What is a Kangatarian?

Kangaroo meat does not taste like poison, nor is it harmful like many believe it to be. In fact, a kangatarian enjoys the taste of its favorite meat so much because the flavor is like a mixture between buffalo and venison. Kangaroo meat taste is not overwhelming yet still manages to taste gamey.

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Kangatarian: at first, it could sound like a country, maybe even a Martial Art expert. But if you guessed it as a diet plan then yes, you have it right! The kangatarian lifestyle eating plan is a diet management plan focusing on the consumption of kangaroo meat. It is mainly, however, a plant diet, with no other meat but the exception of a kangaroo’s. Many perceive a kangaroo’s meat to be parasitic and unclean, but that is all myth. In fact, scientific research reveals that a kangaroo suffers lesser diseases compared to other domesticated animals like cattle and sheep. Safe to say, it is a healthier choice!

Kangaroo Meat

Did you know? Kangaroo meat was already a prime choice in the late 1700s? Australia is more well-known for its beef and lamb nowadays due to the European invasion in the 1800s that greatly influenced Australia’s modern cuisine. But not many are aware that eating kangaroo meat carries more health benefits comparing them to other animal meats. In fact, cattle and sheep cause erosion to Australian land due to their cloven hooves. Kangaroos, with their light-footed hops, are happy without doing any damage in their motherland.

Other beneficial health reasons include the fact that because a roo already has a stomach lining special bacteria (actogens), and sheep and cattle (methanogens) do not, they are able to digest food without any methane use. They are helping the environment. Learn more about what a kangatarian lifestyle is like and how it benefits your health.

Kangatarian Diet: Learning More about the Infamous Meat

Kangaroo meat does not taste like poison, nor is it harmful like many believe it to be. In fact, a kangatarian enjoys the taste of its favorite meat so much because the flavor is like a mixture between buffalo and venison. Kangaroo meat taste is not overwhelming yet still manages to taste gamey. That is because these hoppy happy roos thrive grass-fed among shrubs in the wild. In terms of texture, their meat is also leaner compared to buffalo meat and less dry compared to deer.

The health benefits are many. Kangaroo meat contains less fat than other meats. Based on Nutrient Tables Australia (NUTTAB), a filleted loin of a roo only has 0.3g of saturated fat. It also holds significant iron properties at 3.4 milligrams for every one hundred grams, while beef loin only has 1.3 milligrams of iron for every hundred grams, and is fat at a 26.1 gram saturated fat content. 

Kangaroo meat is considered a type of red meat and is normally cooked in medium or medium-rare versions. If the meat becomes too tough, it is no longer a tasty protein dish or steak. Hey, you have kangaroo jerky for that crunchier snack. 

Why Add Kanga Meat

A kangatarian diet, in essence, is vegetarian but allows for kangaroo meat, and kangaroo meat only for its nutritional benefits. Because kangaroos live in the wild, are free and away from industrial farming, their insides are much more friendly to help sustain ours. In fact, kangaroo hunting is not a blood sport. They are hunted humanely. Australian law states that kangaroos be hunted by only one shot to its head using a rifle. If it is not done in this method, you are not fit nor allowed to hunt these kind creatures. 

Unlike many animals that can be captured and slain in a number of ways, the kangaroo will not suffer much distress, and its meat is friendlier and ultimately healthier. In fact, female kangas are highly-advised not to be hunted because their joeys need their moms. Hunting your roo is far more ethical, so to speak. 

The kangatarian eating plan is plant-based, however, not many followers of the diet are able to meet the meat-less requirement of a complex and purely plant-based diet. Thus, kangaroo meat kicks in to make up for several micronutrients that your body may be lacking on. With more amounts of iron and zinc, your body’s nutritional table is more complete without the risk of running low on other essentials. In short, ta-ta to nutritional inadequacy.

Other Facts

Did you know? Kangaroos are already nearly 50 million in the count? That is nearly 3x as many people residing in Australia. These marsupials have grown in number fast, being only half that number in the year 2010. Rainfall increase is mainly to account for this as kangaroos now have access to better, greener shrubs and wild plants in their natural habitat.

Jean Paul Bruteneau, an Australian chef, was one of the important activists for kangaroo meat consumption. Succeeding European influence, kangaroo meat became unpopular, and it was only in 1993 that it was legal to consume this type of meat again. Little do most people know, a kangaroos is very good for the health and friendly for the environment. Today, it can be eaten nationwide in Australia and is especially popular in swanky restaurants. It was just more recently termed “Kangatarian,” which was started by a vegetarian group of friends living in Sydney. 

There are now many kangaroo species in Australia and the numbers only continue to grow–and fast. In fact, the Australian government allowed kangaroo hunting for landowners more frequently than ever. It is especially favorite meat among politicians.

The Takeaway

Kangatarianism provides not only health benefits, but environmental advantages and ethical ways of eating meats compared to others. Cattle are responsible for emitting 14 percent of greenhouse gases in Australia. They emit 600 times more of this gas than a kangaroo can in a year. What harm can a kang do? None. The collective term for a group of kangas is called a troop, mob or court. Did you know? A roo can jump as high as three times its own height? Boink!

Nowadays, the food and restaurant industry only grows faster, and recipes and food choices more exquisite and varied. A kangatarian way of eating is a novelty that is still slowly capturing hearts (and stomachs); still not many are aware of its valuable advantages, so let it start with you.

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