Tuna Fish: Benefits and Dangers

Tuna fish is definitely one of the healthiest meat that you can eat. However, because of its natural habitat, it might pose some dangers to your health.

Tuna fish is definitely one of the healthiest meat that you can eat.

Tuna fish is definitely popular for its distinctive taste and health benefits.  It is a staple addition to practically any type of cuisine.  Although it offers multiple benefits, there are some risks involved when you regularly eat tuna.  Here are some things to know about it for you to know how often you should eat it without having to worry about its side effects


Wonder Fish

Before going into the risks of eating too much of tuna fish, one has to understand that it truly offers so many benefits to the human body so much so that it a common ingredient for different types of cuisine may it be Asian, Australian, even European.  There are different kinds of tuna primarily abundant in the subtropical water of the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean Sea.  Commonly used are Yellowfin, Bluefin, Bigeye, Skipjack, and Albacore.  Sizes can vary among the varieties of tuna fish.  The bluefin, for example, can reach over a thousand pounds.  The meat of this fish is really rich with both taste and nutrients.  This is why it is very popular.  Every year, countless pounds of tuna fish are consumed around the world, often sold as fresh fish, frozen, or canned.  With a taste so distinct and so versatile, they are main ingredients in a variety of dishes including sushi, salad, and even pasta.


Tuna Fish Benefits

From hair vitality to heart health, there are many benefits that tuna fish offers.  Here are just some of them:

It promotes heart health.

Tuna fish is primarily known to be friendly to the heart.  This is because of its main component: omega-3 fatty acids.  These acids promote excellent blood circulation.  They also help maintain balance in blood vessels while regulating bad cholesterol.

It boosts the immune system.

Apart from having omega-3 fatty acids which tuna fish is most known for, it is also packed with a variety of nutrients.  Among them are selenium, Vitamin C, manganese, and zinc.  All these help boost the immune system.  As antioxidants, they also help fight free radicals that can cause cancer and cellular decay.

It helps maintain normal blood pressure.

Compared to pork and beef, tuna fish is one meat that you do not have to worry about blood vessel blockage that could negatively affect blood pressure.  As it keeps bad cholesterol at bay, it also reduces the risk of inflammation.  This makes tuna one of the best food to promote cardiovascular health.

It goes well with a keto diet.

One of the most popular diets is the keto diet.  In this type of diet, you drastically reduce your intake of carbohydrates while increasing intake of good fat.  When you do this consistently, your body eventually enters a state of ketosis where it naturally burns fat as the primary energy resource.  The key thing here is healthy fat.  This is why most people who practice this type of diet look to tuna fish because omega-3 fatty acids are considered healthy fat making this truly keto-friendly.

It promotes weight loss.

Even if you are not on a keto diet, going for tuna fish instead of other types of meat is ideal if you want to shave off excess weight.  They are much lower in calories on one side and they are loaded with protein and nutrients on the other.  With this, you get to enjoy the taste of tuna without having to worry too much about counting calories.

It enhances skin health.

One of the best things about tuna fish is its link with clear and healthy skin.  This is because of the presence of elastin, a protein found in tuna fish that helps keep your skin looking young, smooth, healthy and firm.  If you want to have healthy skin, you can definitely add tuna fish as part of your health regimen.

It promotes bone health.

Yet another benefit of eating this fish is the fact that it helps strengthen the bones.  Apart from the previously mentioned nutrients, it also is packed with B vitamins that enhance bone strength and density.  It is also loaded with protein that promotes tissue and muscle strength adding another layer of protection from bone injuries.

It boosts energy levels.

Given its high protein, high healthy fat, and high nutrient content, your body can tap into a whole host of energy resources apart from carbohydrates.  This way, you do not have to rely too much on starchy food and sugary stuff to get the energy boost that you need.  You can boost energy levels the healthy way with tuna fish.

It helps fight cancer.

Tuna fish is loaded with antioxidants that protect the body against cancer-causing free radicals.  Eating tuna fish as an alternative to pork and beef significantly reduces the risk of developing cancer in some cases.



There is wisdom in the logic that everything should be taken in moderation.  The same goes for tuna fish.  Just because it is loaded with health benefits does not mean that you should go overboard in eating it.  Here are some risks if you do:

  • Tuna may contain mercury concentrations.  Mercury is poisonous to the human body particularly affecting the nervous system.  This is why children should not be fed tuna regularly.  There should be an interval of at least two or three weeks just to be safe.  For adults, an interval of four or five days is most ideal.
  • Canned tuna has the least amount of mercury content.  Men can take about 14.5 ounces of light tuna each week.  Women can take about 12.5 ounces.
  • Tuna fish is highly discouraged among pregnant women.  However, if they do want to indulge from time to time, they should consume no more than 36 ounces in a month.
  • The thing here is the bigger the fish, the higher the mercury content.  This is why Yellowfin tuna has less mercury content than its Albacore counterpart.  This does not mean that you should stop eating tuna steak altogether.  You can indulge but make sure you have longer intervals in between.


The Takeaway

Mercury poisoning is a real thing and it cannot be removed just by washing the tuna fish.  The best thing is to keep the suggested amount in mind and if you do indulge and go beyond said amount, have a longer interval before you eat tuna fish again.

Tuna fish is definitely one of the healthiest meat that you can eat.  It is loaded with nutrients beneficial to the human body.  However, its natural habitat and habits cause it to have mercury concentrations as well.  This does not mean you should not enjoy the benefits of tuna fish.  All you have to do is to follow the suggested amount of tuna fish intake or have longer intervals in between.

Tuna fish is definitely one of the healthiest meat that you can eat.

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