5 Time Saving Meal Prep Hacks

Doing meal preparation is an effective and efficient way of using time.

meal prep for weight loss

Being on an eating plan and aiming for weight loss does not come overnight; it takes a lot of time, a lot of patience, a lot of sacrifices, and most importantly a lot of hard work so controlling your mind is the key in making this transition and attain success. Therefore, creating a strategy for yourself and personify discipline to stick with the plan can bring you the transformation you envision.

Lifestyle changes are indeed hard but it doesn’t mean we can’t formulate strategies to make it fun and easy. We will focus on the most fundamental and the easiest, yet very complicated aspect of weight loss, meal preparation. Preparing meals consumes a lot of time and makes us feel lazy that is why most people give up because it feels like a lot of hard work, so we have to look for ways on how to do them fast and efficient. A meal prep for weight loss is important as we do this process of transformation. So we will talk about 5 Time Saving Meal Prep Hacks to help you in your transition towards your goal; losing weight.

5 Time Saving Meal Prep Hacks

Meal prepping is a way of preparing your meals in advance. By using these meal prep hacks it can save you time, money, and energy. Most of all, it allows you to get on track and stay on track with your healthy lifestyle. So let’s begin.

  • Prepare and Cook your eggs in advance

Preparing for hard-boiled eggs is a simple and easy meal hack you can do. They have plenty of vitamins and minerals which is important for a healthy diet and are inexpensive which is good for your wallet too. Cooking a hard-boiled egg in the evening and eating it in the morning before you go to work saves you more time in preparing for yourself, you can also bring it with you wherever you want to go by putting it in a small container, pair it with vegetables to create a salad, and eat it anytime as they are an anytime meal. You can have a hard-boiled egg within five (5) to seven (7) minutes if you’re just cooking one or two eggs.

If you’re cooking three and more eggs, you can use a pressure cooker that can take in more eggs. Pour in water, must be slightly above the eggs, ensure they are fully immersed, heat them with a tablespoon of salt, this prevents the eggs to crack. Ones done, soak them in cold water and finally peel their shells to have that perfect looking egg.

  • Chop Vegetables and Fruits ahead of time

Cutting vegetables and fruits ahead of time makes it easier for you to prepare meals, it takes time to peel and chop them one by one, so after buying the produce chop them immediately, place them in a sealed bag, put some label about its details, and place them inside the freezer. In this format, it is convenient to grab snacks and make meals at an instant.

The same goes with fruits, by measuring and pre-assembling them ahead of time the consumption of these fruits and turning them into flavorful smoothies will be proportioned and convenient.

  • Repurposing Leftovers

This has been a tested practice, as reusing foods, or food items, twice or many times into something new can give fun and new taste dimensions with food; like adding new flavors or fusing it with an existing meal. It allows leftovers to be enjoyed and leased a new taste of life for it to be fully consumed. Most of all, this practice helps to cut down on food waste, where most food ends up in landfills and cause environmental damage to our planet.

  • Pack Foods Properly

Loading your food in a freezer in an organized way will maintain the quality of your food and make your food more accessible, easy to identify. It is very important to pack foods before it is placed in the freezer. Matching the food with the right size container is important so there is no wasted air space, and stacking them neatly so they can fit well inside the freezer.

Foods placed in freezer bags should be packed to the max and squeeze the air out before sealing them to prevent freezer burn. Also, let hot foods cool before sealing them and then put them inside the freezer.

Use freezer labels so you can monitor the dates and content of every bag and container, importantly place them facing the door for easy identification. It is important to sort items by type; meat with meaty foods in one area, vegetables in one area, and the same goes with fruits. Always place the new foods at the back, and place the earlier bought foods in the front so they can be consumed immediately.

  • Always prep for the coming week

It is important to have a plan for the week, you prepare for success and the success of your health. Knowing what to prepare on Monday to Sunday will make it easier for you to move swiftly or just easily grab the things in the fridge whenever you feel like eating is convenient, with all your tool nicely prepared you can do meals in an instant. It is worth mentioning that understanding the foods that you buy is also key as they will be consumed for the week, or most probably in the next.


Doing meal preparation is an effective and efficient way of using time, makes you more sustainable as it limits food wastage, gives you the opportunity to be creative in making new meals for you and your family, and gives you the best value for your money. And of course, this doesn’t happen in just one night or one week, this is a habit that needs to be improved, always, and discipline is a must for this to be a success for you and your goal of losing weight, or simply living healthy. Therefore, creating a strategy for yourself and personify discipline to stick with the plan can bring you the transformation you envision.

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