What are Nootropics and Do They Work?

These are quality substances made up of caffeine and vitamin components like vitamin B6 and B12 in creating what it’s called wonder drugs, smart drugs, and cognitive enhancers, which are substances approved under dietary supplements and are classified as generally regarded as safe.

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We all strive for survival, and usually we strive for greatness. We want to be the best at anything that we feel passionate about, interest us, and even challenges us. Some people would like to be next Michael Jordan, the greatest of all time, in basketball on how he plays the game and win championships. Others would like to be the next Warren Buffet, known as a stock market wizard for his strategies and discipline in the markets making him more and more money. And we always want to be on top of our game, ideally, all the time. But the problem is, reality, we’re only humans, as a saying goes. We’re only capable of doing limited things, we can’t always be consistent with our production because we’re driven by emotion day by day, and we can’t be effective because depending on our health and body condition we get tired easily and with limited strength capability. These are the realities that make us human beings not perfect. Hence, we need to develop and achieve greater progress as humans through scientific development.

What separates a low and average person from the ones who are above average are the qualities like greater attention to detail, physically strong, mentally competitive, strategic, consistent, creative, and a lot more. But what if we were able to do these simultaneously, making our intelligence and physical capabilities be like super humans, act like super humans, and be consistent like super humans? Super humans are the ones who can do these things with tremendous effectivity and high efficiency. And because of Nootropics we can now see development in achieving this state. We’ll find out what nootropics, nootropics benefits are and how it affects us. This is actually a big step to the human kind, in achieving greater heights and closing in boundaries that we have never seen before.

What are Nootropics?

To simply put it, “Nootropics are supplement that promise to make us smarter” according to Mike Montgomery an Executive Director of CALinnovates of a technology advocacy non-profit organization. These are quality substances made up of caffeine and vitamin components like vitamin B6 and B12 in creating what it’s called wonder drugs, smart drugs, and cognitive enhancers, which are substances approved under dietary supplements and are classified as generally regarded as safe, or GRAS, by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Nootropics work by protecting neurons in the brain from damaging toxins and by naturally aging. It is thought that it stimulates the increase of blood and oxygen flow to the brain that improves cognitive functions of our human mental action in acquiring information and understanding, increasing human intellectual functions, physical capabilities, and sharpening mental awareness.

Nootropics have been around for years, starting in the early 1970’s, with a total value ranging to a twelve to thirty seven billion dollar industry in the year 2016. Market drivers and trends has been in the wellness industry as dietary supplements, used by students, professionals in the field of finance and technology. Also a big contributor in curing diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson ’s disease, hyperactivity disorder, attention deficit, and other age related cognitive disorders. With the lack of proper treatment, open presence with psychiatrists and neurologist in the developing countries it is project to see greater momentum in the coming years for further collaboration in spreading information, concerns, and how to treat diseases, use of supplements in these areas.

How it affects us?

Nootropics is featured in one famous American science fiction movie, Limitless, where it was shown in 2011 starring Bradley Cooper. He was a struggling writer who was introduced to a nootropic drug which gave him the capability to fully take advantage of his brain, consciously and unconsciously, that greatly change his life from his knowledge, lifestyle, and wealth. Through the movie, the character discovered he can perfectly recollect all the acquired information he read, noticed, or even seen. He was also able to smoothly refine his interpersonal skills, create opportunities for himself, and earn great income from his investments. Of course, after all this is a movie.

But how does it really affect us? In the movie, Bradley Cooper experiences a time skip which is a momentary lapse in memory. This industry although has been in existence for many years, early 1970’s, it is still under development with further studies and is still considered at its infancy as nootropic companies needs to still prove that their products are really safe.

In essence, nootropics allow their users to control their cognitive abilities that can be used for functional benefits like:

  • Productivity effects: Motivation and concentration can always be inconsistent which makes people usually ineffective and inefficient. Although there are no substitute or no replacement for pure discipline and hard work, nootropics can add as a boost to sustain and do important tasks to be done and meeting deadlines. This can be in studying, market research and analysis, writing, scientific research, market trading, technology development, and many more high-pressured cognitive work.
  • Social ability: Socialising could be frustrating, especially if the person is an introvert, the fear of rejection and the fear of no one will listen makes people tend to resort in not sharing their thoughts. In this regard, nootropics can help push a person’s social abilities in becoming calmer, composed, decisive, and anxiety.
  • Exercise: We can always do task accordingly and finish it, but sometimes our strength is not enough to go through the extra mile, and that is where nootropics can help us overcome that one last push in getting muscle build up advancement from stamina and endurance enhancers.
  • Wellbeing: Taking care of ourselves and the mental aspect of our lives is important. Nothing can replace our heart, passion, and mental toughness to overcome these problems and other situations associated with that. We can manage stress, sleep, and our mood definitely but we can further elevate our management through nootropics which allows us to decide precisely, mood brightening effects, and can clear the state of mind for a relaxed mental space out of worry.

Nootropics can definitely help us become more efficient and effective, can also make us feel like superhuman because it provides us temporary powers that can manage our cognitive functions for a limited time. The main objective for taking in nootropics is simply to get specific desired cognitive effects from how often one takes it and how to take it. The key is to find the best dose that works for you. Just like in the movie Limitless, in the end, the main character was able to realize that what he needs is the best does for him but still requires greater improvement. Hence, we need to develop and achieve greater progress as humans through scientific development for nootropics.

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