Best Natural Laxatives for Constipation

Natural Laxatives help you achieve regular bowel movements; it frees your stomach from stress of the burden of constipation, and cleans your stomach in releasing stools easily.

Natural Laxatives from fruits and vegetables

Celebrating Christmas is indeed one of the best holidays that one can experience because everybody is happy, everybody sharing gifts; everybody is nice and sharing love with one another. But most importantly, the food that is being served every Christmas by families, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and a lot more are sharing through food that they prepare in their tables. People make usually make invitations to celebrate Christmas at home, on their garden, even in restaurants, or public places just to share this special moment of feast and unfortunately in this time of the year is indeed a very bad time to experience constipation. If you’re having abdominal pain? Experiencing bloating? Haven’t had your usual bowel movements for the past three days? If you’re experiencing these symptoms then you’re under constipation. Hence, quick natural laxative remedies can make you enjoy the festivities without worrying.

Natural Laxatives help you achieve regular bowel movements; it frees your stomach from stress of the burden of constipation, and cleans your stomach in releasing stools easily. Through creating a strategy we can make a difference not only for ourselves but also for our family, eating healthy and exercising regularly are the easiest to do. Constipation can happen to anyone and by being informed on how to treat it can save us time, money, and stress in dealing with this stomach concern.

What is Constipation?

Simply put it as infrequent bowel movements. Usually for adults, the normal bowel movements is between three per week or three per day depends on the person’s body condition while children have a two to three bowel movements per day, also depends on body condition. This is a symptom and is very common to everyone. Constipation usually happens because of some change in activities, change in eating patterns, not enough intake of water, usually resisting the urge to poop, stress, eating disorders, and many more.

The usual symptoms for constipation are few bowel movements, where it takes days for you before you release the stool or trouble having bowel movement when you feel the urge to release the stool but can’t seem to release the stool easily. Other symptoms are hard stools, where it’s hard for these stools to go out because they are harder than the usual. You’ll feel pain when you try and release the stool out and sometimes a feeling that you have a sense that everything didn’t come out. In some cases, when you feel bloated and you want to release the stool but cannot.

What to do?

Ones you feel the urge to have a bowel movement, don’t restrain yourself and instead release it. The longer the delay to have a bowel movement, the harder it becomes to have a bowel movement, because the water is absorbed by the stool and hardens. One quick remedy is to take laxatives. Laxatives are substances that can relieve constipation allowing your stools to loosen and stimulate bowel movements. They are created for short term use only and they usually come in pills, capsules, and liquids. Here are several types of laxatives working in different ways to treat constipation:

  • Stool softeners: this laxative makes the stool softer as it increase the water absorbtion in the stool.
  • Lubricant laxative: keeping in moisture at the surface of the stool and intestine that makes the stools softer and easier to release.
  • Saline laxative: this laxative encourage bowel movement as it acquires water into the small intestine to keep moisturized and softer.
  • Stimulant laxative: this type of laxative speeds the movement of the digestive system for better bowel movement

Here are some other natural laxative to be incorporated in your routine in acheiving regular bowel movements. These natural laxative is more affordable compared with the laxative drugs and is less riskier when intake. Here are some natural laxative to take when feeling constipation:

  • Leafy Greens: These are foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber with relatively few calories. They also have magnesium that helps water go into the intestines to help stools get softer and be released easily. Examples are spinach, kale, and cabbage.
  • Apples: aside from leafy green foods, apples are a good source of fiber. They are high in fiber and rich in pectin which increases the number of beneficial bacteria that promotes a good digestive system.
  • Prunes: This food can provide plenty of fiber which is a very well known natural source of laxative. It also as a sorbitol substance content that brings water into the intestine in helping to induce bowel movements.
  • Water: This is very abundant and the easiest way to maintain regular bowel movements. Staying hydrated can help alleviate constipation and making stools to be more moisturized making it easier to release.
  • Kiwifruit: This food has a combined insoluble and soluble fiber that contains pectin, like the apple, which is a good source of natural laxative effect increasing and stimulating the bowel movement.

Other ways on what to do if constipated

Aside from taking in laxative drugs to relieve constipation, or resort in a more natural ways of stimulating digestive system and incorporating it with your daily habit. You can also do these simple things and keep them in mind. Like making sure to drink 8 glasses of water per day or more, unless the doctor tells you to limit water intakes. Drink warm water, especially in the morning, helps stimulate digestion. Another is do exercises daily, add fruits and vegetables or even add the natural laxative in to it, and finally don’t ignore ones already feeling you’re about to poop.

By keeping this in mind you can surely maintain a good digestive system also relieving yourself out of constipation. You can also seek for a doctor’s advice, or a medical expert’s advice, regarding your condition to follow and make sure that your condition will immediately go away. Or even try to read health and wellness books, forums, and other sources that can help you be informed on how to treat your body, especially how to respond in times of constipation. Hence, quick natural laxative remedies can make you enjoy the festivities without worrying.

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