New England Fat Loss: Program Cost and Reviews

This program claims it doesn’t use things like diet and exercise. That’s because it doesn’t focus on just losing weight short-term. The goal of NEFL is for people to lose weight then keep it off forever.

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Are you looking for a fat-loss program? The number of overweight and obese people around the world has skyrocketed in recent decades. In fact, studies show that around 30% of the world’s total population is now either overweight or obese. This figure shows the influence of factors like bad diet, lack of exercise, high-stress, and smoking/alcohol. There are various ways you can treat this condition including New England Fat Loss. This is a program that’s based in the US state of Massachusetts. It takes an interesting approach to weight/fat loss because the program explains it doesn’t involve any diet, exercise, or surgery. It’s important to know details like new England fat loss cost.

What’s the New England Fat Loss Diet?

This program involves finding a plan that’s right for a particular person. There are many factors that can affect weight loss like age, gender, fitness, health, and conditions. So, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution that can help everyone lose weight or fat. That’s why this program is a good option if you want a customized approach to dealing with fat and obesity. When considering options like NEFL you should consider various factors like the cost. Based on estimates this program is somewhat pricey and could cost thousands of dollars.

New England Fat Loss Claims

This program claims it doesn’t use things like diet and exercise. That’s because it doesn’t focus on just losing weight short-term. The goal of NEFL is for people to lose weight then keep it off forever.

The program’s centers include certified coaches who can help to provide useful information and tips for people on the program. This is always helpful because there will be someone there to help you along the way. This can help not only with weight loss but also other areas like motivation.

The company claims it’s helped people lose a grand total of 80,000 pounds of body weight. It explains this is based on using an approach that’s effective and unique by focusing on people’s metabolism.

In other words, this program doesn’t just focus on helping people with snack attacks, comfort foods, and over-eating. It instead focuses on fixing and balancing a person’s metabolism. This is an interesting approach to the problem and is different from other plans that focus on things like calories and cardio.

The company explains its approach as “inside-out.” In other words, it’s not just focusing on actually losing weight and pounds but instead dealing with a person’s metabolism. In theory fixing, that problem can produce long-term results. 

How Does It Work?

In this program, NEFL first evaluates a person’s health and body type. It then picks a weight loss program that best suits the person. It will even make a customized one if a person needs it.

The wellness coaches are also there to help people with the program. That’s by building and motivating them with weight loss tips, for example. The ultimate goal is for people not just to be lighter but also healthier and happier.

This helps to explain the inside-out approach. It focuses on a  person’s whole being instead of things like how much weight/fat loss they achieve.

New England Fat Loss Cost

If you’re considering the NEFL program then you’ll likely want to know about the cost. First, let’s start with the free consultation. This gives you the chance to talk to an employee about different issues like your eating habits, fitness level, and medical history. This is all the important info the company should get. The experts can then figure out the best program for your particular situation.

If you want to get his free consultation, you’ll have to fill out an online form at the company’s official website. This is an extra perk because it’s “free.” 

On the other hand, you won’t be getting any real help/advice until you sign up for the program. So, while the consultation is supposedly free it’s quite standard for such programs.

How about the program’s prices? They aren’t actually mentioned on the official website. However, based on online estimates you can figure out the likely cost of NEFL. If you start the program you should be ready to shell out about $2,5000 for around 14 weeks.

Take note that this might be split up into multiple plans. So, if you can’t or don’t want to plunk down $2,500 you have the option to make payments.

Is it worth the price tag? One thing to consider is NEFL takes a different approach to weight/fat loss. The cost averages out to about $180 a week. This might not seem like a sky-high price at first. However, if you factor in the monthly expenses you already have then it might be tough to cover the cost.

Then again, it’s tough to put a price tag on your health. If you’ve tried different methods for losing weight/fat and haven’t been able to do it then you might want to give NEFL a try. It’s important though to research what it’s all about and whether the reviews have been mostly positive, negative, or mixed.

NEFL Reviews

It’s worth checking out some reviews of the program to determine whether or not it’s one you’d want to consider. This can be just as important as the cost. If a weight-loss program has received mostly negative reviews then it might even be worth spending $1 for it.

As noted, this is a type of metabolic weight-loss program. Metabolism is the body’s system that determines the amount of energy a person needs at any time. This process uses enzymes to break down food molecules so they’re simpler ones. 

Then those new substances are added together to build stuff the body needs. That includes chemical compounds and hormones.

There are different things involved in metabolism. They include energy, fats, bones, tissues, and growth. It’s good to know these basics before picking programs like NEFL.

This particular program first tests a person’s metabolism. They calculate how fast your metabolism is. They then pick/design a plan that’s right for you. You then get help from professional coaches.

There are some interesting features of this program. It doesn’t include any “diet” since the focus is on fixing/balancing a person’s metabolism. It also doesn’t require any type of exercise although this can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

What do past customers say? This program has received mixed reviews. Some past clients praise the program and its staff. They claim they’ve achieved the weight/fat loss goals they wanted to achieve. For example, some people had health conditions that caused weight or fat gain. They saw results from the program.

Meanwhile, others have had negative experiences. For example, some people question the methods used by the program as ineffective. For example, there’s a solution that’s given that some people question. Other people claim they were told the “free consultation” advertised costs $25. Still, other customers gained weight but had a net weight loss after paying the new England fat loss cost.

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