Water Challenge Diet: Is this Healthy?

The Water Challenge Diet is a 30-day water-drinking diet that advises you to drink 64 ounces (1.89 liters) per day. That’s about 8 – 9 glasses of water daily.

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The Water Challenge Diet is a good one and sounds like a feat: a lot of water, does it really work? Water is life. In fact, 400 billion gallons of it is drank or used in America every day. Nearly 70 percent of earth’s fresh water supply is inside glaciers and 30 percent of it is in the ground.

Water as an element is able to dissolve the most substances compared to other liquids and even sulfuric acid. Did you know? 70% of the brain is composed of water? It might look like we have plenty of drinking water as world supply (and we do), 97% of all the water in the world is undrinkable because it is saltwater. Water for your body is advantageous as it cleans toxins and provides 0 calories. In fact, a study that surveyed overweight women for a year and their water consumption increase proved beneficial with each month passing. The women were asked to drink more than 34 ounces or 1 liter daily. After a year, each of these women lost 2 kg, and that is much considering they did not have to perform physical exercises. Imagine doing a water challenge diet. The more pounds to lose and the healthier your system can be. Let’s see!

All About the 30-Day Water Challenge Diet

The Water Challenge Diet is a 30-day water-drinking diet that advises you to drink 64 ounces (1.89 liters) per day. That’s about 8 – 9 glasses of water daily. Drink only plain water. Definitely no sugary content or additives. Physicians and health experts recommend an average water consumption of 8-oz. glasses daily. If you exercise more, replace the perspiration and urination with more water.

Water strengthens your immune system, enhances digestion and metabolism, boosts energy, heightens brain functions, improves skin health, and yes, definitely aids in weight loss. In fact, celebrities who drink a gallon a day swear water helps their skin be more moisturized and healthy and packed a lot more energy

Water Challenge Diet Precautions 

A good amount of water intake on a daily basis makes way for a range of health benefits. 

However, increasing intake without precaution could lead to water intoxication, especially if you drink too much of the stuff in one go. Whether you’re a less active individual or fit individual, you need to make mental or physical notes about how much you should be consuming based on your day-to-day activities. 

If you are planning to increase your intake, know that not every person is able to consume a gallon a day without experiencing side effects. Each individual’s body is different. If you drink too much water at once, your electrolyte balance loses its place and water will pass through the brain cells, causing intoxication.

Water intoxication affects your sodium levels which decrease at the lowest to 90-105 mmol/l. Those who are intoxicated begin to feel symptoms of drowsiness, confusion, including experiencing odd behaviors such as hallucinations and delusions, which are already psychosis symptoms. If a person’s sodium levels drop too low, the worst cases lead to death. So plan your water diet very well and watch out for these negative markers.

Getting Started

The goal of the Water Challenge Diet is the consumption of an extra gallon per day than the normal intake. A gallon = 3.7 liters. You will have to consciously keep adding more glasses in your daily water intake to be able to reach that gallon.

It begins with a glass of water upon rising in the morning. That’s thirty minutes before you take breakfast and another glass an hour after eating breakfast. This is succeeded by another glass an hour before lunchtime. Take another glass during siesta (preferably tea time), followed by half an hour before eating dinner. Finally, take the last glass before you go to sleep.  

Strict Guidelines

Rules of this water-drinking challenge are strict with the no sweetened add-ons, sugary drinks, unsweetened coffee to sweetened tea. If you want the water challenge diet to be successful, you must abide by these rules. Also, consuming alcohol is prohibited. If you have a sweet tooth, it will take some time before you get used to not having sugar in your drinks. As a tip, adding a slice of orange, lemon, ginger or mint leaf makes zest to your water.

Below is a checklist to keep in mind:

Teaonly sweetened tea is allowed
Juicenot allowed
Milkonly unsweetened milk is allowed
Coffeeonly unsweetened coffee is allowed
Sodanot allowed (unsweetened sparkling water is allowed without sweeteners)

Remember, performing the daily water-drinking ritual is a must or results will be difficult. Creating a water drinking chart or diary which indicates the days, glasses of water, and times of the day will help you monitor your progress. 

Establishing this water challenge diet in 30 days can become easy after the first few stages. It will take about a week or two of getting used to saying sugary food and drink cravings, and then it will be like walking, something that is habitual. You are going to crave more of the liquid in your system and cravings for unhealthy and processed foods or drinks are a thing of the past. Lastly, never drink one gallon at once to prevent water poisoning. Be sure the consumption of water is properly spread out throughout your day.

Water Challenge Diet Works

According to doctors and health experts, we need to consume half of our body weight by ounces. Meaning, if you are 150 lbs, you need to drink 75 ounces of water. But again, factors such as physical fitness activities and other physical work during the day need to be replaced with more ounces after perspiration, so always keep track. 

The water challenge diet works wonders and provides a myriad of health benefits. Individuals who have already taken the challenge guaranteed elevated energy levels, improved digestion, healthier skin, sounder sleep, lessened headaches, and proven weight reduction.

Studies reveal that drinking the set amount (8 – 10 glasses) of water for 30 days ensures the following:

  • Slows the aging process: This is because your skin retains its moisture and cells are renewed
  • Weight loss: Fewer cravings, smaller appetite as water acts as an appetite suppressant
  • Strengthens bones: Rebuilds your body’s shock absorber cartilage, smoothing joints
  • Boosts metabolism: Proven 24 percent increase in metabolic rate
  • Cuts down expenses: Minimized unhealthy food and drink cravings that cost

It starts with 16 ounces of water as soon as you wake up. So what do you say about the water challenge diet: yay or nay? 

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