Insanity Workout: Benefits, Potential Calories Burned, and Risks

If you want to save money on your workouts then consider the insanity workout. It doesn’t require a gym or even equipment. That’s because all of the exercises only need bodyweight. This provides more flexibility since you can do it anytime.

Insanity Workout: Benefits, Potential Calories Burned, and Risks

How much does a full body workout cost? It might seem like you need a gym and equipment but in fact, you don’t. It might be surprising and even seem crazy and that’s why there’s something called the insanity workout. All you need to do this workout is your body. This might seem surprising since you don’t have to buy dumbbells, barbells, or even resistance bands. If you want to save a small fortune on exercise equipment you could do that with a bodyweight workout that doesn’t require any. Then there are the costs of gym memberships or home gym equipment.

Sometimes making excuses not to go to the gym can be so easy. Maybe it’s late and you’re tired. You might not want to deal with the travel time going to the local gym. Even if you have a home gym you might not have all the equipment you need for a full body workout. The Insanity program won’t cause any of these problems. That’s because the only “equipment” you need is your own body. If you have that with you when you’re ready to get started. Like other workout programs, this one has pros and cons so it’s important to know what they are.


What Are the Insanity Workout’s Benefits?

You might be wondering what’s so insane about this exercise program. This program has been around since e2009 and was released by physical fitness expert Shaun T. It’s considered one of the toughest workout programs. In fact, Shaun T has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Dr. Oz Show.

The 60-day program uses high-intensity interval training. It’s even tougher than standard high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Here’s why. They usually require you to train hard for 30-45 seconds then rest.

What makes Insanity different? You have to do non-stop training for 3-5 minutes. Between each exercise, your rest period is only a couple seconds. That’s what makes it tougher than other HIIT programs so you’ll get a better workout.

This program is mostly about burning calories through cardio. That’s because you have to complete various bodyweight circuits that work for different muscle groups. However, it can also help you build lean muscle mass. So, you can get strength-resistance and cardio in one program.

Another benefit is it’s a good option if you want to boost strength and stability. It’s an excellent program for both goals. Keep in mind this program isn’t for everyone. However, if you have workout experience and have good health then an insanity workout is a wise choice.

You can complete this program in about two months and it has two phases. What’s the total cost? It’s about $145 but is this a reasonable price tag? Consider that a gym membership tends to cost about $60/month.

So why should you consider this program since it actually costs more than a gym membership? Consider the time, effort, and money you’ll save. That’s because you can do the exercises anywhere since no equipment is needed.

You won’t have to go through the hassles of going to the gym to do a workout. If you do the Insanity program you can do it anywhere and anytime.


How Many Calories Does It Burn?

While you can strengthen muscles with this workout program it’s mostly about cardio. However, we’re not talking about walking around the block. Insanity is about going all out for up to 5 minutes with little rest between exercises.

So, as you might guess you can burn tons of calories by following this program. When you have less time to rest it turns your body in a calorie-burning machine. The big question is: how many calories can you burn?

Keep in mind that calculating the number of calories you can burn with any program isn’t an exact science. Insanity makes the claim each workout you can burn 1,000 calories each workout. That’s quite a bold claim since it’s half the calories many people consume in one day.

It really depends on various situations. It’s more likely you’ll burn 200-600 calories/workout. That’s still quite high and can help you reach your fitness goals.

So how do you know how many calories you should expect to burn? There are several factors like your age, gender, fitness level, and exercising intensity. These are factors that can help determine whether you burn 100 or 1000 calories per session.

You can also calculate calories burned by using a heart rate monitor. The faster your heart rate is the more calories you can burn.

Yet another factor to consider is your diet. If you’re maintaining a healthy diet then it will be easier to create a “caloric deficit.” That means you’re burning more calories than you’re eating. It’s not tough to create a deficit when doing HIIT workouts but it’s much easier when you’re also cutting calories.

Another factor to consider is cardio alone makes it tougher to burn calories. When you combine it with weight resistance exercises like insanity you can burn lots more calories to reach your goals.


What are the Cons of the Insanity Workout?

It’s important to note that this program isn’t for everyone. In fact, there are times you should probably think twice about following the Insanity Program. Here are some of them:

1. Heart Issues

Make sure to consider your heart health before you start Insanity. It can definitely give your heart a good workout. Meanwhile, if you have certain heart conditions you should certainly think twice about following this program.

In fact, you should consult your physician before starting this workout program. You might get a green light. On the other hand, your doctor might determine that you shouldn’t do this particular program.

2. Beginners

If you’re a beginner then Insanity probably isn’t for you. The program lasts for about two months and includes high-intensity workouts. If you’re starting a fitness program for the first time then it’s important to pick a basic program.

If you don’t have a good amount of exercising then this can cause problems. It’s better to start with a more basic program. After getting some experience you’ll be ready to do some of the toughest interval training on the planet.

3. Strength Training

If that’s your first goal then you should also consider passing on Insanity. You can get some strength training with this program. However, it’s designed mostly for cardio. So, if you want to burn tons of calories then this one of the best options.

If you want to focus on strength training then you could consider other options. That even includes programs that use barbells/dumbbells. This equipment can be costly so it’s a lot cheaper when only “equipment” is yourself.

4. Cheap Programs

This program is in the under-$150 range. It’s not the cheapest workout program on the market. So, if you want to save more you have other options. However, you can still get excellent value and lose lots of weight through the insanity workout.

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