The Best and Worst Fad Diets in 2019

Fad diets are diets that are reigning for a particular period of time. Almost everyone on a diet plan would most likely known all types of fad diets. But there good and bad fad diets. That’s why we will be having a look at fad diets 2019.

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You will be surprised as to how many diet plans people have come up with. There are so many diet plans out there that supposedly make you lose weight. But the truth is that some of these diet plans are not worth your effort. We all know dieting is not an easy task. You would have to prepare your mind and also your body before you start the journey. And the last thing you need is a fad diet plan that wouldn’t work at all. That’s why we’ve come up with fad diets in 2019. Here you will find out about the best fad diets you can opt for. And the worst fad diets 2019 you have to stay far away from.

Losing weight is not an easy task. There’s a lot attached to it. And one of them is a good diet plan. So many people have been able to lose weight over time all thanks to their fad diet. While some seem not to lose any weight at all. Well, you can’t blame them it could absolutely because of their fad diet. There are so many diet plans that would help you lose the number of pounds you want to lose within that period of time. And you can be sure that these diet plans are healthy. So let’s go take a look at the fad diets available.

What Are Fad Diets?

Fad diets are diets that are popular at a particular point in time. If you’ve been dieting for a while you would know that some diet plans become very popular within a period of time. Most of these fad diets promise losing weight easily. And also staying healthy and living longer. But the bad news is that some fad diets don’t offer this.

Most of the fad diets out there would fall into any of these groups.

  • Food-specific diet: This type of diet encourages that you take a particular type of food while dieting. And you would be required to take this food in large quantities.
  • High fiber low-calorie diet: This type of diet would normally prescribe that you double the amount of dietary fiber you take.
  • Low-carb diets
  • Fasting
  • Liquid diets

One thing about fad diets is that they are very restrictive. The amount of calories you would be required to take is a small amount. Normally with a fad diet, you would consume 600-800 calories in a day. While normally you would consume 2000 or more calories in a day. 

Best Fad Diets 2019

Mediterranean Diet

This diet was actually ranked top 1 overall diet in 2019 by U.S News and World Report. This is actually a diet that has a plant-based eating approach. Mediterranean diet is actually very rich in vegetables, fatty fish, fresh fruits, olive oil, whole grains, legumes, red wine, nuts, and even some dairy products.

The good thing about this diet plan is that it’s well-balanced. This diet focuses a lot more on plant-based foods. And this, of course, has proved to be very healthy for people while they lose weight.

It’s advised that you combine exercise with this diet plan. If you follow through with this for 6 months or more you can be sure you would lose weight. It might not be the drastic weight loss that you want. But it sure is the healthy weight loss that you want.

Vegetarian diet

This doesn’t sound like a fad diet. That’s because there are people who opt to be vegetarians due to other reasons. In a vegetarian diet, of course, you wouldn’t be eating meat. And that’s one good way to avoid gaining those calories.

Form its name you can tell that this diet has to do with eating basically vegetables. Other things you could eat are plant-based products such as whole grains. But you have to stay away from meat. And the truth is that it has been found out that this diet plan is actually more filling than you can imagine.

Another good thing about this diet plan is that you would be healthy. When you eat a lot of vegetables and less fat you can sure expect to glow. And plus that you would be able to lose so much weight.

WW (Weight Watchers)

This was actually formerly known as weight watchers. It’s one of the popular diet plans you find in town. This diet plan is one of the most effective out there. Many people that have tried out this plan have testified to how good it is. A look at their website would give you a better perspective as to how you can opt for this diet plan.

Worst Fad Diets 2019

Carnivore Diet

This is actually a very popular diet plan. Where you’re required to eat a lot of meat and also egg. There’s even a version where eating only beef is the diet plan. Some people that have tried it out say it’s good. But there are surely better ways of losing weight. This diet plan is very high in saturated fat. And with that, your cholesterol levels would increase. That, of course, is dangerous for your health.

Keto Diet

Many people would recommend a keto diet for you if you want to lose weight in no time. But the truth is that research has not proven that this a safe way of losing weight. In this diet, you would have to take low carbs, moderate protein and then high fat. And this is considered not so healthy.

Whole 30

The truth is that the foods Whole 30 asks you to eat are good. For instance, you eat fresh fruit and also vegetables in Whole 30. But the restriction with Whole 30 is a bit much. You are not allowed to eat food like grains, legumes and also dairy. It doesn’t mean that without these foods you can’t stay healthy. It just makes it difficult for people to stick to the diet plan for a long time.

Trying out fad diets are very good. Especially if your goal is to lose weight or remain healthy. But you must also always remember that the diet plan is important. So for amazing results opt for best fad diets 2019.

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