What’s the Deal with Pink Himalayan Salt?

Among the benefits that we can get from using pink Himalayan salt is it boosts the respiratory function and improves the quality of our sleep.

Himalayan Salt

I was in a strict diet a year ago. This happened after I got hospitalized for severe urinary tract infection as you know I really love eating chips and salty foods. At the time that I was really careful with the foods that I take, a good friend of mine recommended that I used the pink Himalayan salt instead of the usual one. That was the first time that I heard about this miraculous Himalayan salt.

To those who are not yet familiar with the pink Himalayan salt, let me introduce this special seasoning to you. Continue reading as we will explore the truth behind this Himalayan salt. We will also explore the mineral and nutrients inside this salt. Other areas such as the benefits and different uses for the pink Himalayan salt, we will also tackle. So sit tight and join me in this one.


The Science and Truth Behind It

The pink Himalayan salt lives to its name. It is a colored pink salt from Pakistan’s Himalayas region. Lots of research are being done by experts and scientists to explore the different health benefits that we can get from it.

How does the pink Himalayan salt differ from the common table salt? The most obvious difference between the pink Himalayan salt with the table salt is the place where it is retrieved from. The common salt is of course retrieved from saltwater, while the other is being mined from the world’s oldest salt mine, the Khewra Salt Mine.

You might ask, so what if the pink Himalayan salt is from the Khewra Salt Mine? Well, as a start, the being that it is harvested from the most ancient mine, then it is just normal to think that this area contains a lot of salt that was formed when the ancient seas, oceans or any saltwater bodies evaporated.

Another thing is that the extraction of the pink Himalayan salt is done using by just the bare hands, no advanced technologies being used and additives included. This extraction process makes it healthier than common salt.

Another edge of the pink Himalayan salt over the common salt is that aside from sodium chloride, it has around 84 various trace elements and minerals that are absent in the other one. It also has iron, which experts believe is what is giving the salt its unique color.

Now that we know what the common table salt lacks as compared to the pink Himalayan salt, let’s proceed and explore the various uses of the latter.


Various Helpful Uses of the Pink Himalayan Salt

  1. Good for cooking

Just as the common table salt, the pink Himalayan salt can be used in cooking dishes and preparing marinades, soups, and sauces. Same as the table salt, we can also find pink Himalayan salt in big chunks as well as in ground form. There are also cooks or chefs who used this healthy salt as a surface or base for meat that they will grill as it adds flavor to their food.

What are the things that you need to consider if you are to use the pink Himalayan salt for cooking? Those who are familiar with this salt know that the ground ones are saltier than the coarse ones. So when cooking, it is best to add quantities if you are to use the coarse ones.

Another thing to account is its saltiness in comparison to the common salt. Science shows the sodium chloride content of the latter to be more than its Himalayan counterpart. With this being said, you may add more quantities in your dish when you are using the pink Himalayan salt.

  1. Unconventional Uses of the Pink Himalayan Salt

Aside from cooking, the pink Himalayan salt has other unconventional uses. Have you heard of the pink Himalayan salt lamp? Well, this is one of the most popular uses of salt. This lamp is helpful as it is composed of the pink Himalayan salt blocks. The salt works as its source of light. Many people buy this lamp because it is said to eliminate the pollutants in the air.

In addition to the lamp, the pink Himalayan salt is also a popular ingredient in bath salts. Bath salts with the pink one are famous especially to those who want to improve their skin health. This is because the addition of the Himalayan salt makes the bath salts helpful in managing sore muscles and addressing other skin diseases or injuries.


Minerals, Nutrients, and Vitamins Present in Pink Himalayan Salts

What makes the pink Himalayan salt healthy is, of course, the trace elements and nutrients found in it. Molybdenum, strontium, calcium, and potassium are prevalent in this salt. As compared to the common table salt which has 0.4 mg of calcium, pink Himalayan salt has 1.6 mg. As for the potassium, the table salt has 0.9 mg as compared to the pink Himalayan salt of 2.8 mg. The pink Himalayan salt also has better magnesium content with 1.06 mg while the table salt only has 0.0139 mg.


Do We Benefit From Using the Pink Himalayan Salt?

Further studies are needed to better support the health benefits from this seasoning. But just for information purposes, here are the popular claims about the health effects of the salt. Topping the list is its help in addressing respiratory illnesses. This is why those who have asthma and other respiratory conditions use the salt in their dishes and look for the salt lamp as it can remove the allergens in the air.

Other health benefits are the salt being effective in slowing aging signs, balancing our pH level and boosting the quality of our sleep. Blood sugar regulation, as well as libido increase, are also the other benefits.

As for my point of view, I guess this type of salt is worth trying. After all, we know that it is better to try than sit and think about what will happen if you have taken it.

Himalayan Salt

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