Nutritional Weight and Wellness Review

Nutritional Weight and Wellness is a commercial online service system that offers nutrition counseling, classes, products, and health-related information.

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There’s no denying it. We are indeed living in the digital age. Every day we encounter a huge surplus of online information ranging in multitudes of topics.  Although it’s an advantage that there’s no shortage of fitness-related literature in the World Wide Web, it can be a daunting task to judge safety and credibility. That is why many turn to comprehensive reviews of blogs and websites to help them sort out their options. For this article, we’ll provide an extensive discussion on the Nutritional Weight and Wellness, a popular online service for health and nutrition.

The Nutritional Weight and Wellness is a commercial one-stop system for nutrition services. It also provides a wide variety of health-related information. In its interface, you’ll see categories of web pages namely “Nutrition Counseling”, “Nutrition Classes”, “Workplace Wellness”, “Blogs + Podcasts + Recipes”, and “Vitamins”. Let’s cut to the chase and tackle each one in detail.


In the Nutrition Counseling page, you’ll find offers for consultations with nutritionists that are available by phone, Skype, and face-to-face. The company promises that if you sign up, you’ll receive the assistance of qualified professionals who will help you make a connection between your food consumption and state of health. The coaching will also allow you to design and reach health goals. In addition, the nutrition counseling appointments can be covered by insurance for members of Medica, Blue Cross Blue Shield, or Medicare.

Nutritional Weight and Wellness Review

The Nutritional Weight and Wellness recommend counseling for those who wish to manage chronic illnesses, lessen pains and aches, improve digestive health, relieve anxiety and depression, fix eating habits, boost weight loss, speed up metabolism, increase energy, and promote overall well-being. Moreover, the company claims that its nutritionists have solid clinical experience and expertise in scientific research. They also practice “Therapeutic Nutritional Counseling”, an approach that allegedly aims for improving all aspects of health, may it be physical, emotional, or mental.

Prior to the consultation, you’ll be instructed to complete a questionnaire on your health and nutrition history that will allow your nutritionist to develop a complete understanding of your personal health goals, challenges, and specific conditions. Your nutritionist will then provide explanations of how certain foods affect your health and which ones to include, exclude, reduce, or increase intake of in your diet. The service also includes personalized eating plans with recipes and meal suggestions. As a plus, you’ll benefit from 10% off on the supplements that they offer on their website. Accordingly, vitamins and supplements may be recommended by your nutritionist. However, purchasing them is not required.

Let’s now move on to Nutrition Classes. On this page, you’ll see offers for in-person and online classes on different topics of nutrition. Detailed descriptions are available for each class title or subject. There are even a series of discussions on particular areas such as the managing of certain conditions or sessions on food recommendations. Also, there are packages like the “Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program” that includes 12 classes and two one-hour counseling sessions centralizing on the topic of losing weight and overcoming cravings.

Next, there’s the Workplace Wellness which as the name implies focuses on promoting the health of employees within a corporate setting. The company asserts that their services will help in managing healthcare expenses, decreasing rates of absenteeism, and improving overall productivity levels of employees. A downloadable Workplace Wellness brochure is available on this page to give interested visitors an overview of their services. This page is divided into categories namely “Workplace Nutrition Classes & Webinars”, “Workplace Nutrition Counseling”, “12-Week Group Programs”, and “Client Testimonials”.

As for the part entitled Blogs + Podcasts + Recipes, this serves as the resource center of the website that provides information in the form of articles, videos, recipes, and other materials. Podcasts and client success stories are also featured on this page. In addition, the search bar allows one to conveniently conduct research using topics and keywords.

Lastly, in the Vitamins page, visitors can purchase products and supplements from their sister company called the NutriKey™ Inc. A link will redirect you to online stores so you can start shopping. The Nutritional Weight and Wellness claim that the products they promote are pharmaceutical grade, have undergone tedious checking for quality and purity, and have long been used by their staff and clients. Other brands that they have partnered with include Ortho Molecular, Metagenics, Nutri-Dyn, and Designs For Health.


Now that you’re familiar with the services, how much does each one cost? According to the website, the rates for nutrition counseling actually differ depending on the nutritionist, appointment length, and other factors. The pricing and discounted rates are available on the Nutrition Counseling page. The company can be reached at 651-699-3438 if you have questions regarding the package offerings.

As for the supplements, those who spend at least $100 on a one-time purchase will obtain Wellness Rewards cards that can be used for receiving perks from nutrition counseling, classes, and products.

The Verdict

Nutritional Weight and Wellness appears to be a sensible and convenient way to receive nutrition services. However, not everyone is comfortable with this kind of setup especially since healthcare is a sensitive area. The company also operates for commercial purposes or is motivated by the generation of profits. Thus, to give value to your money, you have to carefully assess their services before signing up. It’s advisable that you first sift through their free content or join their newsletter for a period of time so you can make an educated decision.

In addition, there’s a long disclaimer statement on the website explaining that the available content is only provided for informational purposes and therefore not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of diseases. Their information is also not meant to replace advice from a medical doctor or healthcare provider. It’s vital to take note that the given information represents the opinions and insights of their authors and staff.

The supplements they offer must not be used as substitutes for medications as they aren’t formulated for therapeutic purposes. The product statements on their website also haven’t undergone evaluation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. To ensure your safety, questions regarding medications and drug use must be directed to a qualified professional.


Proper nutrition is entirely individualized. Everyone has unique dietary needs and intake requirements greatly vary depending on gender, activity level, and age. In line with that, it’s best to consult your healthcare provider before starting any type of diet plan especially if you have a certain medical condition.

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