Top Weight Loss Blogs of 2019

With the summer season lurking just around the corner, you may find yourself exerting more time and effort to tone your body. Indeed, who doesn’t like the idea of flaunting your fit physique while enjoying the sun’s warm ways on a beach? To help you get inspired and stay motivated, you can regularly visit blogs and benefit from various tips and advice.

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Technological advancement has provided us with unlimited access to multitudes of information. The do-it-yourself (DIY) trend is steadily surging and people are becoming more self-reliant. Free tutorials and guides are offered in a combination of formats from text-based to video. Accordingly, today’s generation utilizes these web materials for their DIY ventures instead of making purchases or hiring professionals. In fact, there are even online tools that can help you achieve your dream physique. In this article, we’ll be featuring the top weight loss blogs of 2019 that can guide you on your road to fitness.

Ignite The Fire And Start Your Weight Loss Journey

With the summer season lurking just around the corner, you may find yourself exerting more time and effort to tone your body. Indeed, who doesn’t like the idea of flaunting your fit physique while enjoying the sun’s warm ways on a beach? To help you get inspired and stay motivated, you can regularly visit blogs and benefit from various tips and advice.

According to Jen Tomas, a journalist and web producer in San Francisco, bloggers address weight loss from varying perspectives and add insights to conventional practices. Although they tend to be more subjective than most medical websites, their added personal opinions actually make their writings much simpler and more relatable. Thus, beginners can learn the ropes of healthy living with ease as they won’t be bogged down with ornate scientific information and complicated jargon. Blogs also offer an inclusive community to fitness-inclined individuals where they can share their goals and experiences.

If you wish to benefit from reliable information, we recommend that you check out these ten weight loss blogs.

1. 300 Pounds Down

300 Pounds Down is a blog that started with the inspirational story of Shannon Davis’s weight loss. At the age of 39, she has managed to drop a whopping 300 pounds of body weight by following a consistent diet and workout regimen for three years.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Davis shared the difficulties she has encountered. She explained that “there is no magic bullet” for weight loss and to boost the rate of success, one must be meticulous in designing and maintaining concrete plans. Davis allocated seven days a week for a workout regimen that mainly focused on cardio and weight-lifting.

In 300 pounds down, Davis aims to provide inspiration and advice to individuals who wish to jumpstart their journey towards fitness.

2. The Healthy Foodie

Sonia Lacasse started this blog with the intention of keeping a personal online food diary to track her own progress. Over time, her blog gained popularity and went beyond a personal endeavor. It became a passion for her to present the virtual community with easy-to-follow recipes that don’t compromise taste quality.

3. ACE Exercise Library

It is a non-profit certification organization for exercise professionals and health coaches. ACE is guided by an organizational belief that exercise is the core factor for achieving optimal health. Their blog provides a variety of movements for accomplishing different goals—from workouts for toning the entire body to exercises for targeting specific areas. The moves are explained with detailed descriptions, instructions, and photos for ensuring proper form.

4. Carrots ‘N’ Cake

This is another blog that started as a personal venture and grew into a resource center for healthy living. Tina Haupert began writing to hold herself accountable for accomplishing fitness goals before her wedding day. Today, the blog features all things wellness-related including macro-friendly recipes, workout guidelines, and weight-management advice obtained from Tina’s daily experiences as a mother, wife, and personal trainer.

5. The Lean Green Bean

If you wish to benefit from the advice of an expert in nutrition and dietetics, check out The Lean Green Bean. This blog is run by a registered dietician and offers a variety of information from recipes to workout plans. The main purpose of this blog is to promote developing a wholesome mindset on food and nutrition. Thus, it’s perfect for individuals who aim to maintain a healthy lifestyle using relatively simple methods.

6. Body Rebooted

Started by fitness coach and health advocate Christina Russell, the blog focuses on achieving a balance between working out and healthy eating. It’s a go-to resource filled with tons of home workout videos, gluten-free recipes, and tips for self-care. In addition, Body Rebooted focuses on what Russell believes to be the three key fundamentals of weight loss: food, fitness, and family.

7. Runs for Cookies

After losing an impressive 125 pounds, Katie Foster started her blog Runs for Cookies to share her thoughts about exercise and clean eating. The name is derived from her experiences in running marathons–a task which she could not have been capable of doing if she hadn’t managed to achieve a healthy weight. Foster uses her blog to inspire others by posting stories, recipes, and personal life updates for newcomers in the field of fitness.

8. A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss

Erika Nicole Kendall was motivated to start her own blog after successfully losing 170 pounds of body weight. Her impressive shift from being a couch potato to a fitness trainer serves as an inspiration for people who wish to jumpstart their weight loss journey. The blog also features training tips, recipes, and relevant posts on body image.

9. Andie Mitchell

Andie Mitchell is a best-selling author residing in Boston, Massachusetts. She started her blog in 2010 to share her moving weight loss journey that centralized on finding balance. Like most fitness bloggers, Mitchell provides creative recipes, life updates, and health tips. However, what makes her blog stand out, according to her readers is her perceptive and friendly manner of writing.

10. Life by Daily Burn

In a review, author Paige Waehner described Life by Daily Burn as a “sleek, well-designed workout website with a huge variety of workouts and programs”. Indeed, this blog is a versatile guide that offers essential information such as meal preparation plans and targeted exercises. However, it takes things to the next level by going beyond physical factors and encouraging readers to prioritize their emotional well-being. The website has sections on self-care and relaxation techniques such as meditation.


It’s a smart and cost-effective move to take advantage of the presence of weight loss blogs to improve your personal fitness progress.  However, it’s highly important to note that these weight loss blogs must not be treated as substitutes for real-life coaching. If you have specific nutritional needs and health requirements that necessitate attention, it’s advisable that you attend a one-on-one consultation with a professional.

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