Keto-Friendly Meal Replacement Shake and Smoothies

Shakes are easy to do and quick enhancers that can be a good alternative to ketogenic meals.

four glasses of meal replacement shakes, apple and mixed berries on a round tray

Working out and doing training, for some people, is very time consuming, tiring, and frustrating especially for beginners. Most of the people doing workouts start strong but in a few weeks’ time, they suddenly stop as they are tangled with their other commitments and schedules like their work, family, leisure activities, and more. Just like in the case of preparing food or the menu for an eating plan before or after the workout, sometimes people get too tired to prepare these foods or there is no time to prepare them because they have to do another activity or attend an event. So we want something that is easy to do, easy to grab, immediate access to that food, or drink, source of energy because we have so many things to do and we value time. Hence, shakes are easy to do and quick enhancers that can be a good alternative to ketogenic meals.

In following a ketogenic diet it is important to note that protein should be at the level of moderate consumption. If too much protein is taken then it will put you out of ketosis, as your liver will produce glucose from protein that eventually will be used instead of the fats. So you’re burning glucose instead of the main objective. But the real challenge here is how to balance protein intake to prevent muscle loss and keep you in the keto eating plan by not interfering with ketosis. So we will look into the details of how meal replacement shake can benefit keto dieters.

Shakes and smoothies

What are Shakes? What are Smoothies? What’s the Difference?

These are drinkable refreshing treats that usually can be done easily at your home or can be bought in restaurants and shops. They may be identical or seem to have great similarities, but the difference between the two boils down to the base ingredients used. Here’s a quick look on Shakes and Smoothies:

Shakes or Shake

This is a kind of drink that you would take normally alongside a meal because of their sweet taste, or after your meal because this is considered to be a very good dessert. The base ingredient for shakes typically is dairy products, which could be ice cream or milk then if you want to increase flavors there are powders, syrups, or even ice cream too that can be mixed with it. Normally they are not used as a meal replacement, unlike smoothies.

Smoothie or Smoothies

This is a kind of drink that has a thick consistency, a blended beverage, that is made from liquids, fruits, juices, and vegetables. Smoothies are considered to be a meal replacement by adding protein to it making it an instant meal that can sustain you for a few hours.

Keto Shake as Meal Replacement Shake

We want to look for that best, easiest, and quickest way to get our sources of energy through our food and our drinks. Most of the time we want it to be on our drinks, especially for the ladies or women who are under any diet as they are always on the go. There are limitations to it such as lowering carbs and increasing fats with moderate protein so monitoring the process of doing a shake or smoothie will be very essential. “We want to get away from the idea that smoothie is a sweet thing, and filling the blender with juices you’ll want to turn to sources of fat like coconut milk, heavy cream, or coconut oil to fit smoothies into your fat-busting diet as an occasional meal replacement”, according to Molly Devine R.D, a registered dietitian and bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Sciences from North Carolina Central University.

Keto meal replacement shake can be a good meal replacement. Below are some samples and how to make a smoothie from the get-go:

  • Starting with a fatty base. Use full-fat canned coconut milk as the base.
  • Add leafy greens. Looking and adding vegetables which are low in carbs and high in nutrients fits in well with your keto diet like broccoli, cucumber to name a few.
  • Protein Powder. This could be optional, but by adding plain whey protein powder or collagen peptides can increase the amount of protein you get. Make sure to avoid flavored protein powders as they may contain added sugars or artificial sweeteners.
  • Add flavor and low carb fruit. The goal is to consume without the need for sugar, by adding aromatic herbs and spices this can add to the flavor and texture of your smoothie shake. In addition, putting some berries like strawberries, blackberries and blueberries are beneficial as they contain low carbohydrates.

Green Low-Carb Breakfast Smoothie

To get fibers that you need to be kept in full and if you like to drink your veggies instead of eating them, starting your day with this cucumber, celery, spinach, and an avocado smoothie is a good way to take-in in every breakfast. Per glass, a serving contains three hundred seventy-five calories, twenty-five grams of fat, thirty grams of protein, and four grams of net carbs.

Low-Carb Acai Almond Butter Smoothie

This very mouthwatering smoothie is composed of unsweetened acai, avocado, and almond butter. They are perfect for your keto diet as it contains three hundred forty-five calories, twenty grams of fat, eight grams of carbohydrates, two grams of fiber, and fifteen grams of protein per sixteen ounces serving.

Blueberry Galaxy Smoothie

This very appealing drink makes you think of the galaxy. It is a thick based smoothie that is composed of full-fat coconut milk, blueberry, vanilla, and MCT oil that will surely provide you with a solid protein in your meal replacement shake and will keep you feeling fuller. It contains three hundred forty-three calories, twenty-one grams fat, three grams carbohydrates, and thirty-one grams of protein.


Shakes, or smoothies, are good healthy options that can be a good meal replacement. It depends on how you prepare these beverages that must be in line with your nutritional requirements that are important, and if you are under a ketogenic diet following a high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate is essential. Not monitoring the base ingredients in creating shakes will definitely put you out of ketosis, but ones the right amounts and types are all mixed the great benefits of being full for hours without the need for an actual meal can be done. So it’s better to plan with a fitness professional or a dietitian for the right way to do it or conduct further research to do these things right. It is also noteworthy to mention that smoothies are best consumed as a pre-workout drink while shakes are best after the workout is done. Hence, shakes are easy to do and quick enhancers that can be a good alternative to ketogenic meals.

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