Swimming for Weight Loss: Benefits, Duration, Tips

Swimming for weight loss may be effective when done properly.

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People swim for various reasons. But among of the main motivations behind people swimming is to lose weight and improve overall health. Swimming, however, has always been relegated to the sidelines compared to other workout routines. Learn why swimming for weight loss is worth a shot.

Is Swimming Effective for Weight Loss?

Kay Cox, an Australian researcher who conducted a study in 2010 on inactive female subjects divided the subjects into two groups. One group were asked to do some walking for exercise while asking the other to do some swimming as exercise. Their activities were monitored and observed using a heart rate monitor and after a year of the aforementioned activities from the two groups, the group who went swimming lost 1.1 kilograms or kg more than those who walked. This definitive study showed that swimming can indeed have a positive effect on individuals who wish to lose weight. 

 In addition, certain factors present in swimming can even make swimming a better alternative to other physical activities like running. These factors include lower temperatures and the effect of water buoyancy. However, there are still some things that individuals can do to make sure that 

Tips on Swimming for Weight Loss

As stated earlier, swimming can be a really effective exercise for people who wish to lose weight. Factors such as buoyancy in swimming can be of great help for people who wish to workout despite having foot, knee, or ankle injuries. The lower temperatures can also contribute to individuals actually lasting longer in the pool working out compared to having high temperatures for other activities or routines. 

Listed below are some of the tips to make the most out of swimming and to ensure optimal effects for weight loss:

Be wary of increased appetite or craving after swimming

The appetite of swimmers after a hard day’s work out is incredible and particularly famous for its extreme need to consume tons of food items. This craving or appetite has resulted in various funny memes found all over the world wide web or the internet. The levels of energy utilized and the low temperature of the cold water both contribute to this extreme hunger or craving for food after an extensive session on swimming.

People should be aware and wary of this tendency to react to the body’s wants after swimming since it may result in overeating. This may then consequently lead to derailed diet plans and defeat the purpose of weight loss swimming regularly was supposed to achieve. As such, it is important that a diet plan or program is prepared in advance for swimming workout sessions to avoid or prevent overeating. This will ensure that the individual’s hard work and long hours of training and swimming sessions are not wasted and are kept on track.

Know how many calories will be burned after a swimming session

In order to lose one pound, the body needs to shed around 3,500 calories. It is also common knowledge that for best and fast results to lose weight, it is best to combine both exercise and diet. As such, it is recommended that individuals accomplish a weekly swimming goal of at least 2.5. hours to effectively see some results in maintaining and losing weight. Losing one (1) pound a month, which requires at least seven (7) hours of swimming is actually very doable and possible. The important thing is that the number of hours and the type of activities conducted is consistent.

With consistency, hard work, and focus, people can achieve this monthly weight loss goal. In general, there are a number of factors that can affect how much weight is lost during swimming which includes a person’s skills in swimming and the person’s weight. Ideally, however, a person weighing around 150 pounds or lbs can burn around 500 calories for each swimming session lasting an hour. A 200-pound individual may burn around 600 calories for the same amount of swimming activities. 

Swimming strokes used by swimmers actually matter for weight loss

The stroke used during swimming workouts actually matter. This is because certain strokes can result in more calories burned. The most efficient calorie burning stroke is, not surprisingly, the butterfly stroke. Using the butterfly stroke for around ten (10) minutes can result in weight loss totaling 150 calories. The butterfly stroke, though, requires some practice and skills to efficiently pull off for ten (10) minutes. For those who may find the butterfly stroke difficult, freestyle swimming or stroke may be the second-best stroke to use for those who wish to lose weight through swimming.

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