PS1000 Program Reviews: Claims + Pros and Cons

In some ways, this system is similar to other weight-loss programs. That’s because it includes a nutrition plan that helps you maintain healthy/balanced meals.

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Are you looking for a different type of weight-loss program? If so, you should consider the one featured in ps1000 reviews. The PS1000 program is different from many diet plans because it includes diet drops that are designed to boost a person’s metabolism and energy levels. The concept is dieting can be tiring due to calorie-cutting and gym workouts. The diet’s designers claim that’s where this program can help with these issues. One goal is to boost the person’s metabolism so they have enough fuel to stay on the diet. Energy levels are also critical so you can function on fewer calories and give 100% during your exercise sessions. 

The company claims the diet drops are a game-changer. The program includes a nutritional plan along with the diet supplements to help you lose weight safely and effectively. The approach is different from many weight loss products that are claimed to be a “magic” pill that can help people lose weight super-fast. In fact, the diet drops are quite rare compared to diet plans and exercise programs. That said, it’s important to take a closer look to find out if the supplement actually does what it claims it does. If so then it adds another element to weight-loss.  

What’s PS100?

In some ways, this system is similar to other weight-loss programs. That’s because it includes a nutrition plan that helps you maintain healthy/balanced meals. 

What makes the program different is the diet drops/supplements that are bundled with the program. It addresses the issue of how to handle lower energy levels that result from dieting. For example, when you’re cutting calories and doing gym workouts it can be quite draining.

In this situation, it can be easier to give in to your food cravings and binge instead of staying on track. The diet drops can help with your situation.

Another possible issue you might have to deal with is fatigue due to low-energy levels. When you’re eating less and exercising more it can cause issues at the gym, in the office, and at home.

PS1000 takes a scientific approach to these problems. The supplement’s goal is to help you lose weight as healthily and naturally as possible.

The general approach of the system is to reduce calorie intake yet not cause people to feel hungry or tired. The diet drops try to solve this problem and have been designed by a team of experts in diet and nutrition.

Here are the parts of the drops bundled with the program:

Metabolic Burst Drops

These drops are usually taken during the weight loss/maintenance phase in order to deal with “plateaus” that take place in weight loss. They help by reducing appetite, boosting stamina, etc. These are common results of cutting calories while on a diet.

Energy Burst (Vitamin Bs)

This part of the drop provides other benefits. They improve the cardiovascular system, reduce cholesterol levels, and boost energy levels. It also boosts the rate of the metabolic rate of carbs, proteins, and fat.

There are other features of the system. They include a program booklet that tells you how to follow the plan during the 3 phases.

PS1000 Ingredients

PS1000 Ingredients

Here are the main ingredients of the diet drops:

  • African Mango: Research shows this fruit can boost energy and lower blood sugar levels. It also helps with other areas that are related to weight loss.
  • Arctic Root: This is found in various areas of the world. It helps boost energy levels, treat depression, and boost sex drive. It can also help with heart health. Studies show it might help lower fatigue, depression, and stress.
  • Beta-Alanine: This is another amino acid people’s bodies don’t produce. It builds muscle mass and improves physical function. It helps the body use energy more efficiently. Studies show it aids with areas like weight loss, muscle mass, and athletic performance.
  • Fiber: Normally the body can’t absorb this kind of fiber. So, it’s dissolved in water in order to make a gel-like solution. It helps to lower the blood’s cholesterol and glucose levels. It also helps to maintain a healthy body weight
  • Glutamic Acid: This essential amino acid helps to process proteins. It helps with many factors related to the immune system and digestion. It also helps to detox the human body.
  • Maca root: This is a type of radish and is grown in Peru as a vegetable. Various studies show this root can help with energy, stamina, and athleticism. It’s also used for other functions like the immune system and sex drive.
  • Potassium: This is an element that can help to prevent allergies, high blood pressure, and stress.
  • Tyrosine: This is a kind of amino acid that helps to process hormones. They include the “feel good” hormone dopamine. This amino acid can help boost focus/alertness and lower stress levels.
  • Vitamin B6: This is an important vitamin. It helps the immune system, forms hemoglobin, etc.
  • Vitamin E: This is an antioxidant that can boost the immune system and provide other health benefits.

PS1000 Pros and Cons


Appetite Suppression

This is one f the main plusses of the program. The supplement is designed to provide several benefits including appetite suppression. This, in turn, can help reduce your cravings/binges. When that happens, you’re less likely to have snack attacks.

Might speed up weight loss

This is the main goal of the program. The combination of the nutritional program and diet drops helps to amp up the process. There’s some debate about how effective the supplements are. However, they have a wide range of ingredients that could potentially speed up weight loss.

No Side-Effects

This is due to the natural ingredients in the diet drops. The problem with prescription diet pills is they contain strong chemicals. That can cause unwanted side-effects and offset any benefits you get from the pills.

Thyroid Gland functionality

This is another possible issue related to weight loss. There’s a link between the thyroid gland and metabolism. So, when the gland is working efficiently this can boost metabolism and thus how much fat you lose.


Drops not sold separately

This is a hassle if you run out of them. It means you’ll have to buy the whole program. If the company sold the drops separately it would provide consumers with more convenience. They could just buy the drops at a lower price than the whole program.

Low energy due to calorie restriction

Since the program is a restricted/low-calorie diet this could cause side-effects like weakness or sleepiness.

No Vegan/Vegetarian version

This is something that can be a problem if you don’t eat animal meat, eggs, or milk. In that case, you’ll have to either tweak the program yourself or look for another one. This isn’t related to the program’s effectiveness but limits who can use it after eating ps1000 reviews.

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