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Weight loss programs are of the most popular applications you can get online.

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The dawn of the age of smartphones and androids has brought us many conveniences at the swipe of a finger. Thanks to technology geeks and geniuses who endlessly come up with a goldmine of applications that allow you to access games. communication platforms, recipe helpers and even exercise buddies that keep track of your daily progress. Free weight loss programs online are now a popular tool providing an interactive guide to help achieve weight loss goals and improve health. Easy access to these free programs encourages people to get with a healthy lifestyle without having to take a chunk off their salary on a gym, a personal trainer and a nutritionist.

Understanding  Weight loss Programs 

Owning a mobile phone these days gives you access to a minefield of interactive applications online. Weight loss programs are of the most popular applications you can get online. These are easily downloaded from an online apps store to your mobile device and gives you access to various exercise routines of your choice as well as calorie counters and exercise trackers to make sure you keep active. 

Some weight loss programs come for free while others do cost a minimal price. Each online weight loss program boasts of its own unique features to fit your preference. Some will carry support forums from fellow members and subscribers that basically cheer you on throughout your journey. There are even financial rewards and tokens to keep you motivated along the way and not give up on your goals.  Studies have shown that using weight loss programs online encourages self-monitoring and in return increases one’s awareness of how they manage their health and fitness habits.

Choosing The Right Weight Loss Program

Before getting all excited and downloading any free weight loss apps online, do remember that just because it’s free — it’s good! But how do you know which one works best for you? Keep in mind these key factors because not all weight loss programs fit all.

1. Keep your doctor informed

Make sure you are guided with your current health issues and  any medication or supplements 

2. Take into consideration your personal capacities

It is best, to be honest with yourself and choose realistic goals. Ask yourself some honest to goodness questions like :

  • How many times have you failed on a diet and what keeps you from sticking to it?
  • Do you prefer to freestyle  or follow a strict guideline
  • Are you willing to give the sacrifice of time to do what is asked?
  • Are you financially capable to supplement the program with the proper food and tools?
  • Do you get easily bored with a routine?

3. Choose to stay on the safe side rather than the radical

Some programs give you awesome promises of quick results. But at what cost to your health? A slow and steady approach is the best way to go

4. Are you having fun?

Losing weight should feel like an adventure and not drag like a daily chore you need to get over and done with

5. Check for credibility and reviews

Good programs need not cost you a thing and free programs aren’t always crappy. Make sure the program you choose has been provided by registered dietitians and trained personnel. 

6. Follow-Through of the plan

Is always a great feature for a weight loss program to reassure that you don’t slip back or at least keeps you in check when you slip. 

The secret to weight loss success is the ability to make long term changes to your habits and lifestyle. Keeping active and making better food choices will assure you of maintaining a gratifying state of physical well being.

Free Online Weight Loss Programs To Try


This free program offers diet meal plans as well as effective exercise routines. You will find plenty of useful information ranging from a calorie calculator, exercise trackers, and food journals. FitClick also allows you to share diets, workouts and co-create them with a community.  There are lots of weight loss tips you can dive into and recipes to help you along with your goal.

The Lose Weight Diet

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense and lots of common sense input on weight loss, this program can be the best fit for you.  It offers a practical sense approach by starting with educating the individual about clear cut facts on losing weight, This will include learning about food and how it relates to energy in the body and calorie balance. You also get to know the secret strategies of reducing calorie intake through well thought eating plans.

Choose My Plate

The US Department of Agriculture boasts of this free program to help improve the health and nutrition of Americans.  It provides plenty of information on how to achieve your weight loss goals by giving you uncomplicated guidelines on weight management, calorie intake and macronutrient benefits of fat and protein. Their SuperTracker tool is a food journal that tracks the food you eat in relation to its nutritional values. This is made to keep you from overindulging beyond your minimum daily allowance of calories to lose weight.  

4 Step Weight Loss Plan

This weight loss plan is meant to make you reinvent your lifestyle and not use it as just a temporary fix for your weight loss. It gives lots of useful strategies to help you incorporate fitness in your daily routine, effortlessly eliminate sugar in your life and know your food portions by heart.

Whole30 Program 

You are given 30 days to complete this program with an option to extend it. But what makes this free program even more appealing is that you get to cleanse your body of the accumulated junk that causes our body to get weighed down. with unnecessary poundage. Just to assure you, the program is not set out to make you feel deprived of food. However, sweets and sweeteners are the main target of elimination to help you not miss them at all in the long run. 


The goal of this weight loss program is for women to incorporate a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight since their bodies are eternally changing as they age.  The program has developed its own recipes using clean ingredients only that deliver all the necessary nutrients your body needs to keep healthy and maintain an ideal weight. 

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