ideal for>

3. Basmati Rice can help contribute to Cardiovascular Health

Compared to other rice products, Basmati rice contains less saturated fats. Lower saturated fats translate to better benefits for the heart and the cardiovascular system as a whole. In addition, Basmati rice contains significant amounts of fiber that also aid in the improvement and enhancement of heart and cardiovascular health if eaten on a regular basis. Unsaturated fats, which are also present in Basmati rice can help in lowering the levels of cholesterol that is considered bad or harmful. As such, Basmati is even regarded as a super-grain for health and wellness. In general, unsaturated fats can help fight off adverse medical conditions that can affect the arteries and the clotting of blood. Saturated fats, on the other hand, can do the exact opposite of what unsaturated fats do and people who regularly consume foods with unsaturated fats may increase their chances of contracting or developing certain heart ailments and illnesses. Data also shows that the intake of fiber on a regular basis within the recommended dose of 25 grams can aid the body in staving off other dreaded diseases. Basmati rice can give the body its daily and healthy fiber intake requirements. This is because of Basmati Rice’s soluble fiber content which helps decrease the cholesterol absorbed by the body and helps cholesterol-binding with bile. Through this process, bad cholesterol is more easily removed from the system and cholesterol levels are ultimately lowered and decreased.

4. Basmati Rice can help the body in terms of digestion and constipation

Fiber consumption can help in the maintenance of water or liquid levels in the digestive system which in turn, can help enhance and improve the movement of waste materials and stools within the digestive tract. Evidence suggests that the lack of fiber intake can lead to constipation and eventually indigestion which be a debilitating medical condition. Taking in Basmati Rice can help prevent these medical conditions through its excellent fiber content.

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