Types of Turkey

These types of turkeys have a big impact on the kind of flavor or texture that we want to highlight.

types of turkey

Nowadays and even before, for consumers, turkeys are not classified. Whatever turkey is in the store, is a turkey, and yes, we are going to cook it on Thanksgiving day. Do you know that there are types of turkeys and there is a variety of their classification out there? These classifications are crucial to the outcome of the taste, what ingredients best suits it, and what is your type.

Some may say that they do not bother. A turkey is a turkey. That is a mistake. You might be missing half of your life if you haven’t tried the variety of turkeys we have in the market. After reading this article, you might want to support our local farmers who are toiling to breed healthy and juicy breeds of turkey. Organic, native, fresh or frozen, you might want to know what kind of turkey you might want to get this year for Thanksgiving or any occasion really.

Frozen Turkey

Frozen turkey is what its name suggests-frozen. When you buy them in your local department store. More often than not, they are frozen to the bone. With this condition, the turkey needs some time of thawing in the fridge. Frozen turkeys should only be thawed in the fridge (not the freezer) because the ice in the meat might melt in days. Thawing a frozen turkey on the fridge is the safest way to thaw it.

The amount of time and days you need to give to thaw the entire turkey is enormous, so you might want to include in your planning and preparation the time it requires for your turkey to thaw. Now that is a downside of the frozen turkey. If you are planning to prepare the big bird on the same day as your dinner, you might want to take a double check on yourself. Usually, people won’t tell the difference between a frozen or a fresh turkey.

However, if you are somebody who is meticulous or a chef, you might want to know the slight difference between the two. A frozen turkey might taste blander than a fresh turkey. A frozen chicken might be a little bit drier in the meat than a fresh turkey. Frozen turkeys are drier because of the extreme temperature it was immersed too. During its freezing stage, a lot of moisture might be drawn out of the turkey causing its drier texture than the fresh turkey. These teeny tiny details might be important to you since it especially affects your ingredients and your way of cooking it.

Fresh Turkey

If you are that human who likes his or her turkey fresh, make sure that you do not fall to the trap of “previously frozen turkey”. Some stores might actually trick you into thinking that what you are buying is a fresh turkey. How do they do it? Stores buy a frozen turkey on the market because frozen turkeys are relatively more expensive, I guess. Then they thaw it in their produce section. Viola, they have their “fresh” turkey.

Be on the lookout for these tactics and scrutinize the turkey that you are buying. Better practice on buying a fresh and quality turkey is by knowing the credibility and reputability of the store. A fresh turkey can be prepared as it is. It needs a little time for thawing. The taste of the turkey is a juicer and a tastier blend of flesh and meat. This is because fresh turkeys moisture are retained and usually these are directly sourced from farms.

The Pre-Brined Turkey

A pre-brined or self-basting turkey is the turkey that has been injected with a broth, salt, seasoning, herbs, spices, and other flavorings. You may choose a variety of pre-brined turkey according to what they are injected (or marinated) with. Pre-brined or self-basting turkey is perfect for individuals who like their turkeys fast and delicious. Also, this is a recommended turkey for beginners since they do not really need a lot of procedures to flavor the turkey. They just need a broiler or an oven to cook it. If you are a salt person, you can try to add a pinch of salt into it but if you are not a salt-enthusiasts, then you can simply leave it as it is. You can still add some flavorings or spices if you want, just do not over do it or it might be a turkey disaster.

Kosher Turkey

A Kosher turkey is an extra special turkey. It is subject to the turkey cooking traditions of Jews. These turkeys are taken care of a Jewish butcher. The turkey is usually slaughtered according to the practices of the Jewish tradition. They also drain the blood of the turkey and pre-seasons them to perfection. The popular element about the Kosher turkey is its pre-seasoned character. It tends to be extra flavorful and the texture to be extra tender. Like the pre-brined turkey, do not try to overdo the flavorings on your kosher turkey. If you try to season them they might turn out to be too salty or overly done.

The Natural Turkeys

The natural turkey is a what you see is what you get kind of turkey. This turkey is not pre-brined or pre-seasoned. If it is seasoned, it might only be injected with water, salt, and natural flavorings. This turkey does not have any artificial flavorings or preservatives to it. A natural turkey might be a good idea if you are a kind of person who loves to cook a turkey from the scratch. With this kind of turkey, you are given the freeway to do everything from the flavor to the season or generally on what is your way of cooking it.

The Organic Turkeys

Organic Turkeys usually has a higher price compared to other turkeys. This is because of the all natural, all organic feed that they turkeys are grown in. Certified organic turkeys are fed with organic feeds all their lives and they are not subject to antibiotics or other medicines.

The Free Range

A free-range turkey is a kind of turkey wherein farms, allow them to actually roam around for some time. Some farmers allow them to roam for a limited period of time but some of the time like to give all-time free access for a turkey to roam around fully.

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