Royal Marine Diet: Is It Healthy to Eat Many Eggs in a Week?

The Marine diet is a diet for the strong, and you’ll learn why. This diet also teaches you to ditch carbs and focus on healthier food groups.

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What is the Marine diet? Most people want to get the fastest results when it comes to losing weight. Whether it is water fast, zero carbs or worse, starvation, if you are wanting to lose weight, you really go for it. Unfortunately, not all diets work up to be the best when done on a fast track. You can remove all the fats or carbs without knowing you needed the extra fiber or healthy fats. Or, you could suffer from a lack of protein or experience water intoxication. Whatever diet it may be, it is important to be mindful of the nutrition you are taking in and the exact amounts recommended by the health expert.

What Is The Marine Diet?

Thankfully, the Marine diet or Marine Corps diet is one of those diets that prove excellent results when it comes to fast weight loss. What is better is that it is a fast track diet of only 2 weeks. Evident in its name, the Marine diet is a diet that allows you to lose 14 lbs within this timeframe. Generally, it is a crash diet for one week, but many Marines can go up to 2 weeks. Careful though, most people are not healthy enough to go past a week, let alone 3 weeks, which is why people like well-trained Marines are more capable of this type of diet. Try going one week first and see how it works for you and your weight loss management plan.

Marine Diet: How It Works

The Marine diet focuses on fruits, vegetables, lean protein and plenty of eggs on the first day. You will be working with food groups that are healthy and aids in weight loss. Let’s begin.

Day 1: Eggstravaganza

The first day of the Marine Corps diet holds a feast of eggs. The goal for this is to fast on eggs alone, which in turn, boosts your metabolism and burns fatter than it does sugar in your system. Don’t worry about not getting enough nutrients because protein from eggs is all you’ll need for day 1. 

But you won’t have to be eating yellow every day so you won’t have to feel so egged. This eggy day will also make you feel less hunger pangs because of protein. You may feel a sugar crash because this day won’t have any carb intake and will burn the stored fats instead. Note of caution: if you are experiencing heart problems, this is not a recommended diet because you will be consuming 9x more cholesterol (700 kcal for 9 eggs) for the suggested daily serving.

Whether scrambled, poached, hard-boiled or sunny side up style, consume 3 eggs in every meal.

  • Breakfast: eat 3 eggs only
  • Lunch: eat 3 eggs only
  • Dinner: 3 eggs only

Day 2: Essential fiber and necessary sugar 

Fat burning dietary fiber from fruits such as grapefruit is the goal of day 2. Sugar is also going to be inserted in today’s diet because your body will be needing it from the previous day’s protein overload. You will, however, need to consume only up to 1,300 kcal.

  • Breakfast: 1 grapefruit
  • Lunch: fruit salad (fresh selections)
  • Dinner: steak, celery, tomatoes, cottage cheese

Day 3: Iron hand

The aim of this diet is to burn plenty of fat. And day 3, which contains plenty of the right vegetables does just that. Paired with both protein and iron sources from meats like lamb and fish, day 3 is highly nutritious for the Marine diet goal. A day high in iron will boost your metabolism and encourages weight reduction. 

  • Breakfast: 1 grapefruit
  • Lunch: fresh salad, spinach, tomatoes, fish
  • Dinner: fresh salad + tomatoes, lean lamb

Day 4: Resume fasting

Day 4 is another day for fasting. It is an intermittent fast, meaning, you need to have a gap of 14-16 hours of no eating before you can eat at least two meals in a range of 8 hours. This is a good way to boost your metabolism when your levels of insulin begin to go down. Essential vitamins such as vitamin C are copious for day 4. 

  • Breakfast: 1 grapefruit 
  • Lunch: fresh green salad + tomatoes
  • Dinner: dried whole wheat toast + 3 eggs

Day 5: Potassium all the way

Day 5 is all about potassium. Lean meats is the key this day like lean ham. Low energy-dense foods to pair with it, such as onions and celery are good too. Again, the Marine Corps diet is strictly limited to 1,300 kcal daily. 

  • Breakfast: 1 grapefruit (or egg if you need a switch)
  • Lunch: fresh salad + tomatoes, fish
  • Dinner: salad w/ lean ham + spinach + tomatoes 

Day 6: Celery, celery

You are almost on the last day and day 6 ensures that you burn down fat faster with low calories and celery as a main. Fiber mixed with protein promotes the burning of fats. Lunch is going to be heavy on eggs to compensate before dinner. Day 4 is one of the more sumptuous days with varied eats. This day is filled with fiber, fat and protein.

Breakfast: 1 grapefruit

Lunch: whole wheat toast + 3 eggs

Dinner: celery steak + tomatoes and cottage cheese

Fun fact: celery and black pepper both promote metabolism.

Day 7: Chop that lamb

It is the last day and after eating all that grapefruit for breakfast in 6 days, your body is prepared to produce alkaline. Alkaline burns fatter, ensures equilibrated blood sugar levels and reduces insulin. You will come to find that you can already feel fuller longer without relying mainly on carbohydrates. Maintain this. A good lean lamb for the final day is on its way.

  • Breakfast: 1 grapefruit (or egg if you need a switch)
  • Lunch: fruit salad
  • Dinner: fresh salad + tomatoes and lean lamb chops

The Takeaway

The Marine Corps Diet boosts your overall energy, which in turn, aids in weight reduction without affecting your muscle mass. This is why Marines love it, and it is still a nutritious and balanced diet! 

Remember that you should stick to what is suggested for consumption day, and stay away from sugary foods, fatty extras, or alcohol at any point in the week. In short, no cheats. Stick to the menu and it will definitely work. Your body needs to adjust to the right chemicals to produce. Moreover, drink plenty of water and perform exercises, this promotes muscle buildup. By the end, the Marine Diet will train your body not to be carb reliant and especially train you to eat just the right portions from well-selected food groups. 

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