Wheat Belly Diet Benefits Plus Sample Menus

Learn more about the wheat belly diet, its benefits plus sample meal plan here.

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Approximately 30% of Americans are affected by the obesity epidemic, walk around the mall and you may agree. The wheat belly diet operates on a principle by eliminating all food sources of wheat and food high in a glutamic index that raises blood sugar levels. Worth a try and see for yourself, so what wheat belly diet sample menus you can try?

It is considered an extreme approach diet of eliminating wheat gluten including gluten-free replacements. It has an impressive weight loss impact if you will give up all grains such as rice, corn, wheat, and grains. A preventive cardiologist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin Dr. William Davis formulated a wheat belly diet. He created this diet not only to lose weight but to help patients lead a heart-healthy life. Dr. Davis calls the excessive belly fats as “wheat belly” because it is a result of eating foods with wheat as well as gluten.

He was a diabetic but was moved to action after seeing his overgrown belly on his vacation pictures. He set a self- experimentation on his diet which leads him to the premise that the body reacted to different foods and that made him eliminate wheat, gluten, and food high glycemic index. This was encouraged to his patients with significant results of weight loss and normal blood sugar after weeks of following the diet. The food high in glycemic index cause your sugar to spike after consumption. Glycemic index (GI) is a number assigned to foods based on how slowly or quickly increases blood glucose levels. 

Wheat dates back far back in history as one of the foremost domesticated food crops that became a staple food of our ancestors living in major civilizations such as Europe, West Asia, and North Africa. It was even in the bible and become symbolic of self-sacrifice, penitence, modesty, productiveness, harvest, fertility, and many more per its depiction. Per Dr. William Davis, the wheat available to people now is genetically modified and its unintended consequence may lead to autoimmunity, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, celiac disease, colitis, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, depression, schizophrenia, and neuropathy. Therefore, avoiding modern-day wheat or gluten food can help inhibit inflammation of the stomach lining and allergies.  

Wheat Components Causing Obesity


A protein component of gluten in wheat that is broken down into smaller ones called exorphins that can cross the blood-brain barrier binding to morphine receptors. Exorphins are a group opioid peptides which is addictive and make you addicted to wheat, makes you overeat and at risk to brain development. Schizophrenics and autistic individuals have abnormal leakage from the gut of exorphins.

Amylopectin A

This carbohydrate in wheat that is digested fast and spikes up blood sugar and insulin levels fast as well, raise cholesterol level and increases belly fats. Severely damaging to metabolism and will kill those who consume it in the long run.


This is a protein found in wheat that prevents proper digestions by blocking the cholecystokinin hormone resulting in reduced digestive enzymes secretion and gall stone formation. Cholecystokinin peptide hormone that functions by stimulating the digestion of fat and protein.

Benefits of Wheat Belly Diet

May help avert weight gain and obesity

Avoiding wheat will benefit not only adults but children as well because it is avoiding most nutrient-deficit convenience store and grocery packaged food, processed food, high in sugar food, and high in sodium food. The wheat belly diet sample menus if followed can help the epidemic of obesity naturally and eventually lose weight.

May reduce cravings and promotes a healthier habit

A wheat belly diet menu will eliminate gluten in wheat that can be addictive, making you crave and eat some more. Try to eat a cookie, you will crave and give in for more cookies. Eliminating wheat will, therefore, curb those cravings and you will develop a healthier eating habit.         

May help improve digestive and gut health

Following a wheat belly diet will relieve you of dietary allergen which can cause digestive problems, gut inflammation, or leaky gut that is linked to diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, and autoimmune problems.

May improve moods and brain function.

Gluten consumption may lead to autoimmune brain damage such as celiac disease, your body attacks its tissue. Reactions to gluten intolerance include headaches, brain fog, peripheral neuropathy, and neurological illnesses (epilepsy, depression, anxiety). Wheat belly diet may improve your moods and maintain brain functions.

Will require home cooking and food labels consciousness

A change of lifestyle that will require more home cooking, eating more fresh foods, being mindful of food labels and ingredients will lower calorie intake.    

Wheat Belly Diet Sample Menus

Wheat Belly Diet Sample Menu 1

  • Breakfast: Grapefruit, orange & apricot salad sweetened with honey
  • Lunch: Grilled tuna, ½ cup brown rice with salsa, stir-fried veggies in extra-virgin olive oil
  • Dinner: Baked eggplant with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, mixed vegetable salad with extra-virgin olive oil
  • Snacks: 2 Boiled eggs and sliced cucumber

Wheat Belly Diet Sample Menu 2

  • Breakfast: Berry omelet
  • Lunch: Brussels & Brown Butter Risotto with goat cheese and pecans
  • Dinner: Hot Honey Salmon with zucchini and tomatoes
  • Snacks: Apples and peanut butter fruit dip

Wheat Belly Diet Sample Menu 3

  • Breakfast: Feta & semi-dried tomato omelet
  • Lunch: Spinach-Artichoke Chicken with roasted broccoli and radishes
  • Dinner- Garlic and Lemon-Crusted Salmon with creamed kale and charred tomatoes
  • Snacks: Crispy roasted chickpeas

Wheat Belly Diet Sample Menu 4

  • Breakfast: Cranberry & Raspberry Smoothie
  • Lunch: Black bean chili with tortilla chips and sour cream
  • Dinner: Butter-basted Pork Chop with roasted carrots and spinach
  • Snacks: Creamy avocado dip and pita chips

To be on a diet is not an easy task especially if you are eliminating wheat and wheat products in a time that convenience is the name of the game. Cooking at home will take so much time and energy. Probably some of you will give up along the way but with the wheat belly diet samples menus are worth a try, you can make a wheat-free food all day long. It takes the right mindset to choose a healthy way to the wheat belly diet.  

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