Plan Z Diet Reviews

It’s probably not surprising that this diet has received mixed reviews. Some people have praised the program but others haven’t given it a thumbs up.

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Have you heard of the Plan Z Diet by Zola? It’s one of many diet plans you can pick from today. This one is low-calorie, which isn’t really a game-changer itself. It’s a good start though if you want to lose weight. That’s because you’ll need to burn more calories than you consume. One of the best ways to do that is to simply cut calories. This one also includes a spray supplement, which is interesting because it’s not something that’s usually included in a diet plan. This isn’t to say it doesn’t work but it’s important to learn whether or not it can improve your diet or is just a gimmick.

There are other question marks about Plan Z. It’s by “Zola” but who is this person and are they qualified to design a diet plan? It probably explains why the diet is named Z but that doesn’t mean it’s a good or bad one. Then there are some other issues. Like other diets, it’s important to get to the nitty-gritty of the program. That includes things like mechanics, meal plans, and recipes. Another interesting thing about this diet is there’s no exercise program. Most experts say exercise is about one-quarter of weight-loss.

What’s The Plan Z Diet?

plan z diet

This diet claims it can help with weight loss. The diet plan lasts for about 4 months and includes 4 phases you should know about:

  1. ZBinge
  2. ZReduction
  3. ZReboot
  4. Zlife

It’s also worth noting Zola’s plan also includes a natural spray known as ZR50. Yes, as you probably guessed the spray includes “Z” in the name. The company claims this spray can help to control cravings. In theory that can reduce snack attacks. 

This diet was created by Sarah McCann nearly a decade ago around the year 2010. One thing to keep in mind is this program isn’t a “product.” So, you won’t find any special Plan Z ingredients for preparing meals.

The only exception is the ZR50 spray supplement. It’s interesting that this spray doesn’t make you eat healthier but instead supposedly makes you eat less. Let’s break down the ingredients: 

Calcarea Carbonica

This is a natural substance in shells. This is similar to the shell-sourced calcium that’s sometimes used to treat stomach problems like indigestion.


This flower is used for many different medical purposes. They include detox products and herbal supplements. It’s believed it can help with muscle and stomach aches, and boost urination.

Magnesia Phosphorica

This is a mineral that includes magnesium. It’s used for different symptoms like vomiting and stomach cramps.

Nux Vomica

The plant’s seeds are often used to make different kinds of medicine.

Let’s get to the program itself. It includes a diet plan without a workout program. The potential problem is exercise makes up about 20% to 30% of weight loss. You can lose weight without exercising but you won’t maximize how much you can lose.

It’s safe to say this program takes a non-traditional approach to weight loss. The low-calorie meals are nothing new. However, no exercise programs and natural spray aren’t just interesting but might also be considered controversial. 

Plan Z Diet Reviews

It’s probably not surprising that this diet has received mixed reviews. Some people have praised the program but others haven’t given it a thumbs up.

Let’s talk about the plusses. You get lots of helpful recipes that are easy to make. If you prepare them properly you can get meals that are nutritious and delicious. While that’s a good thing you can actually find those elements in many other diets.

As noted, there’s no exercise program included with Plan Z. If you want to do gym workouts you have that option but you literally won’t get any help from this diet program. It also means you won’t maximize weight loss by combining a low-calorie diet and weight-resistance/cardio exercise.

The X-factor in this diet plan is the spray supplement. It’s claimed that it can help to reduce hunger and burn fat.

However, there are question marks about whether the combo of ingredients actually achieves that goal. Sure, the spray has natural stuff that might provide health benefits. Do they help you ditch the munchies and turn your body into a fat-burning machine? That’s another story.

That brings up a related issue. There’s no solid science that backs up Plan Z. This doesn’t mean the recipes can’t help you lose weight.

However, it’s always good when hard science provides proof that the diet plan’s approach will actually work. There’s no solid proof that a combo of magnesium, dandelion, seeds, and stuff from shells can help to reduce food cravings.

Finally, there’s the price. Some reviewers claim that it’s too high for what you get. It includes healthy recipes, no exercise program, and that natural spray. 

In fact, some reviewers claim that you should save your money. They’ve taken to social media and said you’re better off just eating healthier food and doing some exercise.  

Mechanics, Claims, and Results

As with other diet plans, the big question about Plan Z is: does it work? More specifically, does it do what it claims it does?

One of the main takeaways about this diet plan is it seems to promote living a healthier lifestyle. This involves the recipes/meals but also tweaking other things to boost your overall health.

The diet plan puts low-calorie foods front and center through several recipes that can help you lose weight and also feel/look healthier.

How about your cravings for salty/sugary junk food and fast food? That’s where the ZR50 is supposed to help. The program’s designers claim the natural spray can suppress appetites. So, in theory, you’ll be eating less and not want to eat more.

The diet has received some positive feedback. Some people on it have claimed they lost about 15 pounds in a few weeks and even started noticing results within the first week.

As noted, Plan Z is a low-calorie diet. How low does it go? You’re required to eat a diet of 800 calories per day. This involves the plan’s four phrases that we’ve mentioned. Here’s a summary:


Eat anything you want for 2 days including meat, pasta, sweets, etc.


This phase usually lasts 4-6 weeks and is based on your weight loss goals. You’ll eat 2-3 meals per day and focus on fresh foods, low carbs, and high protein.


In this phase lasts for 6 weeks. You tweak your proteins and carbs to reset your metabolism.


You can go back to the foods you couldn’t eat in phase 2 and 3. However, you must eat a limited amount. So, you’ll probably have to ditch those all-meat double-stuffed pizzas. 

Each phase includes a set of meals you must prepare. You can even find “comfort foods” and gourmet meals in the plan z diet.

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