Natural Bad Breath Remedies

Treating bad breath is simple. It is already a part of our daily self care, or hygiene, where we do it in the morning, afternoon, until we sleep.

Bad Breath Remedies

One day, a colleague of mine went to a meeting where he met the representative of a company. He was running late because he went to a party the night before. He wore the same clothes, didn’t even clean up, and immediately went off to the meeting. Despite all this, he did well at presenting his part in the meeting. Until he realized that the representative leans away from him every time he leans forward. So, he excused himself and went to the comfort room to do a self-check. Voila, his breath smelled really bad.

This is a common scenario. But the thing is, my friend didn’t really clean up. Hence, his breath smelled bad. There are worse cases wherein a person cleans up really well, from brushing teach to gargling with mouth wash, and still have bad breath.

Good thing that there are bad breath remedies that can help address this.

What Is Bad Breath?

Well, the name explains it all. Bad breath is an awkwardly smelling odor that comes out of your mouth. You can smell this whenever a person opens his mouth and start talking, or takes a deep breath and breathes it out. This actually is a serious case because it affects personal hygiene. The more worst the smell the higher the degree of health complication and therefore needs further professional medical attention.

What Causes Bad Breath?

In the medical field bad breath is known as halitosis, and there are a lot of factors that health professionals check to determine the cause of such bad breath. Here are the following:

Food That We Eat

We all know that eating is indeed an addiction, especially if the food really tastes delicious. However, these food ones crunched in our mouth leaves small particles, or food objects, that stuck in between our teeth. Because of chemical reactions and because these foods deteriorate it causes a foul smell after staying long in between the teeth.


Food causes to create tooth cavities from plaques. developed from germs, leading for a tooth to decay. This contributes to the awful smell of bad breath, because the tooth gets rotten and will be very painful ones it reached its tipping point.


This is a substance produce by the body and is very evident in infections such as respiratory infection and sinus infection in the nose, lungs, and throat. It adds to the bad breath of a person especially during the time when these infections are being felt because of the foul smell it possesses or leaves in the body.

Dry Mouth

The low production of saliva contributes to the bad breath of a person. It occurs during sleep that’s why every morning we have the morning breath smell, and it is stinkier with the mouth open while sleeping. There are cases that some medications can add to the dryness of the mouth, in addition, mouth sores and gum disease are big contributors to it. Saliva helps the mouth to be fluid and with the absence of it, it lingers a smell.


Cigarettes and Tobacco are products that people use for recreational activities of smoking. The burning of these products produces smoke that the lungs take and release out. It leaves a foul odor on the smokers breath and are prone to acquire gum disease, respiratory infection, sinus infection, and adds to teeth destruction.

Simple Bad Breath Remedies

Treating bad breath is simple. It is already a part of our daily self care, or hygiene, where we do it in the morning, afternoon, until we sleep. But most of us forget these simple things which leads us to having bad breath. Here are some remedies on how to treat bad breath at an instant.

Brushing of Teeth

Doing this daily is definitely a must, because we are removing food particles and other sort of things that contributes to an unhealthy mouth. We can also do brushing our teeth 3 times a day after eating, 2 times a day, in the morning and evening. This allows us to keep our mouth clean and healthy.

Using Dental Floss

Including the use of dental floss in taking care of the mouth is a big plus, because we are removing those tiny particles that the toothbrush doesn’t reach when brushing the teeth. It allows us to move to the deeper edges of the teeth and safely scrubbing those areas in keeping our mouth fresh and of course keeping our teeth healthy as well.

Avoid and Stop Smoking

Smoking has grave effects on the body and by avoiding it, it allows us to keep ourselves fresh especially our mouth. Keeps our mouth fluid because of the saliva present, and lessens our lung, nose, throat infection through mucus and phlegm.

Drinking Water

Studies say that drinking water 8 glass a day keeps us hydrated. This keeps our body circulation fluid, as our body is composed of a big percentage of water. In addition, this allows our mouth to be wet and not dry keeping our mouth clean and fresh makes it less likely to be bad breath.

Dental Checkup

Going to the dentist ones or twice a month keeps us in check of our mouth and teeth. Having a regular monthly cleaning of teeth keeps our gums, teeth, and mouth healthy. With proper guidance from medical dental licensed professionals, we are safe from these risks and confident that we have that great-looking smile, and of course fresh smelling breath.

Taking care of the body requires discipline, patience, and initiative. Our health is very important just like the things we value, and taking care of our mouth, teeth, and tongue, by doing these simple things will avoid us from having that awful bad breath, which may cause a client acquisition, bad impression amongst our peers, or can’t seal that sweet kiss after a good date.

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