Is Yoga Good for the Keto Diet

Exercises that are aimed at improving one’s flexibility such as yoga is good to be combined with keto diet because these are not just great when performed on their own but they are also designed to support and help our body perform other routine fitness programs better.

Keto Diet and Yoga

A year ago, I’ve decided to lose weight as I was weighing almost 10 kilos more than what is recommended of me based on my BMI. Through my weight loss journey, one thing I have learned is that the decision to be healthier and fitter is not just about sticking to a diet plan but more of a total change in the lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, having a diet plan is important and might be the first step to a successful weight loss program. But it will still not be enough if you don’t combine it with proper and regular exercise.

Among the diet plans that are in trend nowadays is the ketogenic diet. A lot of people are excited to try this as it allows you to eat foods that are rich in protein such as meat in exchange of intaking low carbohydrate meals. Although ketogenic diet has shown a lot of fantastic weight loss outcomes to many who have tried it, it is still not safe to say that each of those who tried it got the same results.

To be sure that this diet plan works with you, it is important to always combine it with the exercise program that will compliment the effects expected from ketosis. A lot of physical activities will boost the impact of ketogenic diet, but there is one popular fitness routines that you can try to boost ketosis effects is yoga.

So, the question now is whether yoga and keto diet will work hand in hand. The answer to this question is a big YES. Exercises that are aimed at improving one’s flexibility such as yoga is good to be combined with keto diet because these are not just great when performed on their own but they are also designed to support and help our body perform other routine fitness programs better.

Before we proceed with the discussion of how yoga and keto diet compliment each other, it is good to have a background on keto diet and yoga.

A Bird’s Eyeview on Keto Diet and Yoga

Known as a set of practices that started in the early times in India, yoga involves mental, physical and spiritual exercises composed of postures referred to as asanas. Revolving in the ultimate aim which is libreation or moksha, yoga is characterized by its five principles which are the following.

  • a discipline aimed of keeping a person focused and on track of reaching one’s goal in life
  • routines focusing on mind and body control
  • a philosophical system that provides a path to achieve enlightened consciousness
  • practices to expand a person’s meditative state and capability
  • a set of practices to drive the liberation of Indians

Now that we have a basic understanding of yoga, let’s proceed with the ketogenic or keto diet.

Characterized by a high protein and very low carb diet, keto diet focuses on cutting a person’s carbohydrate intake drastically and replacing this one with foods that have high fat content. The idea is that this sudden replacement of healthy fats will help get our body into ketosis, which is a metabolic state wherein instead of using glucose as a source of energy, the body will start to convert all the fat deposits and turn it into ketones that will be used as the alternative energy source for our brain. However, as a reminder before trying this conventional technique, it is essential to seek advice from an expert first as it will cause great reductions in our insulin and blood sugar which could be dangerous to some people especially those who are suffering from diabetes.

Is Yoga Good for the Keto Diet?

As mentioned, yoga, among other forms of exercise can surely support the benefits from keto diet. To know more about how good yoga can be for people who are practicing keto diet, here are some of the health benefits from combining keto and yoga.

Keto Diet and Yoga to Improve Your Motion Range, Balance, and Strength

Mostly composed of stretching, yoga with the use of ketones as energy to support your need for the physical activity, will help boost your flexibility and prepare you to successfully perform different sports and exercises. Once we are able to increase our strength and balance, we will be more prepared to take on a more active role and can result to a better weight loss program.

Keto Diet and Yoga to Support Mind Weight Loss Target

Keto is important as it supports the energy that our brain or mind needs to direct the activities of our body. Since yoga is also targeted on the body and mind connection, it definitely compliments keto diet as it can help keep our mind calm and direct the ketones to efforts that will help lose more fat deposits in our body. With the introduction of yoga, our mind and body connection will further be strengthened and lost of weight will be faster and be more visible.

Other Ways to Boost Yoga and Keto Diet Results

To further boost the results that you can get from sticking to keto diet and combining it with yoga, it is good to explore other options that can help you lose weight faster. Aside from yoga, there are other forms of exercises and physical activities that work well with the keto diet. Among these are aerobic exercises that target our cardio health, which is also greatly involved in burning the fats stored in our body.

In addition to trying other exercises, you can also amplify the outcomes of your fitness program by including keto supplements in your diet. Why? Because this will make the ketosis process easier and faster for the body. The supplements will also help increase the possible weight that you are to lose from the diet plan.

My Take on Keto Diet and Yoga

Many people are still skeptic about mixing keto diet with exercise as intensive routines need carbohydrates to fuel energy. However, as yoga and other flexibility exercises are composed of low or moderate intensity sets, then these will highly be supported by your keto diet and can put your body to the state of ketosis a lot faster than relying on the keto diet alone.

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