How Long Should I Do the Ketogenic Diet?

There is a simple rule that should be followed by everyone who is on a keto diet, and that is the restriction of daily carbohydrates of twenty to thirty grams of net carbs.

How long should I do the keto diet?

Who says that eating fat is unhealthy? It is believed that eating fatty foods will give you high cholesterol, brings you closer to having a stroke that is not good for the heart or the brain.  That is why more people are resorting not to consume these tasty and delicious foods like beef, pork, and other foods that contain high-fat minerals and shift to vegetables so they can get the body result that they want. But information and technology develop fast, thanks to science and research we can now eat the things we want while maintaining our figure or losing weight. Hence, the Ketogenic diet is a high fat, moderate protein, and low carbs diet.

Obesity is a chronic condition that increases your risk of stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, fatty liver disease, and other health issues that is very costly and dangerous. We want to be healthy and we want our families to be healthy as well because it doesn’t only make us feel and look good but it lengthens our life and reduces the risk of getting sick which is usually very stressful. That is why every time we look for a reliable and scientifically supported program that has proven successful results, especially for weight loss. We will look at Keto diet and for how long should I do the keto diet?

Ketogenic Diet

If you are having a hard time with your weight feeling frustrated and endangers your whole being, you may find that a healthy eating plan and regular physical activity will help you lose weight. So choosing a safe and successful weight loss program is an important step in order for you to achieve your goal. Of course, in choosing what is best for you, you must consult your doctor, a medical professional, some people who have done the same program, or an expert in doing your preferred weight loss diet to have further information on what you are about to enter.

Keto diet is a popular eating plan that is fat-rich and consumes low carbohydrates. It is also used for medical conditions that date back to the early nineteenth century where the ketogenic diet was used to help manage diabetes and was also used to treat epilepsy in children, where their medications are not effective. This eating plan diet was also recommended for test and use to monitor eating conditions for cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome, and Alzheimer’s disease patients.

How Long Should I Do the Keto Diet?

Programs suggest that following a ketogenic diet is done until the desired amount of weight is lost. When this is achieved you may follow the diet for a few days or few weeks to maintain the body structure as it takes time for the body to adjust and go into the state of ketosis. There is a two to a seven-day time frame for beginners while sticking on a diet for three to six months cycling in and out of the diet through the year are the usual scenarios of the people who are doing keto diet according to Kristen Mancinelli, a registered dietitian in New York USA.

There is a simple rule that should be followed by everyone who is on a keto diet, and that is the restriction of daily carbohydrates of twenty to thirty grams of net carbs. You must understand yourself and what your body needs for how long you should be doing the keto diet. There are three main distinct conditions that are under the ketogenic diet and each serves a specific purpose depending on your goals, workout routine, and exercise experience. These are the following:

1. Standard Ketogenic Diet

This diet is focused on limiting your intake of carbohydrates to low, moderate consumption of protein, and an increase in high-fat foods. The most common thought about the keto diet and the one usually recommended for starters. This is a very good eating plan diet if you are looking to lose fat and doing only low, or moderate, activities like walking, cycling, light weightlifting, and other general activities.

2. Targeted Ketogenic Diet

This diet eating plan is a more intensive approach compared with the Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD), as this is used to maintain high-intensity activities or if you are in a workout. Under this program, eating carbs thirty to sixty minutes before a workout is required and follows the usual SKD at all times that is usually for individuals who are starting an exercise program and individuals who need carbs to fuel their exercise but doesn’t want to do the Cyclical Ketogenic Diet.

3. Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

A more advanced diet eating plan that is used in higher-intensity activities, high volumes, and intensity of workouts. This approach combines with carb-loading and the standard ketogenic diet to achieve greater performance, as carbohydrates help as an added boost to their training, giving that extra burning fuel for that every last rep.

In selecting the right keto diet for you, you should be decisive and have conducted assessments personally or with the help of a fitness professional, sometimes with a medical professional. If the goal is to just lose fat, focus on doing the Standard Keto Diet which beginners do. This is the simplest and most fundamental plan as it changes your whole digestive routine to take low carbs, moderate protein, and high fat. If you are aiming more and plans to do high-intensity training, either by profession or personal initiative, doing the Targeted Keto Diet and Cyclical Diet is best for you as you have to burn more to fuel you in doing these training and finish every last rep of your heavy workout.


Figuring out the right diet for you is a must as we have different body types and knowing what works best for you is the key. To answer the question if how long should I do the keto diet? It depends on your goal and your condition; as there are cases that they start on a ketogenic diet and after reaching their desired weight they stop, some they try to experiment, while others they do it because they are comfortable and they see great results in doing the eating plan. This is a lifestyle and changing a usual habit is hard but if you plan to lose weight while eating all those fatty foods then you might benefit using the keto diet. Hence, keto is a high fat, moderate protein, and low carbs diet.

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