What is Hummus? Does It Have Benefits?

Hummus is a popular dip. But aside from being flavorful, what else does hummus offer?

What is Hummus

What is Hummus?

Hummus is a popular dip for specific dishes in the middle and is slowly gaining popularity in the different types of cuisines. It is made from a simple mix of beans, some sesame seeds, oil, and lime. The charm of the hummus is how it is finely mixed, almost reduced to one color and oozing goodness.

Hummus is such a versatile dip that it can be paired with countless dishes especially dishes that are middle eastern in taste. Aside from being a dip to almost all middle eastern dishes, it is also packed with health benefits. This article will let you in further about the secrets of hummus and the amazing benefits it can give us.

Hummus is a Protein Dip

Hummus is packed with plant-based protein. This character makes it an ideal candidate in several diets which do not allow eating meat protein. Hummus can augment protein loss for these dieters. This is quite important because so long as you live, you will need protein in your body. It does not mean that if you are vegan, you should cut entirely protein in your diet, that would be a bad idea on your health. Another good thing about hummus aside from it being a good plant-based protein source, it is packed with other nutrients that are undeniably good for the body.

Helps Alleviate Inflammation

Many people think that inflammation is a bad thing, actually no. Inflammation is a healthy response to our body that is plagued with infection. Inflammation can only become a problem when it is persistent and stays for a very long time. Usually, when this happens, there is an underlying disease other than infection that is present in there. Hummus can’t treat inflammation perse but it has nutrients and mineral in there that can help alleviate the nuisance of acquiring inflammation.

One of the dip’s ingredient is olive oil. Olive oil such a potent anti-inflammatory agent. It acts like any other medicine for inflammation but decidedly so, of course, medicines are more specific and potent. This ingredient in hummus is what makes it a potent alternative for inflammation relief.

Another ingredient that makes hummus a potent relief for inflammation is sesame seeds. Like olive oil, sesame seeds also act as a medicine for inflammation. It reduces the swelling and redness of the affected area. In addition to that, surprisingly so, anecdotal about how beans can help relieve inflammation is making rounds in the medical world.

Hummus has a Good Amount of Fiber Content

We all know that fiber is good for our digestive system. If you are somebody that is looking for types of dips and dishes that has fiber in them, then you won’t go wrong with hummus. Hummus can give you a considerately huge amount of dietary fiber.

With an intake of hummus according to the serving size and frequency recommended by your doctor, you can achieve regular bowel movements every day or every other day.

Not to mention that hummus can give you a smooth sailing process of fecal elimination because it makes your stools softer. Softer stools mean easy stool glide in your digestive tracts.  Another good benefit of hummus intake is how it takes good care of your colon. It can even prevent colon cancer because of the butyrate compound it gives off upon digestion of it in your stomach.

Hummus is Good for the Digestive System

Hummus is surprising good for the digestive system. Who would know that this mid-eastern dip could have many advantages in our gut. It helps the good bacteria in our stomach to live for as long as they can by feeding them. It also helps in preventing colon cancer by keeping the colon cells healthy. Hummus may be Good for People who have Sugar-Related Problems

First and foremost, hummus is good for people with diseases like diabetes because most of its ingredients have little sugar in it. Hummus is such a good alternative for people who want to cut sugar from their diet.

Unlike some other food that induces high sugar level in your system, hummus is a type of food that does not spike up the sugar level in your blood. This is due to the slow digestibility of hummus in our stomach.

Another factor why hummus is such a good alternative for people who want to cut back sugar is the amount of fiber and essential fats it has. The ingredients that make up the hummus are all contributing factor as to why there is no spiking up of sugar in an individual who eats these types of food. All because each ingredient have good amounts of fat and fiber in them.

Hummus Is Good for The Heart

Heart-related ailments like a heart attack are one of the leading causes of deaths all over the world. This is not an opinion but is a fact. Having said this, people should be more cautious about what they eat. Hummus is good for the heart and may even be considered as one of your top choices in healthy eating for the heart. Experiments have proven how potent hummus is in lowering bad types of cholesterol. It even adds up to the good cholesterol in our system. To be more specific, beans in hummus adds up the good cholesterol in our body. Another good source of healthy cholesterol in hummus is olive oil. It is considered a fat nutrient but the type of type it has does not interfere in your healing progress.

Another experiment and study is made; the subject – Olive Oil. Olive oil, an ingredient of hummus is said to reduce death because of heart-related ailments. An intake of olive in high amounts have also, at par, high amounts of lowered risk of heart-related death. The experiments and studies conducted, gave out positive results and a good review for the hummus. However, it should still be proven. Tests, in its name, should still be conducted again and again to really rule it out from its theoretical stage.

Hummus Can Help You Cut Back on Your Weight

Interestingly so, hummus helps in cutting back weight. To people who are interested in trimming down their weight, hummus might be a good dip and spread for you. Research gave an anecdotal where claims that half of all the people who eat hummus might be less likely to gain weight or to be obese.

What is Hummus

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