Gilbert Syndrome Diet: Boost Liver Health Naturally

Gilbert syndrome diet is a flexible diet. The main aim of this diet is to get your liver working as it should. That’s why we’ve come up with tips that can help out with keeping your liver healthy.

Healthy Human Liver

Gilbert syndrome is also known as familial nonhemolytic jaundice. In this condition, the liver can’t process bilirubin as it’s supposed to. Gilbert’s syndrome is not that serious, but just a mild genetic disorder. Learn more about the condition and how a Gilbert syndrome diet can help manage the symptoms.

If you have jaundice, there’s a great chance that you might have Gilbert syndrome. This condition is not life-threatening. So relax even if you already know you have Gilbert’s syndrome. Well, the main aim of your doctor would be to keep the liver in good shape. That’s because, with Gilbert syndrome, the side effects of medications may increase. And that’s because enzymes that help remove them from the body causes Gilbert syndrome. There are natural ways to treat Gilbert syndrome. And we will be having a look at them later on.

Signs and Symptoms of Gilbert Syndrome 

Gilbert syndrome does not produce symptoms. The most common symptoms that you would see in a person with this condition is jaundice. Some patients though, also complain of other symptoms. But researchers don’t believe that the symptoms are a result of excess bilirubin in the blood. They believe it could be as a result of other conditions. Some of these symptoms include weakness, nausea, diarrhea, and also abdominal discomfort. 

The Gilbert Syndrome Diet

So there’s no specific diet plan for Gilbert syndrome. But there are a few things that you would have to bear in mind. One thing is that fasting can trigger the symptoms. Make sure you eat healthily, regularly and adequately. So eating regularly, would mean you eat three meals a day and then take two to three snacks in between. 

Gilbert syndrome diet should have vegetables, fruits, whole grains, proteins, and high-quality oil. If you have enough of this in your diet, you’re good to go.

Vegetables and fruits help boost your immunity. Some vegetables and fruits contain a large number of antioxidants, and antioxidants are anti-inflammatory. So it helps reduce inflammation in the liver. With that healing process in the liver would begin.

Whole grains are also known to contain fiber. And fiber is great for liver health and even the digestive system. For men, you would need about 30-38 grams of fiber in a day. And for women, you would need about 21-25 grams of fiber in a day. You must increase the fiber in your diet slowly. That is to avoid abdominal pain when you do so.

Foods to avoid 

  • Sodas 
  • Vegetable oils 
  • White processed sugar 
  • Fried foods 
  • Processed foods 
  • Fatty meats 
  • Conventional vegetables and fruits 
  • Artificial sweeteners 

Natural Ways to Improve Liver Health

So the main aim of Gilbert syndrome diet is to make sure the liver is healthy. Let’s have a look at natural ways that can help out with that.

1. Avoid fasting

You mustn’t skip meals when you have Gilbert syndrome. Take your meals as you should. And also make sure that they are not low in calories. At the same time, say no to processed foods. They wouldn’t do you any good.

2. Manage stress

According to research, stress increases the level of bilirubin in the blood. Stress can cause an inflammatory response, which can worsen liver problems. We all indeed get stressed out daily, but you must manage your stress well. That way, you wouldn’t put your liver and other organs in danger. You could try out yoga, meditation, music therapy, and even prayer. Just try looking for something that would relieve your stress from time to time.

3. Stay hydrated

The role of water in our bodies has been underrated. Water has a lot to do in our bodies, which is why it is advised, that you drink a lot of water to keep your liver healthy. Water normally helps flush out toxins from the body. So there’s less workload on your liver.

4. Reduce alcohol intake

The truth is that alcohol intake does more harm than good. Taking alcohol when you have Gilbert syndrome is not a good idea at all. The reason is that your liver is responsible for processing 90 percent of the alcohol you consume. So that means the more alcohol you consume, the more stress your liver goes through, and that puts your liver in a very bad position. If you can’t quit completely, then reduce intake. It is advised, that you consume just one to two drinks a day.

5. Reduce exposure to toxins

The liver is responsible for flushing toxins out of the body. Reduce your exposure to chemicals and also pesticides. Also, you have to be careful about the kind of aerosols you use in your home. It could also be a source of toxin in your body. So once there’s little or no exposure to toxins, then your liver does less work.

6. Probiotics

This is another good way to improve your liver health. Eat foods that are probiotic-rich and also take probiotic supplements. Probiotic therapy is not expensive. And the good thing is that it works amazingly well for different liver diseases.

7. Exercise

Apart from diet, this is another thing that’s very vital to your health. Daily exercise may help reduce stress and help improve cardiac health. Another interesting thing is that exercise helps out with reducing inflammation. And that’s great news for your liver. Simple exercises like walking, swimming, riding a bike, and yoga would do. It doesn’t have to be a strenuous exercise. One of the best ways to get your liver back in shape is exercise coupled with Gilbert syndrome diet.

Natural ways to improve liver health

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