Body Pump Calorie Burn Per Session + Other Benefits

BodyBump is a resistance workout. People who go through BodyBump use lightweight barbells to burn calories and tone their muscles.

Trying on different weight loss programs is an amazing experience. The versatility of these programs makes it easier for people to choose based on their preference or if it will be suitable for them. There are people who are more into diet regimens as their weight loss program, while there are others who would rather work harder through exercising and physical activities. Also, there are even a greater number of people who would do both diets and exercise at the same time to maximize their calorie burn and weight loss.

Other than choosing what to follow between diet, exercising, or both; there are also more to choose from in terms of the exact steps to take. For example, there is one specific kind of exercise that is claimed to be one of the best when it comes to burning calories; the body pump exercise or BodyPump.

Body Pump

Some people feel more motivated when working in groups and being able to socialize. The same is applicable to exercise which is why there are a lot of group exercises being done nowadays. Body pump exercise is one of the most well-known group exercises that is also considered to be a great calorie burner.

What happens in this exercise? Every session is led by a trainer, just like how most group exercises work. People are asked to spread out in order to have appropriate space for each individual, and then they are given a set of light barbells each to lift. It is done in a repetitive way and the whole body is used in exercise to be able to build the foundation of stronger and leaner muscles. Imagine you are holding a barbell using both your hands, lifting it up and down, and at the same time you are doing some other exercises like squats; that will totally multiply the muscles earned and the fats loss.

Another good thing is that it limits the amount of muscle build during the exercise. Actually, people who have been into body pump exercise instead found themselves looking a lot healthier and not too bulky. They believed that it was the way of the exercise that helped them achieve a slimmer and fit body instead of having bulky and large muscles. This is also why many people think of body pump exercise as an ideal workout routine that also very effective in weight loss and building endurance.

According to a lot of people, they rarely fell in love with the body pump at first sight. For some, it took them a few more sessions than usual before they finally appreciated the exercise; but there are actually more of them that realized they loved the exercise after their first session. These reviews show a lot about the exercise since the people who are in body pump exercise groups are known to be very supportive of each other. Thus, they do not only enhance an individual’s physical health but also their mental health; which is totally a more helpful way to achieve that dream body.

How the Exercise Works

In order to get into the workout routine, it is important to familiarize ourselves with the basics of body pump.

First of all, each session lasts for about 60 minutes or 1 hour. It is considered a weight-lifting exercise with a twist. The simplest way to describe how the exercise works by thinking low-weight barbells and rapid exercise movements. The combination of the two results in getting the muscles exhausted or tired enough in order to build strength and muscle tone, instead of giving the body bulky muscles and such.

Sessions are composed of 5-6 specifically designed exercises that are equally divided into different amounts of reps to complete a total of 800 reps in 60 minutes. The 800 rep count is said to be their regular accomplishment which they aim to fulfill each time they have a session ongoing. Although it looks and sounds almost impossible to do, it is actually a lot easier and is manageable even by people who are not used to intensive physical activities.

The whole body pump sessions are accompanied by music; just like how most zumba exercises work. The music serves as the basis of their rhythm and flow, and it also contributes to the mood of the exercise which is an important factor for the participants’ motivation. The longer the person has been doing body pump exercises, the possibility of using faster and more upbeat music tracks to workout too. The use of music also makes the exercise easier to follow and more fun.

The exercise is best to perform in groups, but it is also possible for people who prefer exercising alone to do it too. All you need to have is self-discipline and a lot of motivation to do the exercise by yourself. However, those who go into solo body pump exercises are mostly people who started with group sessions but then later decided to do it on their own. Also, it can be helpful if there is no group exercise near your home.

Body Pump Calorie Burn per Session

Based on a scientific study, the highest possible amount of calories that can be burned from doing even a single session of body pump exercise is about 590 calories. It usually just depends on how active a person is and how they perform the exercise when it comes to the exact amount of calories burned. But overall, the exercise has been boasting its effective calorie-burning qualities that is almost comparable to some of the best high burning exercises such as cycling.

Other Benefits of Body PUMP Exercise

There is an improvement in muscle strength, minus the bulky appearance.

One of the best benefits of the exercise is that it can provide the body with stronger muscles without leaving any traces of excessive and bulky ones. So, people who don’t necessarily aim to have their bodies look like those of a bodybuilder’s may use this exercise instead.

The core muscles are strengthened.

Having stronger muscles is said to give the body organs and the body itself additional protection against different kinds of injuries. You may imagine the strengthened core muscles as a soft cushion that may absorb pressure and trauma in case of sudden injuries. It helps the internal organs get spared from the impact.

It results to better-looking and more defined body.

It is usually the body shape that benefits the most from exercising. This may be the time that you can finally wear that swimsuit you’ve been dying to try on since your body will definitely look good after completing sessions of body pump exercise.

The exercise promotes healthier cardiovascular health.

As people exercise, the heart also gets to exercise in return. The adrenaline and the exhaustion from exercise cause the heart to work more than it does when you are not exercising, thus it increases its rate and improves the circulation of blood within the body.

You get to have more friends and a special support system.

It is fun working out with other people, especially if they are those that lift up and give each other motivation and inspiration. You may even get to meet a new best friend during one of your sessions. It will be a very nice experience.

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