Benefits of Black Seed Oil for Cooking and Health

The benefits of black seed oil are just too good to pass up. From diabetes to obesity, there are a lot of reasons the powerful natural oil can be of help.

Benefits of Black Seed Oil

The benefits of black seed oil show how valuable this spice is. For centuries, black seed has been utilized extensively to put flavor in what’s being served on the table. Indeed, you’d feel like taking an oregano/black pepper/onions combination of spices when taking them on. So unique is its taste these seeds when dry-roasted has been used extensively to flavor food – from vegetable to curries. As a seasoning, it has definitely proved its mettle so to speak – being utilized for centuries from Asia to the New World. It’s even used to make bread as tasty as possible. But with all that magical taste lies a very powerful health tool.

For starters, black seed oil carries thymoquinone, a component with powerful antioxidant properties. And over time, the oil has been utilized to remedy a string of health complications. Starting with hypertension. Yes, when talking about heart problems, everyone in America should take notice. It’s no coincidence that the superpower nation has been touted as the most obese nation in the world. Indeed. The obesity rate of Uncle Sam’s country is higher than most. Worse, statistics show there are over 600,000 people who succumb to heart disease yearly. That’s way too many lives. Reason enough that looking into the benefits of this wonderful oil is timely. Read on.


Uses in History

Officially, black seed oil comes from the seeds of Nigelia sativa, also known as black cumin, black caraway or nigella. As is apparent, the word black is associated with it. Even its name in Latin is a takeaway from the work Niger which simply means black. And you don’t have to imagine why. Its seeds are definitely black. No doubt about that.

Traditionally, black seeds are utilized in the kitchen as spice. So when you make the most of its health benefits, it’s one diet you can count on during meal time. It’s common spice found in Polish cuisine – so is Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine. And it’s also not hard to imagine why. It tastes like a combination of a lot of spices. True enough, these seeds season just about anything in the kitchen – from salads to curries.

These seeds have been utilized by humanity for centuries. Even the tomb of the famous Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen had plenty of these seeds. Also, as pervasive as its use, black seeds were also used as traditional medicine.


Benefits of Black Seed Oil

A lot of people in the medical circle may cite the lack of extensive research for black seed oil. And yet, somehow it has shown a lot of promise in helping people attain optimal health. Plus, an army of testimonies can be amassed showing the oil’s powerful health benefits. Some of these include:

1. Asthma

Already, even when research in this field is limited, oil from black seed has helped asthmatic patients. One preliminary research revealed such findings. Published in the 2017 Phytotherapy Report, said study show that patients who had asthma but religiously took the oil had remarkable improvements in reining in the sickness. This is in comparison to those patients who did not take the plant oil.

2. Diabetes

Again, preliminary research shows the oil from black seed could give diabetic patients a boost. Published in Complementary Therapies way back in 2015, the study detailed how people who took the Nigella oil had better control of their diabetes compared to those who didn’t. However, it must also be noted that further clinical trials should be done to confirm further these findings.

3. Allergic Rhinitis

This kind of allergies can definitely bring you down and here’s good news. Studies published in the American Journal of Otolaryngology revealed that black seed oil reduced nasal congestion to a large degree – along with a host of allergy symptoms, from a runny nose to itching.

4. Rheumatoid Arthritis

Study published in the 2016 Immunological Investigations detail how the oil from black seed may help in treating rheumatoid arthritis – a pesky disease. Involving 43 women, the study revealed there was significant reduction of arthritis symptoms for those women who took the oil.

5. Obesity

For many Americans, this could be the news that they’ve been waiting for all this time. It’s no accident how come heart disease is the #1 killer disease in America – taking away over 600,000 lives every year. That may get you all surprised but it’s true. And part of all that is the fact that we are also the most obese nation in the world. Thanks to our junk food diet.

Thankfully, oil from Nigella sativa shows promise in redeeming us. And it’s just timely. A study shows that the women taking the oil have reduced factors in obesity. In that study, women consumed the oil for about 8 weeks straight on a daily basis while getting into a low-carb diet. Weight was taken at the start and the end. Surprisingly, those who regularly took the powerful oil had a substantial decrease in their weight compared to those who did not. Most importantly, triglyceride levels for the group also decreased.


Possible Side Effects

As this is food intake, there is no reason that anyone should stop from taking in black seed oil on a daily basis. That is if it’s done in a regular manner – not too much. However, there is not much advisory on the safety of taking the oil in dosages higher than the normal.

It’s good to note that topical application of the oil to the skin can produce skin rashes in some. A report also details that taking in Nigella sativa oil can also be toxic if done in larger amounts. One woman had her skin filled with watery blisters after rubbing her skin with the natural oil. Also, she took the oil orally making professionals draw such negative conclusions.

It has to be made clear that black seed oil may negatively affect some common treatments like warfarin for instance. That’s why pregnant women are warned against using it. Still, it should tell you the benefits of black seed oil is too good not to look into.

Benefits of Black Seed Oil

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