Water Challenge Rules, Benefits, And What To Expect

The water challenge is a helpful strategy in increasing water intake and improving overall health and wellness

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People are aware of how important drinking water is and how it can be dangerous for people to drink too much or too little of it. There is evidence to suggest, that dehydration can result in adverse effects in terms of a person’s daily activities and health. 

A study also noted that one can never get too much water, although excessive water drinking has been associated with insomnia and excessive sweating. For this article, though, we look at what the Water Challenge is, some rules to establish for optimal results, and what benefits people can expect from the said challenge. Read on to find out more!

The Water Challenge: What is it?

The human body is composed of sixty percent water. People lose water when they digest food, sweat, or breath, which makes it crucial for people to replenish and hydrate their intake of water for the entire day. Generally speaking, individuals agree that drinking around eight ounces of water daily (or around half a gallon or two liters) is the ideal amount of water intake. Most individuals also acknowledge the importance of water to overall health and wellness. It has been shown based on various research and data, that mild dehydration levels can already impact and individual’s emotional and physical capabilities. Despite the importance of water, individuals still find it quite difficult to remain hydrated. The water challenge is designed for such a concern.

Individuals who accept the Water Challenge are agreeing to take in or drink the required intake of water per day, which is around 64 ounces of water daily for a specific period. While this recommendation is a general one, people can find out how much water they need to take in by having their weight in pounds divided into two. The challenge can sound simple enough but people are usually surprised at how great it can feel to have within them freshwater flowing all over. The water challenge, aside from being able to drink the required amount of water, is a great way to remove juices and sodas from their drink. Caffeine may also be cut out and people who just want to get hydrated may find this challenge beneficial as well.

Starting a Water Challenge

The water challenge can sound and seem pretty easy to do but the problem is it can also be easily forgotten. Tight schedules and voluminous workloads can all hinder and hamper an individual’s goal for water intake and lead to drinking water being bumped down to last priority once other more urgent matters come up. Fortunately, there are some things that people can do to help them start and maintain their water challenge goals:

Step Number 1

Purchase a preferred water bottle with some measuring lines along the side for easier monitoring of water taken in. This will make it easier to track how much water is consumed and makes it easier for the individuals to remind himself or herself to drink some water after each hour.

Step Number 2

Find a water challenge buddy and avoid doing this challenge all alone. It is best to do this with a family member or a friend. For the water challenge and any other diet program, accountability is key. This buddy system can also aid in motivation and help individuals stay focused on their intake of water.

Once the water challenge buddy and water bottle are established, then the 30-day challenge can be initiated. The water challenge is there to help individuals start with some new and positive habits while also promoting the increased intake of water. With this increased water intake, vital nutrients can be efficiently transported across the entire body and waste removal is also enhanced.

Step Number 3

For people who want some reminders on their water challenge, there are some water reminder applications that individuals can download for their mobile phones, tablet, or other devices. With the help of these apps, people can more easily track their hydration. Drinking goals can be set, the volume of water can be tracked much more easily.

Some Rules to Establish for the Water Challenge

Below are some of the general rules for the water challenge:

  1. Creation of a drinking plan- Those who are not used to drinking just water, it may be best to craft a 30-day water drinking plan that will help individuals take in that 3.7 liters of water daily. This drinking plan should fit the lifestyle and drinking habits of the individual. It also entails distributing the drinking of the water throughout the day and not just in one go.
  2. Sweetened drinks are a no go- The next rule in the water challenge is to say no to sweetened drinks. For thirty days, it should only really be water. For people who find this hard, they may start off drinking unsweetened soda, tea, or coffee.
  3. Counting Unsweetened drinks as well- Other unsweetened drinks mentioned earlier should also be counted. This also covers soups consumed during the challenge.

Some of the Possible Benefits of the Water Challenge and What to Expect

  1. Better Saliva creation and digestion- With increased water, saliva production is also enhanced which aids in more efficient digestion.
  2. Improved circulation of the blood- 90% of our blood is made of water and with the right hydration, circulation of the blood is also improved
  3. Healthy brain Function- Brain function is affected by dehydration. The 30-day challenge may help address this issue
  4. Body temperature regulation- Water can also serve as the body’s cooling agent
  5. Kidney Stones Prevention- Drinking adequate amounts of water can prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Bottom Line

The water challenge is a helpful strategy in increasing water intake and improving overall health and wellness. It focuses on drinking only water for 30 days to ensure optimal hydration.

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