Upper Body Muscles: Overview + Diet and Fitness Tips to Tone the Area

In general people are advised to improve their upper and lower body to have a balanced looking physique and a more symmetrical body.

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Some people focus on toning and improving their upper body muscles. This is the portion of the human body where muscle gain occurs at a rapid and accelerated pace. In addition, upper body toning also has one of the most apparent or obvious physical change in terms of appearance. 

Unfortunately, properly toning and sculpting upper body muscle is not as simple at it seems. It is not just about performing “reps” and various strength training exercises to target specific groups or clusters of muscles. Suffice it to say that there are a number of variables to consider for the development and enhancement of the upper muscle groups of the body such as the traps, arms, shoulders, back, and chest. As a general rule, muscle groups should be worked out together with the other end or opposing side of the said muscle groups. People should also consider that working should be a form of fluid and smooth motion that is controlled.

Upper Body Muscles Toning

Individuals must keep in mind that muscle building should be done in stages or phases. This is so that fitness goals are achieved and maintained in the long term. In short, people who set goals based on a timeframe of one (1) to three (3) months will most probably experience the most effective gains and benefits in terms of muscle density, body weight, and strength setting. This excellent and timebound strategy should ideally lead to high levels of motivation, personal fitness goals achieved, and maintenance of exercise and workout routines for the long term. 

Tips and Facts about Toning Specific Areas or Portions of the Body

The concept of toning or working specific body part or area is actually impossible 

People who work out will generally lose weight in all parts of their body. Keep in mind though that sustained workouts will also result in continued weight loss and the amount of weight loss will eventually vary per body part or area.

Which fat to be eliminated will be determined by the body in general

As the body begins and continues to lose weight, the body will automatically choose which parts of the body will utilize, store, or lose its surrounding fat for conversion to energy. In short, people can’t really target specific parts of their bodies when working out.

Fat stores have generally prominent locations

One of the prominent portions of the human body where fat is accumulated or stored is around the abdomen. After which, fats are generally stored and accumulate in and around the person’s hips and thighs. 

The advantages of weight training

Evidence suggests that weight training can help enhance the metabolic function of the human body which means better processing and use of calories and other nutrients for the body’s energy. Strength training can also enhance the present lean muscle mass of individuals while at the same time toning the muscle being worked out.

During spot weight training, people should note that repetitions should not be the only thing considered as resistance and weight also play crucial roles. In short, doing fifteen (15) repetitions with higher resistance or weight may prove to be more effective compared to the performance of around thirty (30) to fifty (50) reps of low resistance routines.

Fat cells present in the body are pre-set and predetermined 

People don’t really lose fat cells when they lose weight. They simply lose the density or the mass of their fat cells when they work out and experience weight loss. This happens as the body requires more energy and resorts to using up the energy stored in fat cells. The opposite is also true when individuals gain more weight. Their bodies don’t actually create more fat cells, rather their bodies’ fat cells simply gain more mass or volume and enlarge itself.

Muscles should always be given time to recover and recuperate

Individuals should always keep in mind that muscles also require time to recuperate and recover after strenuous workouts or physical activities. In fact, muscle gains usually do not happen during the act of working out or exercising but during rest and recuperation. Overworking muscles without giving time to recuperate may derail an individual’s goals for fitness and may even result in bodily injuries.

Global and specific or targeted exercises should be combined or mixed

For individuals who want quicker results, combining both global or generic workouts with targeted workouts such as tricep exercises may yield faster outcomes.

What About Diet?

It is generally recommended by experts that people who do upper body muscles toning eat balanced meals. People’s needs vary, however. This is why it is best that people talk with their trainers and nutritionists first. For example, some might need to boost protein levels and eat more protein levels compared to others.

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