The Plan: Major Points in This “Diet Book”

The book focuses on doing a breakfast detox to help get rid of toxins that can slow down metabolism. They include dandelion tea, which can function as a liver detox. Vitamin B12 is also helpful in the process. Another good option is probiotics like yogurt for adding more good bacteria in the digestive system.

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Is it possible that certain so-called healthy foods are actually making us gain weight? It might be surprising but it’s the focus of The Plan diet. This book focuses on “trigger foods” that people often consider to be good for them. However, they’re not based on the way the human body reacts to them. For example, some people might actually lose less weight from celery sticks & hummus than potato chips & guacamole. The book claims that certain foods like turkey and tomatoes can actually be toxic for certain people. This might be surprising since turkey is high in protein and amino acids, while tomatoes are high in antioxidants.

The Plan diet book focuses on teaching people how they can figure out which foods make them healthy and which ones they should avoid because they make them sick. For example, certain foods like cauliflower are healthy for most people. However, they can cause health issues for others. It’s important to determine which foods boost your health and which ones are making you gain weight or even become sick.  This diet is a 20-day program that requires people to find out which foods are OK for them and which ones are triggering weight gain or illness. This might result in better digestion, sleep, etc.

What Is The Plan Diet?

The Plan is a book by Lyn-Genet Recitas. It takes a different approach to diet and weight gain. We all know that certain foods like those with “empty calories” and “bad fat” can cause weight gain. However, sometimes even so-called “healthy” foods are toxic for certain people and can cause them to gain weight.

Recitas argues that this explains why some people can’t lose weight even though they’re dieting, exercising, and eating fewer “comfort foods.”

She argues that the main problem is inflammation. This slows down people’s metabolism and prevents them from losing weight regardless of which steps they take.

The author points out that low-grade inflammation survives well in environments in which a person keeps eating certain foods. The inflammation actually boosts weight gain instead of weight loss.

What’s interesting is this happens regardless of how many calories the food has. Some examples are not drinking enough water or eating too much sodium. Both of these actions can boost inflammation in the body.  

Here are some foods that are more likely to cause inflammation;

  1. Bagels
  2. Corn
  3. Deli meats
  4. Hot dogs
  5. Pizza crust
  6. Shrimp
  7. Trans-fats

There are other foods like a lobster that might trigger inflammation. That’s based on how difficult it is to process the seafood’s enzymes. Some other foods might cause allergic reactions. Examples include peach fuzz, peanuts, or shrimp.

Then there are foods that are least likely to cause inflammation. They include:

  1. Apple
  2. Greens
  3. Kale
  4. Lamb
  5. Squash
  6. Water

The book focuses on doing a breakfast detox to help get rid of toxins that can slow down metabolism. They include dandelion tea, which can function as a liver detox. Vitamin B12 is also helpful in the process. Another good option is probiotics like yogurt for adding more good bacteria in the digestive system.

Recitas focuses on patients working with their doctors to boost their metabolism.

The Plan Diet and Weight Gain

Recitas has done studies on the immune system and holistic medicine for 30+ years. This has helped thousands of people to lose weight and boost their health/wellness.

One of the most important topics in her book is weight gain. Recitas argues that it’s only related to the human body’s chemical reaction to the food a person eats. She argues this explains why some people are unable to lose weight even if they eat low-calorie/healthy food.

The reason is each person’s body has a one-of-a-kind chemical composition. So, what happens is foods that are normally healthy to become toxic to them. That results not only in weight gain but other things like joint pain, skin problems, and migraines. It might even cause serious inflammation issues and premature aging.

This explains why Recitas wrote The Book. She wanted people to learn about the foods that make them well (“friendly foods”) and those that make them sick (“trigger foods.”) This can help them lose weight and become healthier.

Recitas also claims that people who follow her program can experience various health benefits. They can lose a maximum of 8% of their body weight.  They’ll also experience other benefits related to energy, digestion, and sleep.

What’s the diet all about? It’s a short-term program (20 days) but the goal is to produce lifestyle changes that are long-term.

In fact, the program has some features that are unlike many “diets.” That’s because it doesn’t limit calories, carbs, or portion sizes. People are encouraged to eat foods that make them happy. The program also includes menus/meal planning to help you eat healthy foods/meals.

Exercise is part of the program but it’s just 30 minutes/day for 4x/week. There are also no workout plans.

Since it’s not a restrictive diet people are more likely to do binge eating. They also might return to “trigger foods” after the 20-day program.

Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

Ways to Lose Weight Naturally


There’s even a no sugar diet that eliminates all foods with white sugar, corn syrup, etc. Even if you don’t follow that diet you can still benefit by reducing your sugar intake. It can even help to reduce your chance of type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.


Make sure it’s unsweetened coffee and brewed is the best. Add a little real milk/cream to reduce bitterness. Coffee is loaded with antioxidants and other healthy chemicals.

Whole Foods

If you eat whole foods it’s one of the best ways to lose weight. You’re getting many nutrients while reducing extra salt, sugar, and fat in your diet. When eating whole foods, it’s important to still make sure you don’t go overboard on calories.

Meanwhile, you should reduce processed foods. In fact, the UN’s WHO reports that processed meat might cause cancer. These foods also are often loaded with unhealthy additives.


If you’re not drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day then you’re not getting enough. You’ll need even more on hot/humid days and after gym workouts. You can even drink some water before meals so you’ll feel fuller and eat less food. Water provides many benefits like a detox.

Healthy Snacks

We often think of snacks as a bad thing. However, they can be quite healthy. The key is to pick ones that are low in salt, sugar, fat, and artificial preservatives. If you get the munchies you could go with fresh fruit, veggies, and hummus, or even oatmeal with cinnamon. Try to pick natural/fresh ingredients for the healthiest options.


This is one of the best nutrients for weight-loss. When the body digests protein it burns calories. So high-protein diets can increase metabolism by up to 100 calories/day. It also helps you feel full and reduce appetite, which can help lose weight like the plan diet.

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