Keto Diet for Vegetarians

Vegetarian Keto diet allows you to eat high fats, moderate on the protein, and low intake on carbohydrates while eating vegetables and fruits with no intake of meat, poultry, and fish, except for egg and dairy products.

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There are so many diets to choose from if you’re having problems reducing weight. With the use of the internet, you can check and browse almost anything from steps to procedures, to even videos and commentators about what is good and what is bad for you.

Like these variety of options to choose from, we can only try and experiment if that certain eating plan fits our personality, if that is the best choice for us, and if that produces the best results matching our goals and intentions for ourselves.

You can go on a vegan diet, south beach diet, or you can also go on a ketogenic diet depends on what works for you while some people specialize in these things, focusing only on one type of diet, others are combining these diets for better results. Therefore, vegetarian keto is a fusion of an eating plans that can give you faster and superior outcomes.

Diet is a plan that allows you manage the type of food or drinks that you take and their amount in order to meet your targets may it be weight loss, weight gain, lower cholesterol for medical purposes, and a part of an existing, or new, lifestyle. But for this case, we will check three kinds of diet; the Vegan Diet, the Ketogenic Diet, and the fusion of both the Vegetarian Ketogenic Diet. We will also look at the pros and cons of this diet to further understand how they affect our bodies.

The Vegan Diet and Ketogenic Diet

We will be looking at the two most popular eating plans that we have right now and let’s take a look at how are they separately before we go to the fused Vegetarian Keto diet. Here are the two type diets:

Vegetarian Diet

One of the best decisions in starting out on a vegetarian diet is choosing what foods do you have to eat and how many should you be taking for how many times. A vegetarian diet is designed primarily to consume vegetables and fruits to obtain fats and proteins. This type of diet doesn’t include meat, poultry, and fish in their menu this is due to their beliefs personally, for environmental concerns like animal rights, and for religious commitments.

One of the major targets of this eating plan is to decrease cholesterol and saturated fat to reduce their exposure and risk from heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity.

Switching to this kind of diet allows you to effectively reduce body weight and prevent you from having cancer, stability in blood sugar causing diabetes, and decrease the tendencies of acquiring heart disease as vegetarians focus on greater intakes of fiber, Vitamins C and E, magnesium, and other important nutrients sourced from fruits and vegetables.

Ketogenic Diet

On the other hand, the ketogenic diet is the intake of meat, poultry, and other high-fat food while simultaneously lowering the intake of carbohydrates. This allows the body to produce alternative sources of energy, called ketones, which eventually is used as the body’s source of energy in doing activities and intensive workouts or training.

The main goal is to lose weight fast by using the fat stores of the body and burn them off. This process gives you more endurance, as ketones become a steady supply of energy that can last for a week compared to carbs that are only for hours.

The Many Types Of The Keto Diet

The keto diet has may types so from fundamental to advanced level. Here are the types of keto diet as follows:

1. Standard Ketogenic Diet

The fundamental type of keto diet, at this stage the body is switching and getting used to the diet of taking in more fats, moderate protein, and low carbohydrates. It’s also good for endurance and aerobic exercises like running, walking, cycling, and others.

2. Targeted Ketogenic Diet

This is a step higher to the Standard Ketogenic Diet as it is used in intensive training or workouts. Usually, the practice for this is to take in carbs thirty to sixty minutes before the training or workout as the carbs help to increase muscle growth and performance. Which are good for people who are planning to have an intensive activity routine.

3. Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

This type of ketogenic diet is the most advanced as it involves the loading of carbs, days before the workout or training. This advanced level of the diet is used by athletes and bodybuilders. Or those people who are doing a high-intensive workout or training.

Usually, keto diet happens for five days and followed by two days of carbohydrates loading a day after the extreme workout or training happens. This allows the muscles to further grow and achieve greater performance, burning the loaded carbs on training and work out bringing back the body to ketosis condition.

By doing ketogenic diet you are losing weight at a faster rate by burning your fats more effectively, you can manage your appetite, lowers risks of getting heart disease, your endurance increases, proven medical therapy for people with Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy.

Vegetarian Keto Diet, the Fusion of Both

Who says that a vegetarian diet and keto diet can’t be mixed? The fusion between both eating plans is indeed great because you get both worlds under one program and, of course, helping a cause.

Vegetarian Keto diet allows you to eat high fats, moderate on the protein, and low intake of carbohydrates while eating vegetables and fruits with no intake of meat, poultry, and fish, except for the egg and dairy products. A special note on this fusion is that not all fruits and vegetables too can be eaten as they are high in carbohydrates, so for the vegetarian keto diet, there are certain foods that you won’t be taking. Here are the foods to take and don’t take:

Foods To Take

Leafy vegetables, above-ground vegetables, high-fat dairy, and eggs, nuts, seeds, low carbohydrate sweeteners, vegan meat-like tofu.

Foods Not To Take

Grains like rice, legumes like black beans, fruits such as apple, banana, oranges, tubers like a potato.

For this part, the most important source of food for the Vegetarian Keto diet is the eggs and high-fat dairy products which are nutrient-dense.

It is great to see all these eating plans, especially the combination of some like the Vegetarian Keto diet. But at the end of the day, it is always wise to consult first your medical health professional about the planned diet if it suits your body and current condition, and work with a health and wellness coach to create a solid program for you for this diet and exercise. Research and learning by yourself is also a good option but learn from those who’ve done it and from professionals first before going solo. At the end of the day, we look for an eating program that will be a great match for ourselves and our body condition. Therefore, vegetarian keto is a fusion of an eating plan that can give you faster and superior outcomes.

Types of Keto Diet

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