What Makes the Modified Keto Diet Different From the Keto Diet?

Not everyone is suited to try the general concept of keto diet which is why there are different types of it, among which is the modified keto diet.

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If you are already following the keto diet, you know its concept is more on fats and less on protein and carbohydrates. But there is more to it than the basic facts of keto. Learn more about the keto diet, their types, and more about their diversity.

All The Things To Know About Going Keto

The keto diet is one of the most well-appreciated fad diets to exist. There are a lot of positive reviews regarding how effective it is when it comes to weight loss.

Before the keto diet was proven to be an effective procedure for weight loss, it was first intended for patients with epilepsy. It was during 1920 when keto diet was first publicly used. In these modern times, there are still a few people who follow this diet to control symptoms of most neurological disorders.

After being a possible treatment for epilepsy, they discovered that the diet can also help lose weight. It became a trend and also marked the beginning of the great days that are about to come regarding it.

What Is The Modified Keto Diet?

If you haven’t heard of a keto diet with a higher carb intake, you may have not heard of the modified keto diet yet. This type of keto diet is common to those who have done keto for a long time. These keto dieters plan carefully to ease their state of ketosis. They slowly add a little more carb into their diet.

The ratio for the modified keto diet is 55-30-15:

  • Fats get lessened into 55%
  • Protein consumption increases a little and becomes 30%
  • Carb intake gets increased into 15% of the diet

When can see the difference between modified keto and the usual wherein they have a completely different ratio of the macronutrients and the modified keto diet is more advisable for long-term keto diet users.

The Other Types Of Keto Diet

Keto diet is not limited to one type. It has a major concept wherein the consumption of macronutrients should be high-medium-low for fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. But the exact ratio or proportion that must be consumed per nutrient is what makes each type of keto diet different from each other.

Standard Keto Diet

Based on its name, the standard keto diet is what most people follow and pertain to as the keto diet in general. It is also because this type of keto applies the basic ratio of the 75-20-5. The consumption of macronutrients is 75% is for fats, 20% for protein, and 5% is for carbohydrates. When you try asking people on keto what type of keto diet they follow, most of them would probably say that they do the standard type.

High-Protein Ketogenic Diet

If you want to add a little more protein into your keto diet, you can try the high-protein keto diet. It is considered a protein-rich version of the standard keto diet.

You can build a few more muscles in a high-protein keto diet since you will be allowed to eat protein more by making them 35% of the daily diet. The consumption of fats will be lessened to 60%, while carbs must have to remain at 5%.

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