Wheat Belly Diet Recipe Ideas

There are easy to follow wheat belly diet recipes if you plan to get rid of your wheat belly as soon as possible. The main focus of the diet is by restricting the consumption of all wheat products which are responsible for the occurrence of a wheat belly.

Wheat-free sourdough

The American population seems to enjoy a wide variety of foods, but, unfortunately, most of them are considered to be unhealthy. These days, the consumption of unhealthy food is still rampant. With this kind of lifestyle, some are not aware that their new-found diet is already capable of destroying their health. Processed foods and fast foods are the food groups that are known to be unhealthy, but many people are still consuming them because they are more convenient and sometimes cheaper than healthier varieties of food. In this article, we will take a look at what the wheat belly is, the diet, plus east wheat belly recipe ideas you can try.

What Is A Wheat Belly Diet?

The wheat belly diet was designed to resolve the problems associated with having a wheat belly. Wheat belly results when the diet of an individual revolves more on processed grains and the best way to avoid or stop its occurrence is by altering the diet itself since it is the only possible solution to the problem. When simplified, the wheat belly diet may be similar to other low-carb diets (since refined grains are rich in carbs), and sometimes it is even mistaken as the Paleo diet. The focus of the wheat belly diet is the restriction of the overall consumption of any food-related to wheat.

Before the wheat belly diet was completely accepted, it first received a lot of criticisms and negative comments because of how food products made from wheat were restricted. According to the critics, they see no relevance as to why this must be done, because they believe that wheat is a necessity in everyone’s diet, except for those who are suffering from Celiac disease. After a few times of being criticized, the speculations were finally resolved by people who claimed that it is beneficial to remove wheat products from the diet. 

The author of the wheat belly diet plan is a cardiologist named William Davis. His line of profession is focused on cardiovascular and heart health. He started to blame the consumption of too much-modernized wheat products as one of the top contributors to most heart-related health issues. According to the doctor, the food we eat is affected by the world’s modernization. He stated that food products made from grains are no longer 100% natural and thus making them a result of genetic advancements in terms of food processing. After having those findings, Dr. William Davis was certain that this food group is kind of responsible for the development of health conditions and that was how he started with the wheat belly diet.

What Is Wheat Belly Diet

Wheat Belly Diet Recipe Ideas

Cutting down wheat products means more room for fruits, vegetables, and other natural and non-wheat foods. Keep your carb consumption in check as well, since the wheat belly diet is originally designed to be a low-carb diet. Below are some wheat belly diet recipe ideas you can try.

Fruit smoothies

Fruit smoothies are ideal breakfast recipes, but they may also be consumed at any time of the day. You can use almost any type of fruit and even mix some of them for a more daring flavor. They are super healthy, and one hundred percent wheat-free.

Vegetable salad

This combination of veggies will never get old. It is very simple, and easy to make. Plus it is loved by many people due to its health benefits. You can also become creative by choosing your ingredients for the salad which makes it more fun and enjoyable.

Protein shakes

If you think that protein shakes are only helpful for people who aim to get some additional muscle, try having some for yourself, and you will see how it is useful for almost everyone. Protein shakes gives the body extra energy too, and possibly more health benefits may be acquired from adding it to your diet.

Lettuce wrap tacos

Similar to a regular taco, but only differs in the ingredient used for the “taco shell’. You can use some lettuce wraps in exchange for the usual taco shells and add up the ground beef, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, and cheese.

Mac and cheese

If you can’t let go of your favorite mac and cheese, try some alternatives like using cauliflower as a substitute for the macaroni pasta. Not only are they healthy, but also delicious and wheat-free.

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