Cheap Diet Plans: Cheap and Healthy Foods, Tips, Meal Ideas

If you think a healthy diet and weight loss can only be accessible for people who have money to spare for this “expensive” lifestyle, you thought wrong.

Cheap Diet Plans: Cheap and Healthy Foods

Have you ever wanted to start dieting so bad, but at the same time you are dreading how the possible high costs and too much spending that this sudden change in lifestyle will make you suffer? I will give you just one tip regarding this issue that makes you retreat from your lifelong dream of living healthier: just do it. You may be asking why I even decided to tell you to just go and start the diet when in fact it is really a struggle especially when talking about financial situations.

Fear not though, because we are now at the age of endless possibilities. So, I have good news for you: yes, it is possible to go dieting without spending too much of your hard-earned money. Trust me, this proclamation also gave me high hopes and it made me want to start with my cheap diet as soon as possible. What else are we waiting for? Let’s familiarize ourselves with some tricks on how to start a diet without literally spending more of our money than what we intend to.

However, it is time to have a few ideas about dieting first and what it is about that makes it interesting to the point where lots of people have their desires to try it? Let’s get to know what makes dieting very in these days.


The Science of Dieting

Diet refers to a person’s food intake as a whole, but it is most of the time referred to the process an individual undergoes wherein there is a specific list of food that can help them in losing weight. The good thing about weight loss diets is that each of them is actually unique and they have their own principles and rules that must be followed (in order for them to be effective of course).

Since there are different diet regimens, you can choose one that will suit your preference. Or sometimes it also depends on the person’s health condition, wherein there will be a few restrictions on the foods that they can eat to relieve their symptoms, to help them manage their illness, or to aid them in their treatment.


The Cheap Diet and Which Foods to Eat

Fortunately, it is really possible to get into a diet routine without hurting the current situation of our bank accounts. To be honest, the cheap way to dieting is what most people try in the first place. People who do simple diet plans often avoid buying from the supermarket, especially food products that are not eaten by normal people like chia seeds and the like. Although chia seeds and most of the well-known diet foods are actually affordable, there are still better alternatives for food like them which are a lot cheaper and more accessible.

The only problem with diet is that it is often thought of as an expensive lifestyle when in reality it is not. You see, the first diet regimens do not even require the consumption of almost luxurious foods; instead, they focus on the quality of the food products. Also, there are a lot of healthy foods that are cheap; which are packed with vitamins and minerals plus they can offer a lot of health benefits at the same time.

Here are a few foods you may try if you want to start dieting while you are on a tight budget:

Brown Rice

If you love eating rice, you may want to drop it out of your daily meals. Rice is one of the greatest contributors when it comes to weight gain, solely because of its carbohydrate content that can be considered one of the highest out of all foods. But if you cannot live without it, there are still other ways you can enjoy rice – such is by substituting the plain rice with a healthier alternative which is brown rice.

Non-fat Greek Yogurt

A very delicious and nutritious food, Greek yogurt; especially the non-fat ones, are already loved well-appreciated by many people. Also, when you think of diet, there will always be yogurts most of the time. They can be eaten as snacks or as main meals like breakfast and dinner. You can enjoy yogurts like this by adding a few more ingredients (which are also affordable) like berries and other fruits, and also some varieties of nuts for additional taste and texture too.


Beans can be eaten as a substitute for rice. They are very cheap and they have low amounts of calories so you do not have to worry about eating them in larger amounts. Do you know what else makes beans great? There are actual studies that have proven the effectivity of this food group when it comes to losing weight.

Canned Tuna

Usually, fresh tuna and other high-quality fishes that are sold in the market are costly and more expensive compared to normal fishes. So how can we get the healthy fats from tuna without spending too much? The solution is buying canned tuna. Other than the omega-3 fatty acids that it can provide, it is also rich in protein and other nutrients. Moreover, the consumption of healthy fats like omega-3 is preferable when undergoing a diet regimen.

Cheap but healthy fruits and vegetables

These foods are the go-to of diet enthusiasts because they are one hundred percent cheaper, delicious, and very healthy too. A few examples of low cost and healthy fruits and vegetables are apples, broccoli, and cauliflower. Fruits and vegetables like these have huge varieties that you can enjoy.


Tips and Meal Ideas

There are actually ready-made diet plans that are suitable for people who prefer saving money than splurging for those that are too pricey.

Go vegetarian

Meat is not necessary for the diet, which is why there are people who became vegetarians. Other nutrients that are in meats are also available in other fruits and vegetables, plus they are a lot cheaper compared to eating meat all the time. Always remember: a vegetarian diet is the most ideal diet one can do if they want to lose weight.

Try the Mediterranean diet

However, there are people who can’t seem to resist the taste of meat. So if you want to stay healthy, lose weight, and be able to keep eating meat, you may want to try one of the healthiest diets out there known as the Mediterranean Diet. But be sure to follow the food patterns of the diet, there is still a limit to consumption of meat. You will enjoy it though, and you will get to experience eating with olive oil like how a normal Greek person does.

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