How Much Should I Exercise While in Keto Diet?

Doing only keto diet is a good first step but adding exercise to the process will give you faster results of weight loss as your body is becoming a fat burning machine.

Exercise While in Keto

Ketogenic diet is great for people who are overweight, diabetic and for other aspects that will improve the health. You will definitely feel the changes, you will also slim down when you tried the keto diet and probably it will be faster. But of course just like any other diets, having an eating plan alone does not solve the problem of losing weight there may be results of some loses but mixed with exercise this will make it a lot faster for the whole process to take effect. Hence, doing keto and exercise gives you greater results.

Gaining weight is indeed a problem, especially in the case of obesity. This is a result when a person regularly takes in more calories than needed and can’t burn them immediately because of the habit that the person have; like too little physical activity, poor diet, and many more. As a result the body stores these calories as body fat and over time the extra pounds add up. We will look at exercise and how valuable it is to reducing weight, and we will check in detail the keto diets partnered with exercises.

Exercise, why is this important?

Diet is good in reducing weight, but diet alone will not produce faster and will not give you better results. Regular exercise gives you great health benefits, as it is the movement of your whole body that enhances your physique, coordination, structure, body part functions, fitness, and the overall health and wellness. Exercise allows you to improve mood, better sleep, boost strength and energy, while prevents you from acquiring diseases, and most importantly controls weight.

Emphasizing on controlling weight, exercise can help you manage weight gains and is a great activity in maintaining weight, and losing weight. Usually, in engaging in physical activity you burn calories the more intense the workout, or activity, the more calories that is burned but not in the case of ketogenic diet. In keto diet, the intake of carbohydrates are low, with moderate protein and high fat which reduces carbs and replacing it with fat that puts the body into ketosis, fats become the primary fuel for the body.

Ketogenic Diets and Exercises

How much weight will you lose depends primarily on you. Doing only keto diet is a good first step but adding exercise to the process will give you faster results of weight loss as your body is becoming a fat burning machine. Here are the diet practices under the ketogenic eating plan:

  • Standard Ketogenic Diet

This diet is designed to have a very low-carbohydrate intake of five percent, moderate protein twenty percent, and high fat seventy five percent. The most common and very basic of the keto diet which also can be done with light exercises or activities like aerobic exercise, running, biking, and walking. The diet requires thirty grams and below of carbohydrates to keep you in the state of ketosis.

  • Targeted Ketogenic Diet

This keto diet is like the standard ketogenic diet but it allows you to  eat carbohydrates before your workout, usually thirty to sixty minutes before you go on a workout or training. This diet is good for people who are regularly exercising and to those people who likes to do and move on high-intensity activities.

  • Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

This diet is more advanced keto diet that requires higher carb reloads with the standard ketogenic diet like five ketogenic days and followed by two high reload of carbohydrates. The loaded carbs, or glycogen stores, will deplete on the high-intensity training bringing the state of the body back to ketosis. The main purpose for this is to use carbs as a tool to maximize muscle growth and performance. This advanced keto diet is used by people who are doing high intensity workouts, or exercises, like bodybuilders and athletes.

In essence, keto diet increases the physical endurance of a person to lose weight through the access and use of the fats as energy in less & high intensive activities. Compared with carbohydrates that can only last for hours, ketosis can last for weeks.

How much should I exercise under keto?

Doing research and knowing your body is very important in this stage, so that you know how to respond in situations that you feel uncomfortable. In addition, asking for health advice from dietitians or medical experts in the field, and fitness trainers will give you an added boost in information on what to take and what to do. If you are beginning and has no plans of doing workouts but only endurance exercises and aerobic exercises, this could be 30 minutes to 1 hour max, then being on a Standard Ketogenic Diet is good for you.

For Targeted and Cyclical ketogenic diets, which are both advance, the amount of training is intense. For workouts, to diminish the glycogen taken in the carb up phase, usually lifting heavyweights are partnered with low repetitions that is for two to three sets or with moderate weights should be increasing repetitions  and do a five to six sets per routine to effectively burn and give that added push on high intensity workout or training.


Keto diet with exercise will provide great wonderful results and because of the process it is regarded as a superior and is recommended diet. As the body adapts to low-carb eating and using fat as a source of energy, exercise and workout performance increase like two to three times more burning of fat, helps prevent getting in fatigue during longer periods of aerobic or endurance exercise, and helps with blood glucose maintenance for obese individuals during exercise.

What’s best about this is the fact that you lose weight without monitoring your calories and food intake that prevents you to have heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, acne, and others. This shows that ketogenic diet can provide health benefits in the areas affecting metabolism, neurology, and insulin-related diseases. Hence, doing keto and exercise gives you greater results.

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