The Bible Diet Food List: What To Eat, What Not To Eat

The bible happens to be the guide for Christians today. And it’s believed that everything a Christian needs to run the race is found in the bible. Even foods that you should eat and avoid can be found in the bible. That’s why we’ve come up with a bible diet food list.

Raw honey

Who would have ever thought that the bible could also be a guide as to what’s right to eat? Yeah, you heard that right. There’s a diet plan known as the bible diet plan. And this diet plan uses solely references from the bible as to things that are right to eat or not. A bible diet food list was made by simply having a look at foods that referred to as clean and unclean in the bible. The interesting fact is that so many people that have tried out this diet plan were amazed. Some said that these foods had healing abilities that could help cure some diseases. Also, some believe this diet plan goes a long way to keep you healthy generally. 

The Bible diet is also known as the Maker’s diet. The foods found on the list of this diet plan are gotten from different passages in the bible. There are various reasons why people follow this diet plan. For some, it gives that feeling that they are spiritually superior to others. While for some it’s just a means of staying healthy. Well, this diet plan is sure isn’t a bad one. It offers so many benefits that you might not be able to say no to. So let’s have a look at some of the amazing benefits you can get from a bible diet plan. 

Bible Diet Food List

A bible diet food list is all about clean and unclean foods. There are foods in the bible that are clearly stated as clean. Which means they are good for eating. While unclean foods were an abomination and can’t be eaten. There are so many clean foods in the bible and just very few unclean foods. Let’s have a look at them. 

Foods to Eat


Vegetables have always been a thing for ages. This is one of the clean foods mentioned in the bible. Daniel and his friends opted for vegetables in the bible. And it was recorded that they looked much better than other people that ate other things. There’s a diet known as the Daniel diet. Where you would only be taking vegetables. Anyway, the main point here is that vegetables are great if you want a safe and healthy diet. Including vegetables in your food daily would be an awesome idea.

Olives and Olive oil

This is another commonly mentioned food in the bile. The Jews were well-known as merchants of olives. And olives were recorded to have amazing effects like healing. It was also used for cooking, used in making cosmetics and soaps, and also to light lamps. The truth is that olive oil has always been considered to be sacred. With research, it has been proven that olives and olive oil help promote the health of the brain, heart, and skin.

Raw honey

Another food found in this list of bible diet is raw honey. Raw honey is referred to as liquid gold. It has great effects not only on the skin but also internally. Honey is known to contain antioxidants that help fight against diseases. Also, honey happens to be a great replacement for sugar. Your juice would taste nice with sugar and you wouldn’t have to worry about your blood glucose level. Interestingly, honey also helps out with improving symptoms of allergy.

Raw milk

Many people love taking milk. But just a few people stick to pure milk. And the truth is that there are more nutrients in raw milk. Raw milk is great for the teeth, It helps maintain strong teeth. Also, it has nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, vitamin K2 and also magnesium. Researchers have found out that goat milk is more beneficial than cow milk. It’s known to help out with anemia and also bone demineralization. But whichever one you opt for you can surely expect great benefits.


This happens to be one of the most important plant fibers that were mentioned in the bible. It is used to make linen and some have replaced it with cotton. Flax is known to have medicinal use. It provides the body with fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and also lignans. Also, research shows that these seeds also help out with fighting cancer, heart disease, and also lung disease.

Other foods found in the bible diet are: 

AlmondsChickenMustard seeds
ApplesDried fruitsRaisins
BarleyFish Vinegar
BeefGarlic Watermelon
Bitter herbsGrapes Wine

Foods to Avoid

There is a whole lot of foods allowed in this diet. And just a very few are not allowed. In a bible diet, you are not allowed to eat anything that’s processed. Even foods that have had contact with hormones and chemicals are not allowed. Everything must be made by God himself. Food like predatory bird and animals are also forbidden. Most insects as well are not allowed. Animals that don’t chew cud as well are not allowed. 

Benefits of Bible Diet

  • Weight loss: Well, you wouldn’t expect any less of this diet plan. There’s no consumption of processed food, and also there’s high consumption of fruits and vegetables. You would expect that a person that follows this diet plan would lose weight. That’s because calorie intake is not as high as other diet plans. 
  • Improved mood and energy: Right here is another benefit of this diet plan. The type of foods you eat sure affect your mood and also energy. So with the right foods like fruits and vegetables, you can expect that your mood would be brightened up. Also, it gives you a lot of energy needed for that task ahead each day. 
  • Longer lifespan: So according to the bible people lived a lot longer. Well, it’s assumed that it could be as a result of the foods they ate at that time. Research shows that people that eat a lot of fruits and vegetables live longer. That’s because of the nutritional benefits you get from these foods. And at the same time, it reduces the risk of having any health problems. So if your goal is to stay healthy and live a lot longer then you might as well follow this bible diet food list. 

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