Can You Have Cheat Meals While Doing the Keto Diet?

Admit or not, it is tempting to cheat when you are under a specific diet that requires low-carb consumption.

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Many dieters choose a ketogenic diet for different reasons. Some choose to undergo the keto diet to maintain a healthy weight. Others do this to help turn around their weight.

Basically, the purpose of undergoing the low-carb, high fat, and moderate protein is to transfer your energy fuel source from carbohydrates to fats. This energy source transferring is called ketosis. It is one of the many benefits of a keto diet.

But admit or not, it is tempting to cheat when you are under a specific diet that requires low-carb consumption. Especially if you have seen a delicious hot choco fudge with sweet flavor for every layer. Yum! Your mouth not just simply water, but you want to have a cheat meal for doing your diet. But is it worth it?

Many low-carb dieters schedule a cheat day once every month. A doctor said that it is somehow healthy with the thought that not being perfect (with the diet) is okay.

However, with the keto diet case, it is very different when cheating meals. Once you cheat, you will, perhaps, reap of the few cheating disadvantages.

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Keto Diet Cheating Disadvantages

Still, want to kick cheating a meal because of that hot choco fudge? Think again. You might now want the possible result of eating more than the required carb under the keto diet.

  • You are in Danger of Losing the Ketosis State

Cheating a meal with higher carb than necessary can take you out of your long-suffered ketosis. Imagine the many days, weeks, and months of working just to transfer your energy fuel source into fats. In an instant or so, you will lose it. Are you ready for that fact?

Test your ketones once you have eaten a suspected cheat meal by putting it to the acid test. There are three ways: urine test, blood test, and breath test. You might be surprised that after a cheat meal you are out of ketosis. Otherwise, there are cases wherein people stayed on ketosis state after just one meal. But where does cheating more than one can take you?

  • Your Fat Adaptation is Being Affected

During a keto diet, you are basically making your fats adapt to the fact of being used as a fuel source. This adaptation may lose with just extra protein or carbs or with eating cheat meals regularly. So, you see, you will not reap the keto benefits with cheat meals. Your body might be back with the unwanted pounds you tried to eliminate for a long time.

  • Cheat Meals can Result in a Sudden Spike of Blood Sugar

Keto diet is very popular for those sick people especially patients with blood pressure issue. The diet is good for stabilizing blood glucose in the body. Meaning, if you are undertaking a keto diet because of type 2 diabetes, cheat meals can spike your blood sugar up. It can even bring your sugar to a risky level.

  • You are in Danger for More Cravings

As your body adapts to the burning fat process, so is your taste and cravings to fatty food as well. So think what a small cheat meal can do this already reprogram process? It is like you are reprogramming your system once again.
You might say that it is just small cheating. But if your so-called “small cheating” is scheduled regularly, it might turn into a big feast, interrupting your adaptation in the process and craving for more unwanted and unnecessary food. Did you know that studies found out that when we are craving food, our system is actually craving for fats? But we usually get wrong this craving for carb-food.

  • Keto-Flu Might Visit You for the Second Time

Perhaps you are one of those people who have a major headache while starting the keto diet. This is referred to as keto flu and is linked to many symptoms including low energy, diarrhea, and headaches. Your body’s adaptation when you started the keto diet is one of the reasons why keto flu occurs. So, don’t you think that spicing up a few cheat meals in the diet might also bring your body into another adaptation?

Indeed it will based on one study. In fact, being on keto and mixing it with cheat meals can make the keto flu stay in your system. If ever you are already in this state, exogenous ketones might help you.

Not only that. But cheat meals can make your emotion toward your chosen diet to be unstable and out of control.
Following a strict keto diet is truly difficult, but cheat meals can make it more impossible to follow long term.

Ketogenic Diet Cheating Tips

U-huh! You read that right. This section will provide you for some cheating tips while on a ketogenic diet. But mind you, these cheating tips are the most appropriate way to get keto diet more bearable for you. Because admit or not, sometimes cheat meals are what hold you to stay in the diet longer; partly because you have the mindset that cheat meals make it bearable for you.

So, what you’re about to read is cheating the right way.

1. Follow a Cyclical Keto Diet

Did you know that keto diet has many types? One of which is CKD. CKD is typically following a standard keto diet. The catch is, you will only do the standard keto diet for five days then you will follow it for eating a higher carb for a couple of days. Let’s say the weekends.
This routine under CKD is the more manageable way to make your lean muscles mass still preserve. But unfortunately, it can still kick you out from ketosis state.

2. Cheat Consciously with What Satisfies You

Choose something worth it once you decide to have a cheat meal. What do I mean by that? Cheat with the food that you enjoy eating most. For instance, you may eat what makes you happy during a celebration. This is considered a “worth it” cheating method.

3. Cheat with Keto-Friendly Food

Another technique of meal cheating is to convert the food you are craving for into keto-friendly version. By this method, you are satisfying your craving, without being out of ketosis. It is both satisfying and keto-friendly.

Cheat Meals While on Keto Diet

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