How to Boost Ketone Levels for Maximum Weight Loss

Knowing the ketone levels is important in weight loss.

Boost Ketone Levels

Losing weight has been a constant issue for all of us. Since it has been a problem of different ages, races, and even gender, a lot of products were made to fix it. In fact, you can find a lot of approaches to weight loss. There are diet pills, exercise routines, and well, keto diet.

But before you go deep into finding a way to say goodbye to all those excess fats in your body, you need to know about ketosis. A lot of studies show that ketosis is a powerful aid in speeding up your metabolism. It is ideal for weight loss as well as improving your physical performance. Thus, some doctors might recommend that you undergo a keto diet.

Find out more about ketosis and your different ketone levels in this article.

Three Types of Ketone Bodies

Knowing the ketone levels is important in weight loss. But before you check the level, you need to know more about its three types. This way, you will be able to know which type to focus on and understand the process better.

  • Acetoacetate

It is the first type of ketone created by your body. It is developed when the fat is broken down to give your brain energy. Around 70% of your brain energy actually comes from ketone while 50% of the energy used for your body’s tissues are from a ketone. Considering this, acetoacetate’s main purpose is to transport energy to different parts of your body, especially to your body tissues and liver.

To check the level of acetoacetate in your body, doctors might recommend that you undergo a urine test. This is because this type of ketone is released through your urine so the best way to check its level is by having a urine test.

In this kind of exam, you will be asked to pee in a urine strip. The color of the strip will change color when to tell the level of ketone. The good news is that you can easily buy urine strips in pharmacies and these are affordable. If you want, you can even go to a hospital to get a urine test.

  • Acetone

It is the smallest ketone in your body which can also give you health benefits. It is created after acetoacetate and immediately diffuses in your lungs then is released when you exhale. And just like the other types of ketone bodies, acetone is also great for weight loss.

It is responsible for burning fats, stabilize your blood sugar, regulate your hormones, and improve your cholesterol levels. So for you to find out the level of acetone in your body, you need to undergo a ketone breath monitor test. This is because acetone is best detected through your breath.

Do take note, though, that breath tests do not give accurate results. So it is still recommended that you try out other tests.

  • Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB)

It is created when your body is running on fat. This ketone comprises 78% ketones in your blood. It is also considered as the rockstar fuel which is responsible for enhancing your gene expression, fight cancer, boost insulin, and optimize your brain function.

In order for you to test your BHB level, you can have a urine, breath, or blood test. If this is your first time checking your ketone level for BHB, you can try a urine test. For more accurate results, you can undergo a blood test wherein the doctor would ask you to drop some of your blood to see your ketone level.

Boosting your ketone levels

After the test, you will know if the level is good or not. If the results are not satisfactory, the doctor will require you to increase your ketone level. If you decide to do fasting, your blood will have a ketone level of 0.5 millimoles per liter.

But how will you get your desired result? Simple, the ketone level in your blood depends on how much protein and carb you are eating. It is also important that you consider how long you have been on a keto diet.

You have to remember that your ketone level has a chance to increase by 1 mmol immediately after being on a keto diet for weeks. Also, creating BHB is quicker when you are fasting. For a faster increase of ketone, you can eat BHB salts including the following:

  • Fudgy bites
  • Mousse
  • Popsicles
  • Fat bombs

You can also make healthy beverages such as smoothies, hot coffee, and cold coffee.

In addition, you need to take note of the right levels of ketone for your body to lose weight. You can follow these notes for reference:

  • If you have a ketone level of less than 0.5 mmol, then you are not experiencing ketosis. In fact, that is actually far from fat burning.
  • If you have a ketone level of up to 1.5 mmol, then you have nutritional ketosis. You can expect weight loss, but not that much.
  • If you have a ketone level of up to 3 mmol, then you are already in an optimal ketosis level. It is then when you are already experiencing maximum weight loss.
  • If you have a ketone level of more than 3 mmol, you can either achieve your goal or fail.

Studies show that the more ketone level you have, the lesser food intake which could be harmful to your body.

So if you are planning to get optimal ketosis, all you have to do is to avoid food that has high
levels of carbs as well as proteins. Then, you need to fill your body with fat. You can even make a fat coffee which is comprised of lots of butter and coconut oil.

The results do not just happen overnight. Of course, your body will have to adjust. So when you start the keto diet, you will see that your insulin will drop because of the less intake of protein. Afterward, you will enjoy your new body with the weight you have always wanted.

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