What to Order While Doing the Keto Diet

Eating out while on keto no longer needs to be such a problem. For as long as you are prepared, you can adjust even if there is no keto-friendly fast food in sight.

Eating Out While on Keto

Highly effective at weight loss and providing numerous benefits to the human body, the ketogenic diet has taken the world by storm. More and more people are switching to the keto lifestyle. However, it can get tricky if you are about to dine out. Here are some tips about what to order when eating out while on keto.


What a Keto Diet Is

Eating out while on keto can be a total nightmare especially if you do not know what to get. However, before we talk about what you can do in such a situation, let us first quickly discuss what this popular diet is all about. A ketogenic diet is essentially a high fat, low carb diet. This means, a person who has switched to the keto lifestyle, has high intake of fat and low intake of carbohydrates. By doing this, the body eventually goes into a state of ketosis. Here, the body burns through the sugar which is the usual source of energy and since it is insufficient, it burns fat as an alternative source of body fuel. Ketones are the by-product of this process and they offer many health benefits to the body.


How Do You Go About It

When eating out while on keto, you have to be aware of your food ratio. There are four main types of going about the keto way:

  • Regular. This is the standard keto ratio. This is 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbohydrates. You have to observe this ratio in all your daily meals especially when eating out while on keto.
  • High pro. As the name suggests, this keto ratio is characterized by higher protein intake. This translates to 60% fat, 35% protein, and 5% carbohydrates. To fast track your progress in this type of keto diet, do it in conjunction with physical activity.
  • Cyclical. Most professional athletes who do ketogenic diet resort to this. Here, you would have to follow either the regular or high pro keto ratio for five days straight. Then on the remaining two days (when strenuous training is usually scheduled), you load up on carbohydrates to ensure enough energy to complete your workout plan.
  • As needed. This can get a little tricky since you have to keep track of what you have been eating. This is why it would need more experience in understanding how to increase certain things and decrease other things to still achieve the ideal keto balance. Here, you follow either the regular or high pro keto ratio on regular days. If you have to do heavy training, then you increase your carb intake.


Benefits of a Keto Diet

There are many benefits that a keto diet offers. Here are just some of them:

  • Effective at weight loss
  • Gives a feeling of satiation which means better mood and fewer cravings
  • Helps treat or even prevent symptoms of:
    • Cardiovascular diseases
    • Brain injury
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Alzheimer’s disease
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Epilepsy
  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Helps achieve better glucose level management

Given the many benefits of a ketogenic diet, it is no wonder that more and more people subscribe to this new kind of eating.


Eating out While on Keto

Eating out while on keto can be a drag especially if you do so unprepared. The good thing is that there has a rise of keto-friendly fast food. However, this may not be readily available where you are. Here are some simple tips if you are eating out while on keto:

  • No starch. Absolutely no starch. This means no bread, no pasta, no potatoes, no rice. You can order salad or extra vegetables to start the meal.
  • Adjust. Most restaurants, understandably, hold out on fatty food on their menu. When this happens, you can adjust by ordering extra butter or more olive oil on your meat or as a salad dressing. This takes care of the fat intake part of the keto ratio.
  • Adjust again. So in a restaurant, sauces and condiments are but a staple part of the whole dining experience. If you do not want to appear too fastidious to the point of annoying those dining with you, you can skip the sauces altogether — these include ketchup and gravy. To be safe, stick to what you know. Ask for olive oil or vinegar dressing.
  • Drinks. For drinks, the best way to go is water. If you want to spice things up, go for tea or coffee. If alcohol is being served, you can go for champagne, light beer, or club soda.
  • Dessert. The best thing to do is to really just skip dessert because dessert food is usually high in sugar. However, if you are still hungry, you can go for probably a cheese plate or more tea or coffee.


More Tips

  • If you are invited out, let your hosts known that you are eating out while on keto. This might inspire them to bring you to a place that offers keto-friendly fast food. If not, then you can either suggest a place or ask what restaurant they have chosen so you can check the menu in advance.
  • If you do not want to burden the host with your food concerns, a helpful tip is to eat a bit before you go. This way you are no longer hungry so you can probably just order a salad and tea.
  • Take your time. Do not be goaded to select food right away. Just explain to those with you that you have certain dietary considerations. Most of the time, they will be patient as you scour the menu for the best food that would go with your keto lifestyle

Eating out while on keto no longer needs to be such a problem. For as long as you are prepared, you can adjust even if there is no keto-friendly fast food in sight. Follow these tips and you can enjoy eating out while on keto.

Eating Out While on Keto

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