K-Pop Weight Loss Diet by South Korea’s Finest

Kpop weight loss? Just how do these stars make it so great and good looking? From the microphone to the physique, they seem to have got it all together. Learn about South Korea’s best celebrity diet secrets here.

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K-pop weight loss strategies: just how do the stars maintain such flawless skin and physique? In this article, let us discover a handful of weight-reducing tricks of famous stars from South Korea. K-pop music is found to be a genre of upbeat and happy dance tracks sang and performed by extremely good looking, finely trimmed and super talented artists from the South Korean nation who have managed to swoop their country and leagues of other fans across the globe. Whether it is a girl group or boy band, many K-pop groups are adored to a maximum by their loyal fans and it is no question why because these stars have mastered to fit their roles as stars to perfection.

G-Dragon, 2NE1 to BTS, did you know that these K-pop stars and many other top music icons in South Korea go to a training school in their early teenage years? First, they are scouted by professionals and sent to a training school to be selected among other potential kid wonders. Once there, these little talents learn the best sing, dance lessons as well as many other subjects from top legends and teachers. It is no secret that South Koreans pay close attention to their body and beauty, they are the world’s perfectionists. Learn about how Kpop stars remain fit and healthy. Learn some best Kpop weight loss secrets by the beloved stars themselves.

K-Pop Weight Loss Diet by South Korea’s Finest

K-Pop Weight Loss Diet by South Korea’s Finest

Lemon Detoxification

Lemon is a natural cleanser and super-rich in vitamin C. Who wouldn’t ask for it in their daily diet? Famous female singer Lee Hyori from The Miss A girl band tried this detoxification by lemon while shooting for the show ”Uncontrollably Fond,” and was met with amazing results. The diet basically enables lemon to detoxify your internal organs through herbal tea mixed with good amounts of lemon. Drinking tea 2-3 times daily is best.

Intermittent Diet 16/8

Suzy Bae had to fast for long periods after alloting a certain time of the day to eat. Basically, intermittent fasting is 14-16 hours of no eating, while the remaining 8-10 hours of that 24 hours, you can have 2 meals of your choice.

The diet works best if you do not eat past 6 in the evening. Bae who tried followed this plan was a little chunky in her physique and lost all that extra weight. She also managed to claim a title as one of the fittest celebrities in South Korea in 2016.

Goin’ Bananas

Eating a lot of bananas worked for Seo In-Young, South Korean dancer, singer, and host. Consuming these potassium sticks during breakfast is the trick and you can later have lunch and dinner as meals without cutting down badly. It actually works and particularly makes the face small and the belly trimmed.

A Dinner Only a Day

It might sound unusual, but Seolhyun from AOA was able to lose plenty of weight by completely getting rid of breakfast and eating a big dinner every day instead. Doctors highly recommend breakfast, but Seolhyun (with a-rockin’ body) guarantees it works for her very well. She adds that eating smaller amounts throughout the day helps also. She’s just not a breakfast person.

Paper Cup

Fit and fab gal group Nine Muses is known to be successful in the paper cup diet. Basically, you just need to fill up a plastic or styrofoam cup with as much food as you want: provided they are healthy choices. These include green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and other nutrition-filled selections. One cup is just right because it will not make the stomach heavy, it is well-balanced, and you are required to only have the good stuff.

Denmark Diet

The Denmark diet is a diet that focuses on low calories and high amounts of protein. The good thing about this diet is that you don’t have to do it forever: just 13 days. Nicole from KARA reduced over 3 kilograms because of the Denmark diet. Calories that contain plenty of fats and carbs when not properly measured are notorious for weight gain. Healthy proteins such as lean chicken, shellfish, and cold water fish give your body more nutrients without unhealthy fats and carbohydrates that are unnecessary and heart risks.

The 1,500 KCal

Popular girl groups, Girl’s Generation or SNSD, are committed to 1.5 KCal plan which is a reason why they are so fit among other qualities admired by their fans. The diet mainly needs you following the strict eating guidelines of 150 grams of brown rice, 50 grams of herbs, 100 grams of chicken breast meat, and finally 5 broccoli pieces. That is an amazing selection, not to mention extremely healthy.

Cucumber Diet

Kpop weight loss is not true weight loss without proper nutrition as part of the diet plan, and cucumbers are one of these superfoods many of South Korea’s stars rely on. Cucumbers have very little calories, are packed with nutrition like vitamin C, potassium and magnesium. The best part, cucumber content is mainly water.

Dasom from the hot girl group Sistar eats plenty of cucumbers which sets off the toxins in her body. Replace one meal with cucumber only and do that often, you’re well on your way. Dasom’s Kpop weight loss cucumber diet management plan made her shred 10 kilograms in just 21 days.

Lettuce Diet

Calcium-abundant dark leafy greens like lettuce also carry plenty of fiber and vitamin C which makes for a great weight-reducing tactic. Park Bom from 2Ne1 revealed that consuming this leafy green favorite all day does just the trick. Instead of going for cravings like potato chips, chocolates or other sugary snacks, lettuce, like many other leafy green favorites such as kale, is able to convince your stomach it is already full. Awesome, huh!

Be a celebrity on your own and allow these celeb diet tricks to encourage you today. You do not have to be a Kpop celebrity to be able to succeed in the Kpop weight loss strategies of stars, so go for it and get there as soon as you can!

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