Slimming World Review: Does the Slimming World Diet Work?

Do you want to try a diet with lesser restrictions and a more enjoyable variety of foods? Well, the Slimming World Diet is here to help you be your best self minus the food deprivation.

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They say that you will never achieve your dream body if you just occasionally eat whatever you want when you feel like giving yourself a treat. With that, you suddenly don’t feel like dieting anymore because you think it will just be hard for you. What if I tell you that the world is full of endless possibilities, that there may be a chance of going on a diet without trying to stop yourself from eating your favorite desserts once in a while? Perhaps, there is one certain diet that is somehow new to the public but has been slowly gaining attention because of how it is done. This diet is called the Slimming World diet.

The Slimming World Diet: Another Fad Diet?

When you try to count the people who get into diets, it may comprise more than half of the world’s population. There is actually nothing new with this since there are already a huge variety of diets nowadays, where people can choose whichever suits their preference.

But when some of these people are asked what they want their diets to be, there will no doubt be some of them who will say they want to give themselves occasional treats so they can at least enjoy the diet. People like these are suitable for the Slimming World diet which was designed for this purpose.

When did the Slimming World diet start?

It was way back in 1969 when the Slimming World diet was introduced to the public by a woman named Margaret Miles-Bramwell. This diet actually started from Derbyshire and was named after their weight-loss organization based in the United Kingdom – Slimming World.

What is the concept of this diet?

In the Slimming World diet, they do not apply the calorie count method which is commonly used by most diets. Instead, they base the success of the diet programs from food satisfaction (or satiety) and the density of energy.

How Does It Work?

The Slimming World diet is made to follow the method of Food Optimising.

Food Optimising is a regimen which is considered to be one of the most user-friendly, generous, and practical way of dieting compared to other diet practices. Most people will probably roll their eyes out of disbelief when said that there is an easy and effective way to diet, maybe they just haven’t heard of Food Optimising yet.

Before anything, let me tell you that all things regarding Food Optimising is fully based on science. Its complete and effectivity have already been proven to be tried and tested, which is why it was already done by some people out there.

Now let’s get to see how Food Optimising is applied to the Slimming World diet.

The basis of creating the Food Optimising method is by combining the effects of satiation, satiety, and food density. Those are the actual terms associated with the diet method, but if they were to be simplified it means that the chosen foods will be able to make you full and satisfied for a longer time in order to control what you eat and avoid unwanted or overeating.

The Foods to Eat

For an easier and smoother diet, Slimming World categorized the foods that can be eaten for a specific diet. The basic food categories are Free Foods, Syns, and Healthy Extras.

Free Foods

These foods can be consumed in unlimited amounts. Yes, you read it right, they can be eaten no matter how much you want to; no one can stop you. Normally, Free Foods are low-fat foods and are still considered healthy; some examples are fruits and vegetables, eggs, pasta, rice, lean meat, and fish. Again, you can eat these foods to your heart’s content and you do not have to worry about the calories you intake so go get that Free Food you’ve been dying to eat.


However versatile and food-friendly Slimming World diet is, there are still a few restrictions. The syns are considered to be the controlled portion of the diet, but they are not totally banned from eating. They can be called as the occasional treats or the “cheat foods”. Just be sure to limit your consumption of these foods (which used to be 5 to 15 before, but is now limited to 10).

Most examples of syn foods are junk foods or those that contain ingredients that are not too healthy; such as cakes, biscuits, potato chips and other crisps, ice cream, salad dressings and other dressings, and pizza.

Healthy Extras

These foods come after Free Foods. They are divided into groups A and B which are composed of calcium-rich foods and fiber-rich foods respectively. Both of them can be added to daily meals and they must also be limited, but they can be consumed in greater portions compared to the Syns.

Slimming World Diet Review

There are actually a lot of people who have joined Slimming World programs, they call themselves the slimmers.

Although the diet originally started from the United Kingdom, it is starting to build its reputation in the U.S. too. And when it comes to reviews and feedbacks regarding the diet, there were a lot of praises and positive results that even boosted the diet’s fan base.

It is also good that the diet is non-restricted and can be tried by everyone. According to the first people who thought of the diet, it is designed for everyone to try. They also say that there will be no dangerous side effects while undergoing the Slimming World diet.

A lot of mothers who went into Slimming World diets shared success stories. There are even some of them who amazingly lost half their weight in just 10 months, while a few ladies tried the diet just in time for their wedding days; and they were all successful.

Even influential people have some reviews for the Slimming World diet, just like former actress Rebecca Wheatley. She shared her story of losing half her weight by following the diet regimen. Through this, she was awarded as Woman of the Year by Slimming World last 2005.

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