Candida Diet: What to Eat for a Healthier Gut

A diet for managing too much candida in the gut? Yes, it is called the candida diet. In a candida diet, there is a strict avoidance of certain foods that may affect the production of candida in the body. At the same time, there are specific foods that are allowed since they are said to be beneficial in controlling the amount of candida.

coconut cream and honey oil and turmeric powder

Candida albicans is basically yeast, a common member of the human gut flora. A healthy amount of candida isn’t exactly bad to the body. But due some triggers, the yeast overpopulates, which can eventually lead to infection. To control issues involving excessive candida, the candida diet was developed.

The Human Gut Flora

It may be known to all of us that our body is composed of live microorganisms which can highly affect our overall optimal health. Also, most of the time these microorganisms are thought to be dangerous because they are called with terms like bacteria and such. Yes, they may be called as bacteria, but they are the good ones that are responsible for keeping our digestive health in check. These live microorganisms such as the good bacteria are contained in the body’s gut flora; which is not necessarily an organ by itself but it works and acts the same way as how a normal human organ would. It is also sometimes referred to as the forgotten organ.

The dominating microorganisms that are contained in the gut flora are the bad bacteria, but there are also some form of good viruses and yeast that can be found there; and they do everything they can to balance the occurrences in the digestive system and they are also said to have a high impact with an individual’s overall health. Therefore, it is a must to keep the gut flora in tip-top shape at all times.

Benefits of Gut Flora

The gut flora offers plenty of benefits to the body. They boost the immune system and aid in metabolic processes. The essential microorganisms, for example, protect the linings of the intestine which are prone to getting damage from harmful bacteria, viruses, and yeast.

In order for those intestine linings to be properly protected, there must be enough of the good microorganisms that will work their way into providing the needed protection. So imagine not having enough of the microorganisms that will result to the increased permeability of the gut. This will then lead to the easy passage of the dangerous bacteria and the like – known as a digestive issue called the leaky gut syndrome.

The gut flora is able to provide the body with some of the most important vitamins and nutrients that will soon be very helpful for a lot of functions in the body.

What Is Candida and How Is It Related to the Gut?

Candida is a kind of yeast. It is often treated to be non-harmful but there are possible cases wherein the candida yeast within an infected person’s body starts to lead to more serious complications.

Usually, candida infection is found in different areas of the body which differs from the mouth, the intestinal tract, and even the sensitive reproductive organ of women which is the vagina. As previously mentioned, there are some cases of candida which can be considered as common and not dangerous, this is applicable to those that are trying to infect a human who has a healthy and optimally functioning immune system. For those who have low immune health, there is a huge possibility that they will be negatively affected by the infectious candida yeasts which may bring their symptoms further into those more serious ones.

However, just like how it is for the other friendly microorganisms, there are also good candida yeasts in the gut that are helping the body in specific functions that involve improved digestion and nutrient absorption. This positive effect of candida is applicable when they are in proper amounts in the gut, but once there is overproduction it will be the start of the possible negative effects of the supposedly good yeast. Still, candida, in general, is known to be safe when handled in proper amounts.

The Candida Diet for a Healthier Gut

Once the production of candida in the gut gets out of control, certain symptoms may be present and they will actively occur during that time. But is there a way to manage this situation? There is actually a diet called the candida diet which was meant to alleviate some symptoms of having too much candida in the body that leads to an infection.

A little reminder though, the candida diet was already tried by a few individuals but there are still no studies proving how effective it is and how the science beneath the diet is helpful in clearing out the excessive candida in the gut. However, the diet is not dangerous too so it may be possible to try the diet; but still with the supervision of a doctor or dietitian.

The candida diet works by restricting some foods which contain the following: alcohol, gluten, sugar, harmful additives, and sometimes even specific dairy products. As the mentioned foods are avoided, what should be eaten during the diet should be foods that are known to be gluten-free, fruits with low sugar content, and non-starchy vegetables instead.

So far, specialists have concluded that the aim of the candida diet is to reduce the causes of inflammation which may probably occur in the intestines. But there is still a need for further studies regarding how effective and completely safe the diet is.

Here are some of the safest foods to eat while the person is on a candida diet:

Fruits with very limited amounts of sugar just like lemons and limes.

Some berries are also acceptable but they must be consumed in moderation.

Most non-starchy vegetables are the green-colored ones

You can choose between a selection of asparagus, broccoli, celery, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, spinach, cucumber, and zucchini. Other possible options are eggplants, tomatoes, and onions.

Gluten-free grains can be helpful in other ways too

Choose between buckwheat, oat bran, millet, or quinoa.

You can also eat some protein during the diet but be sure to get the high quality ones. You can try with eggs, chicken, turkey, and some fishes like salmon or sardines.

Healthy fats are always beneficial

You may enjoy your candida diet by including some avocados, olives, and healthy oils like extra virgin olive oil, flax oil, and sesame oil.

Some dairy products are also okay

But they must be limited to the kinds of butter, ghee, and plain yogurt.

To add flavor to your candida diet meals, you may add herbs and spices such as black pepper, garlic, oregano, paprika, and many more.

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